Sunday, 29 July 2012

Body shop product review

On my recent trip to Paris we drove down, and travelled on a shuttle. When we were waiting for the shuttle we went into a duty free shop, which is a shop where you don't pay tax on anything you buy. I was so thrilled when I found that there was a little beauty shop there which sold body shop products. I love the body shop! But sometimes things can be a bit pricey there. I couldn't resist buying 2 products that I hadn't tried before, so heres a little review on them.

I had previously read really good reviews about this exfoliator and had wanted to try it for a while, I found it in the duty free shop for £6, you can buy this online on the body shop website for £8. I was a bit hesistant about trying this product at first because a lot of the exfoliators I have used in the past have flared up my sensitive skin and have given me a rash. This product didn't bother my skin at all. It worked really well and I seen results after the first use. It instantly made my skin feel softer, moistuorised and really refreshed. The grains in the exfoliator are very small and fine, which means it isn't to rough on the skin. I have previously tried exfoliators that are more expensive than this, and I will say that I have seen the best results in this exfoliator. I would definetly reccomend using it and I would give this exfoliator a 10/10 it is 100% worth the money.

I found this toner for £5 in the duty free shop but you can buy this product off the body shop website for £7. After using this toner I honestly don't think I will ever use a different one. It works so brilliantly with removing any excess makeup. I was honestly shocked with the amount of excess makeup I had left on my face after using a makeup wipe. It leaves skin feeling lovely and refreshed, and doesn't leave it feeling at all oily. It also smells really nice which is an added bonus! Another thing with this toner is that a tiny bit of it really goes a long way, previously with other toners I have found that you have got to use quite a lot to see good results, this product is the total opposite. I started off only using this in the night but my skin felt so lovely after use that now I use it morning and night. I have sensitive skin as I mentioned above and it hasn't affected my skin. I cant say how this toner would be with other skin types such as oily skin but reviews online say that it is great with all skin types. I would recommend buying this product and I rate it a 10/10.

So theres my little review, I was very pleased with these purchases and I will be buying them again. Thankyou for reading! :) Has anybody else tried these products? I'd be interested to hear what you thought of them :)

Friday, 27 July 2012

Disneyland :)

So as promised I am going to do a post on my lovely holiday to Disneyland showing all that I go up to :) It was a lovely holiday and I enjoyed it a lot! So here were my favourite parts.. :)

The castle! I love the disneyland castle, it makes Disneyland! Plus the inside is gorgeous! Underneath the castle is really good too because there is a secret dragon under there that looks so real! Me and Andrew went to the top of the castle its so pretty up there with such a nice view of the whole of Disneyland!

This was an important part of my holiday for me because this meal was in 'the rainforest cafe' which is a really lovely resteraunt in Disneyland! It is set up as the name states like a rainforest, inside there is all models of animals and the cool things is these animals move and make noises like as if your in a real rainforest. The food there was lush! The desert me and Andrew shared is in the picture, the sparklers inside it made it really special. It was a very nice meal.

This photo was taken in the stunt show! The stunt show is a show with cars/motorbikes doing pretty amazing stunts! This was the part where the car drove through the fire. They set the show up like a film set. Its really interesting to watch and to see how the actors perform the different stunts. For example they will often have a double of a stunt car, its really clever how they do certain things.

Disneyland wouldn't be Disneyland without all the fun rides! This was from spacemountain! Before my boyfriend came with me he was terrified of rides, he came back home loving them! Spacemountain was actually  his favourite ride and we went on it multiple times in a row.

This picture is of the 20th anniversaire parade! The parade was lovely, all the lights and the characters looked so nice! I was like a big kid watching it! Every year the parade just gets better and better i've seen it a few times over the years and every time the pretty colours and lights from the show never fail to surprise me! Disneyland really out done itself this year though! It looked so lovely!

