Wednesday, 25 September 2013

It's time for a catch up..

Hello everyone, I am back.
I am so sorry that I have not blogged in quite literally months. My last blog post was in January, which is shocking!!
I thought that my first post to celebrate my return back to the blogging world would just be a life post to tell you what has changed since my last post.

Okay well first things first.. I have a new job. I really love my job as working in care and support but I think it is time for me to have a bit of a change. I really love working with people and enjoy speaking to new people (one of the reasons why I made this blog.) My new job is working for the phone company EE (Everything Everywhere) I'm going to be working in the call centre/ So if anyone happens to phone up, you may be directed to me! :)
I was thrilled to get this job as my Fiance also works for the company so we will be working together, maybe having some friendly competition in sales :) Haha!

Another thing that has changed in my life is; I've got a pug puppy!! Im actually like the crazy pug lady, I LOVE HER!! She is adorable! :) She is now 4 months old and is loving being pampered and spoiled by me and my family. I have a little sister who is 2 and she loves playing with her and taking her on walks :)


Since my last post I turned 19. I loved my birthday! I celebrated in a couple of different ways.
With my family - I went for a ladies day. I had an afternoon tea. I felt so posh! We went to the Angel Hotel in Abergavenny. We went for the afternoon tea which champagne and it was delisious!
With my boyfriend - We went for a meal in Frankie and Bennies and to the cinema which was lovely!
With my friends - I had a couple of friends come round to my house for a party. Where we enjoyed a girly night gossiping over a few drinks and a chinese! Yum. I had a brilliant birthday weekend :)
My lovely afternoon tea with my family :)

So that pretty much sums up my last few months. I have lots coming up to look forward to!!
My uncles wedding which is the 28th September (this saturday, eeeeek)
My first day at work on the 7th October
My engagement party on the 25th October :)

Thank-you everyone for reading!! I have lots more posts planned and lots of beauty reviews to share with you :)
Please feel free to leave comments and links to blogs below :) I'd love to have a nose at what other people are doing :)