The fireworks this year in Disneyland was by far the best firework display I have ever seen! The fireworks told out a different Disneystory every time, There was a picture display telling a story on the castle and then some gorgeous fireworks were set off! The castle went so many different colours, as can be seen in the picture. One of the best things about the fireworks is that they aren't even loud they're quiet which is so nice because some children are frightened of fireworks, so I think its good how they aren't loud. Me and Andrew watched the fireworks together just before leaving one night, we just made them. We had a really lovely view too, it was lovely to watch them with him :)

Thankyou for reading! Sorry if I babbled to much but I enjoy writing about the different things that I done on holiday because I had such a good time :) Has anybody else ever been to Disneyland? Anyone got a post on it? I'd love to see :)

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I am back from Paris! I had a amazing time, I'm already planning to go back there (hopefully soon). While I was there I seen some beautiful sights, ate lots of food, and thoroughly enjoyed the city of romance! I took so many pictures that there would be no way of showing them all on one small blog post. So instead i'm going to just write about some important and special parts of my holiday to me. Oh, and the photos that are in this post are from my phone not my camera so excuse the bad quality, my camera is lost at the moment amongst all the suitcases and bags somewhere.

For any of you who don't know what this is, this is padlock bridge in Paris. I wanted to go to padlock bridge for a few weeks before I went, but I didn't think I would actually find it there, but I did! So basically its a bridge with lots of love padlocks on, couples for years & years have visited this bridge to put a padlock on. I found this idea so lovely that I had to put one on with my boyfriend. We had the padlock engraved, it says our names, I love you, and the date we put the padlock on. It was so romantic, the bridge was beautiful with the thousands of padlocks that was on it. What made the bridge even prettier was the fact it is right on top of the river siene. Which me and my boyfriend took a cruise on a lovely boat down. Me and my boyfriend have both got a key to the padlock which we will keep and when we are older we are planning on visiting the bridge again. Also on this bridge I seen lots & lots of padlocks saying will you marry me, which was so lovely to look at. All of the padlocks were unique and if I could have I would have stayed there all day reading what they all said. I loved having the experience of going on this bridge and if anyone does visit Paris I 100% recommend visiting this bridge.

Arc de triomphe - I thought this building was so beautiful, all around it there is amazing detail and statues. Inside the building there is a tomb of the unknown soldier. I found this really touching, It is a tomb which is a grave that is for a soldier that was never identified. I think that this is such a lovely idea because to any families who have ever lost someone at war they could always come and visit this grave and they can then have a sense of hope that it is their loved one. It actually had me really emotional I thought it was such a beautiful idea, all around the tomb there was flowers and candles.
The eiffel tower - I was so happy when I saw the eiffel tower, this picture was taken during the day but it looked so much more nicer and beautiful in the night (the night time photo is unfortunately on my camera) I never imagined it to be so tall, I always knew that it was going to be a big building but in fact it is actually huge! I didn't go into the eiffel tower, there was a lot of work being done to it which meant there was a 4 hour queue to go in, we didn't have the time to wait. But I was so happy to have the opportunity to have even seen this beautiful building.

These photos are from a little resteraunt in Paris. Me and my boyfriend decided that when we were in Paris we were going to make the most of it and go to have a nice meal in a little quiet romantic resteraunt we found. It was his treat so I was not complaining. We went all out and went for lobster (which neither of us had ever tried, champagne, and for starters we had a crab cocktail. The restaraunt was so pretty. It was really posh and parisy haha! I loved it! The prices on the food was ridicolous mind, but It was so worth it we had a lovely night It was the perfect ending to a perfect day. Although the food was VERY pricey, it was so nice! espessialy the lobster!

Notre Dame cathedral - This was one of the buildings that I  was very glad to see in Paris, before seeing this building we were on the bus tour which told us all about the architexture and the detail in this building. They also told us the love story between esmerelda and the hunchback of notre dame, which most people will know the fairytale of. On the river siene cruise they also showed us this building from all different angles and showed us just how beautiful it is.

Okay so that completes my little Paris trip, it was only a little post because I have so many pictures I thought I would only write about the main parts of my trip.
When I was in Paris I went into Disneyland, which I will surely do a blog post on soon! I will also be doing one on my Paris haul, anyone who has read my blog will know that I LOVE shopping! So how could I possibly go to paris and not shop? I couldnt! haha!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


EXCITMENT!!! :) I am going to Paris tomorrow. This post is mostly full of some of the things I have bought to go!

Woohoo the NEXT sale has began. I love next but im only sometimes lucky in the sales, this year I bought this top. It was £8 down from £16. I like the top because it is oversized and comfy to wear as a casual top with jeans. I'm actually going to wear this top to travel to paris in tomorrow.

I liked these sandals as soon as I seen them in primark, I liked them even more when I seen that they were in the sale. They were only £3 the previous price was £5. I'm really happy with them because I think they will go with a lot, the picture isnt really showing the colour on them very well they are actually a blue/green colour.

Recently a sainsburys have opened up near where I live. I'm really happy about this because some of the clothes there are actually nice. I had these shoes for £10. I think they will go with a lot and I like the flowery pattern that is on them. I like flowered prints and I wear a lot of them.

Okay so I own so many dresses that I probably really do not need to buy anymore. But I LOVE them, I instantly fell in love with this dress it was in the sale in dorathy perkins for £20 the previous price was £35. I think it will be a really nice dress to wear for a meal in Paris.

This top I had in debenhams I love the top because I think it can be dressed up or down. I love the glittery pattern that are on the collars. I think its really pretty, I cant wait to wear it! This top was £16 down from £32 the designer is redherring! I love redherring clothes heres the website if you havent seen any of them before.

This picture is not very clear but I was in two minds about this top when I was in the shop because I was unsure about the pattern. I tried this top on and I really liked it. It would look nice with jeans and heels for dressy wear and it will look nice with leggins for casual. This was £30 from dorathy perkins, unfortunatley not a sale item!
These shoes cost only £6 obviously not real converse, they were from primark. I am planning on getting a real pair soon but I decided I wouldnt buy them until a few weeks time because I am saving money to take on holiday with me. I really like them though and I have been wanting a pink pair. They go really nice with a lot of things I am taking on holiday with me.

I am a massive fan of the shop 'accessorize' so when there is a sale on I am an even bigger fan. I love birdcages (you will know this probably from my blog) I was really happy when I found this cute little necklace with a birdcage on. I think it cost me £2.70, I was happy with the price. The dress is from newlook and it cost £9 the previous price was £19.99. I have a top in this exact same pattern, the dress is really nice and flattering on. Im pleased with the purchase.

This is one of my favourite things that I have bought in a while, it was only £3 from outfit and you can wear it with pretty much any outfit, its the perfect little accessory! I love lockets I think they're really cute. The pattern on this is lovely too.

I LOVE this picture, it looks lovely in my bedroom, I was worried about it not going nice with the colours of my room but it looks really nice. Im hoping to re-decorate my room soon. This was in the next sale for £5 down from £10. I think that the price was very good.

I thought these mugs were so cute, my boyfriend treated me to them on a recent shopping trip. I loved them because theyre Disney themed. I had them in the disney shop. The previous price on these mugs were £10, they were £2.99 in the sale. These mugs would make great gifts! If theyre still there the next time I go shopping I think I will pick them up as birthday presents for friends/family. They had them with all different characters on too.

I ummhhed and arghhed about this dress for about 20 minutes and then I tried leaving it in the shop and ended up going back for it. It is brilliant if you have a curvy figure because it is so flattering on. It was £16.99 and I am very pleased that I went back for it, I bought this dress from newlook.

Thankyou for reading! :) When I come back from Paris there will be a post all about my holiday, this will be my last post for a week now because I leave tomorrow :) .. Has anyone else been doing some spending recently, done any hauls? or been on any holidays? send me the links to blogs, I would love to have a look! :)

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little life post!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought I would say a little bit about what I have been getting up to lately in the past few weeks. I enjoy reading about what other people have been up to so I thought id give it a try in saying what I get up to :) Sorry for all the babbling, on with the post..

Right this might seem a bit random as it has been months since easter past, but in a thorntons near me they do an offer that for £1.70 you can have an egg and anything written on it! So I bought this one for my boyfriend because it was on his first day of work on his new job (which he happens to love!) It was so great for him to finally get a job he has been looking for one for ages and he is working with a plumber gaining his qualifications! It is great because now that he has more money we are able to go out more places! So i'm very happy for him! :)

This is my sister and my cousin, my sister is 1 and my cousin is 3. They are so so so cute! I love them to bits! I have recently been seeing a lot more of my cousin than I used to which is really nice, him and my sister get on so well theyre like best friends its very cute! :) This is them in his little kids BMW! it is horrible that a 3 year old is actually driving before me! But oh well I should be passing my driving test soon!

Woohooo I got my nails done for the first time! I decided that since I have actually decided I am growing my nails I will give myself a boost and go get them done! .. Guess what; I still haven't bitten my nails, so it looks like I have finally broke the disgusting habit! I had these done in debenahms for £5 the offer is on tuesday - thursday and it is called a 'polish and go' I am going to be having another one on Wednesday this week before I leave to go to Paris, I am so excited now!

My boyfriend last week decided to buy me some roses which I thought was so sweet and random that I just had to say about them. As you can clearly see from the picture I was impressed :)

I have a confession to make.. I have an addiction.. to lemonade! So glad to get that off my chest :)
Right I would tell you to try it but it is so addictive so maybe you shouldnt try it!
Basically costa have this new iced lemonade out, it tastes amazingly refreshing! My local costa is right by the retail park full of shops so this drink proves amazing after a long day of shopping!  In front of my costa is a little chocolate muffin, I made sure to only have the one since I'm not doing too bad with my healthy eating, 3 stone down 3 more to go!!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS! There is nothing I love more than a reason to dress up and celebrate! It was my friend Lauren's 18th birthday this week! We went out twice and both times were great! .. The first time we went to Frankie and bennies where I wore what I am wearing on the top left (I love my tights I was so happy when I found them on sale in debenhams for £2.50) :) I had a lovely cocktail in frankie and bennies too, it was a cosmpolitan, YUM! Then last night we hit the town. We went for a few drinks first in a quiet little pub then we went to a more louder one and danced, it was really fun! Afterwards my friend Alex stayed over my house where we ate a nice chinese (diet did not go too well lastnight) and we watched a film, lovely night! :)

Today I went to the local park (which has a castle as you can see). I went there to have a photoshoot with my boyfriend, and my friend Hana. When I get the disk of the pictures I will do a blog post of these.. I took this picture to remind myself that the area in which I live in is not all bad, it has some beautiful places. After the photoshoot my boyfriend and my sat down on the grass in my park it was so lovely & sweet! I had a perfect day :)

Shopping, shopping & more shopping! Yesterday me, my boyfriend and our 2 friends went shopping! As you can see in the picture there is a random pear, my friend decided it would be hilarious to buy me this from the jewellers *inside joke* we were so hysterical laughing I thought we would get chucked out of the shop. The pear actually looks quite nice in my bedroom though haha! The picture of me & my boyfriend was taken on the train. It was a great day yesterday! :)

YAY YAY YAY YAY!! EXCITMENT!!!! This week I bought my Disneyland passes. I'm going to paris on Wednesday and I am so happy to be going into disneyland. I love all things disney :) Im so excited!! When I am back from Paris I will be doing a blog post on everything that I got up to :)

Okay so that is the end of the post. Although this post may not be interesting to anyone else I still wanted to do it because to me my life is actually pretty great <3 .. Has anyone else been up to much these past few weeks? Id love to hear!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Aussie hair products review

Sorry, I havent done a post in a few days now because I have actually been doing a lot this week mostly seeing family & friends, and of course shopping (surprise, surprise) so there will be more hauls coming up. For a change I thought I would do a product review as I havent done a review yet....

Last week I posted a haul and these were the hair products I bought, and I must say I LOVE them. They all smell lovely and they leave my hair feeling really smooth! My favourite of them all is the 'miracle hair insurance leave in conditoner' I had never tried this before, but it has become my favourite hair product. I have dry frizzy hair, this has really helped to calm the frizz down and get my hair a lot more shiny. I find that since I have been using this my hair is already feeling healthier, and I have only used it a week! The other products were really good too. The shampoo is not the best shampoo I have used but it is still really nice, and smells lovely! The 3 minute leave in conditoner worked wonders for my curls and I think it also helped to give my hair the deep treatment that it needed. I use hair straightners a lot so I like to use various products to try to keep my hair as healthy as i can, I think this product worked some magic!

Overall ratings -
  •  Frizz miracle shampoo - 7/10.
  • 3 minute miracle - 10/10
  • Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner - 10/10 (buy this product) :)
Thankyou for reading! :) has anyone else used any really good hair products they could reccomend? Ones for dry/frizzy hair I use.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Addicted to sales, its ANOTHER haul!

Okay so I have a big problem, i'm addicted to the sales. I cant believe I am doing another haul post. I can't resist a good sale, and there seems to be so many at the minute. But today I booked to go to Paris with my boyfriend on the 18th of this month I am going, so now I have a reason for spending to buy some lovely outfits to go. We are planning to go into Disneyland for 2 days and Paris for the rest, I am so excited. My grandparents will be coming with us but will not be staying with us they will be doing their own thing and we will be doing ours. So exciting!!!! .. Okay, so on with the holiday haul!

I really liked this top as soon as I found it, I think it will look really nice with a pair of nice denim shorts or jeans. I also have a really nice pair of dark blue shorts that would look lovely with this top. I had this top for £7 down from £12.99 in newlook! I thought that the price was very good because I know this item is actually new into the store as I liked it last week, so I was very happy with this purchase.

This top is the same top but in different colours, I liked it so much that I thought I would buy it in two different colours. I think the pictures on them look interesting, like fun in a way. I think they will look really nice with the pair of shorts that I am going to show you below. The black top was £5 anad the white one was £7, both of them down from £10 in newlook!

I LOVE these shorts, I have liked them for a while and was so pleased when I seen them in the sale today! They were £7 down from £19.99. I thought this was a really good price for these shorts, I like the pattern of stripes that are on them and I think both tops above will go with these and so will any vest top! These are from newlook!

This bow was only £1 from newlook! I really like it because as you can see from the picture it can be used for lots of stuff. you can put it on a bouble or a bracelet and wear it as a bracelet, put it in the hair or clip it to a top! So for £1 I thought this was a really good buy! I have been looking for something to put in my hair because I think that my hair looks a bit boring sometimes with the same style, so I thought this bow would make it look a bit nicer. Pleased with my purchase! :)
This bag is £12 from £19.99 in newlook! I think it is a really pretty, recently I have really liked things that are colour blocked. I like all the colours on this bag, and it is a really good size. I can keep my phone, purse, makeup bag and other random bits and bobs in here, which will be very ideal for Paris. I also think that the colours are nice holiday colours and they will go with lots of stuff that I own, including the shorts above.

Adore this bracelet set I had them for £2 down from £5.99 I think that they are a really nice accessorie to add to an outfit. I am often looking for bracelets too because I always seem to loose them.

These shoes were only £5 from £9.99 in newlook I think they are a nice pair of shoes to pair up with pretty much any outfit, weather it be dressy or casual. I don't own many pairs of dolly shoes the last pair I remember buying is last year. So im glad that I have now bought a pair! I really like the colours that are in these shoes, they are simple but not boring.

Out of everything I bought out of jewellery I think that these are my favourite. I love bead jewellery Plus you dont have to wear these as a set you can mix and match them to go with different outfits. I think these bracelets will go with lots of different outfits and are a nice simple accessory.They only cost me £2 from newlook, the previous price was £4.99. I found this bargain very pleasing!

This lipstick is from the natural collection, I like the colour because it isn't too bright. The picture doesn't really compliment the product much but it is actualy a really nice colour. This shade is called berry sorbet. If your a fan of red lipstick then this is worth a try. The only problem that I have found with this product is it doesnt stay on for very long. I bought this from boots for £1.99 all natural collection products are 3 for £5, I didnt buy 3 products because I only really wanted this lipstick.

Both these bracelets are from dorothy perkins, both cost £1 each. I bought these to go together because I think that they make a cute set. I love the little hand on the bracelet. The picture doesn't show it but in the middle of the hand there is a little tiny jewel. These bracelets will pretty much go with any outfit and are nice little details to add to an outfit. For £1 each I think they were definetley worth the money! Both bracelets previously would have cost £4 each.

I LOVE this eyeliner, it is the only one I have ever used that does not rub off easily, it is a nice dark shade of black and really compliments the eyes. It has easy application because it is a twist up eyeliner. I rather this style to a pencil eyeliner, it saves all the sharpening. It is from the 'collection 2000' range in boots, I think that it cost me £2.80. I highly reccomend this eyeliner. The no7 nail varnish I had for £2 because I had a £5 off voucher for no7. Usually these nailvarnish's cost £7. I have used a no7 nail varnish before and they are very nice and the colour is prominent. I have been looking for a red nail varnish for a while now, I like this one because it is quite shiny and has a glimmer to it. I have not yet used this nail varnish but I will be trying it soon. This shade is called 'salsa'.

I love this bracelet, it cost me £2 from newlook! The previous price was £5.99. I like all the pretty little flowers that are on the bracelet, I think this will go perfect with a lot of dresses I own. This bracelet is pretty so i definetley think it will be a great with a pretty dress. The best thing for me about this bracelet is the clasp, it is really easy to do up. One thing I hate about a lot of bracelets is how fiddly they are to do up and how most of the time you have to ask someone else to do it up for you. This bracelets saves you all that struggling because it is easy to do up by yourself. I am very happy with this purchase!

Thankyou for reading! :) .. This is going to be the last haul that I do in a while, because I am going to try to save as much money as possible for holidays. I might buy the odd thing to go, but I will not be spending lots of money, because as you can see I do have some serious spending addictions, I LOVE a bit of retail therapy!!

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Oh no, Oh yes, its another haul!

I'm seriously going to have to stop myself from spending money, I cant stop! Admittedly I am spending it a lot more wisely than I used to, but I am still spending ridicolous amounts when I should be saving rather than spending! Right; now that my money ranting is over I should just get on with saying about what I bought, I just really wanted to state the fact to everyone including myself that I should not be buying stuff!

Aussie 3 for 2 hair products1) 3 minute miracle frizz remedy
2) Frizz miracle shampoo
3) Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner
3 minute miracle frizz remedy -  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the aussie hair products, this is a new one for me to try. I have tried some of the other '3 minute miracle' products and they have worked brilliantly. I have very frizzy naturally curly hair, and I would love for it to be calmed a bit. Hopefully this will do the job! It has a lovely smell, so even if it doesn't work the best at least I have yummy smelling hair!
Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner -  I have been looking for a leave in conditioner because I have heard that they can be very good for dry hair. I hate it when my hair goes really dry, usually the only thing that will help then is washing my hair. I only like to wash my hair once every two days because otherwise it will wash out all the natural oils (which help the hair to grow). So I decided to buy my first ever leave in conditioner today, to see if this will help. My friend told me that her sister has used this product and that it worked very well for her, so I am hoping to see the same results! I will review this product after a couple of times using it to let you know how it goes.
Frizz miracle shampoo - I have used this product before so I just bought a new bottle today because I haven't bought it in a while. This shampoo usually works very well for my hair and does tame my frizzyness. I find that it smells like bubblegum, and it leaves a lovely smell in the hair even for a day or two after washing. I would recommend anyone with frizzy hair to give this product a try, as it does work really well for me.
I had these products from boots they cost me a total of £9.45 because they were 3 for 2, individually they would be roughly £4.99 each, so I did have them for a good offer.

Radox bubble bath1) Stress relief
2) Muscle soak
3) Muscle therapy
I have never actually tried any radox bubble bath, but I have heard some positive comments about it. Lately I have been having trouble sleeping so I thought I would try out a few different bubble baths, to see if having one before bed will help. I bought some of the relaxing ones, i'm really hoping these will work. I had these on offer in boots for £1.03 each, they were buy 2 get one free, so in total the 3 bubble baths only cost me £2.06. Does anyone know of anything good that can help someone to get a good night sleep? I would be very greatful for suggestions!

BarryM nail varnishI've been looking for a nice green nail varnish for a while now so I thought I would try a BarryM one, I own lots of different colour BarryM nail varnish and so far I haven't tried a shade I don't like. I was very pleased with this shade, Im wearing a lot of pastel colours recently and I think it looks really nice on my nails. This cost £2.99 from Boots. At the moment there is an offer on that if you spend £6 on any BarryM products you get a free retro colour nail varnish, somehow I managed to resist this offer!

Simply sensitive foaming cleansing wash
I love how this cleanser looks like a water and it is actually foam, things like this really appeal to me for some reason. Due to my skin being so sensitive I have to be really careful with what products I use on it. I use a lot of the 'simple' product range, but now boots have brought out their own cheaper version of 'simple' the boots range is called 'simply sensitive' I think that the name is quite appealing too. I used this cleanser for the first time tonight so I can't really review it. One thing I will say is that so far so good, because I have had no skin irratation and usually by now if a product didn't agree with my skin I would know all about it. Instantly after using this product my face felt lovely and refreshed. After I have used this product a couple more times, I may give it a proper review. I had this product on offer, it was £2.49 I had it for £1.65 saving 84p, I know that doesn't sound like much of a saving but pennies do add up! :)

Simply sensitive deep cleansing face mask
The product above was not the only product I decided to try from the 'simply sensitive' range, I also decided to try this face mask. I cannot usually use face masks because they give me a rash. I'm really hoping that this product will change all that, I will do a review on this product for other people with sensitive skin like mine. I haven't heard any reviews on it, but I will take the risk in trying it. I had this product on offer for £1.99 from £2.99, obviously from Boots! I'm very pleased with that price because the bottle is of a generous size.

Okay so after making my journey to the till in Boots and paying for all my items, I got given a £5 off no7 voucher. I LOVE no7 makeup. So I ended up going back into the store to spend this voucher. I bought this concealer, I have used this consealer before and I will say it is by far the best consealer I have ever used. It hides everything that you want it to. As you can see from the picture it blends in really well with skin tone. The original price on this consealer is £8, with the voucher I had it for £3. At the moment boots stores are giving out these vouchers at the till, so hurry to boots.

I bought these shoes today! I am in love with them. Its been a while now since I have bought a pair of shoes, I own so many pairs that I have been stopping myself buying anymore. But a shoe sale I cannot resist. At the moment in newlook there is 60% off shoes. I bought these to go with some of the clothes I purchased yesterday. I have already tried walking in them (I usually really struggle in shoes with any sort of heel) I actually found them quite easy to walk in! They look really nice on too! I had these shoes for £8 down from £19.99. Extremely happy with this purchase!!

I usually wouldn't post about my underwear but I just thought these were a really good buy! These knickers are from Marks&Spencer the best thing about these knickers is that they were such a good buy, the previous price was £28 and I had them in the sale for £1. These knickers are really cute and pretty I love the polka dot pattern on them. They had a matching bra to go with these knickers for £2.50 but it didn't come in my size, I was gutted! There was lots of other underwear in the sale, it is definetley worth looking in your local marks&spencer!

Thankyou for reading! :) As I mentioned above and I will ask again, does anyone know of any good products that can help someone to sleep? I am in need of a good nights sleep, I'll be very greatful :)