Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little life post!

I haven't done one of these posts in a while so I thought I would say a little bit about what I have been getting up to lately in the past few weeks. I enjoy reading about what other people have been up to so I thought id give it a try in saying what I get up to :) Sorry for all the babbling, on with the post..

Right this might seem a bit random as it has been months since easter past, but in a thorntons near me they do an offer that for £1.70 you can have an egg and anything written on it! So I bought this one for my boyfriend because it was on his first day of work on his new job (which he happens to love!) It was so great for him to finally get a job he has been looking for one for ages and he is working with a plumber gaining his qualifications! It is great because now that he has more money we are able to go out more places! So i'm very happy for him! :)

This is my sister and my cousin, my sister is 1 and my cousin is 3. They are so so so cute! I love them to bits! I have recently been seeing a lot more of my cousin than I used to which is really nice, him and my sister get on so well theyre like best friends its very cute! :) This is them in his little kids BMW! it is horrible that a 3 year old is actually driving before me! But oh well I should be passing my driving test soon!

Woohooo I got my nails done for the first time! I decided that since I have actually decided I am growing my nails I will give myself a boost and go get them done! .. Guess what; I still haven't bitten my nails, so it looks like I have finally broke the disgusting habit! I had these done in debenahms for £5 the offer is on tuesday - thursday and it is called a 'polish and go' I am going to be having another one on Wednesday this week before I leave to go to Paris, I am so excited now!

My boyfriend last week decided to buy me some roses which I thought was so sweet and random that I just had to say about them. As you can clearly see from the picture I was impressed :)

I have a confession to make.. I have an addiction.. to lemonade! So glad to get that off my chest :)
Right I would tell you to try it but it is so addictive so maybe you shouldnt try it!
Basically costa have this new iced lemonade out, it tastes amazingly refreshing! My local costa is right by the retail park full of shops so this drink proves amazing after a long day of shopping!  In front of my costa is a little chocolate muffin, I made sure to only have the one since I'm not doing too bad with my healthy eating, 3 stone down 3 more to go!!

BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS! There is nothing I love more than a reason to dress up and celebrate! It was my friend Lauren's 18th birthday this week! We went out twice and both times were great! .. The first time we went to Frankie and bennies where I wore what I am wearing on the top left (I love my tights I was so happy when I found them on sale in debenhams for £2.50) :) I had a lovely cocktail in frankie and bennies too, it was a cosmpolitan, YUM! Then last night we hit the town. We went for a few drinks first in a quiet little pub then we went to a more louder one and danced, it was really fun! Afterwards my friend Alex stayed over my house where we ate a nice chinese (diet did not go too well lastnight) and we watched a film, lovely night! :)

Today I went to the local park (which has a castle as you can see). I went there to have a photoshoot with my boyfriend, and my friend Hana. When I get the disk of the pictures I will do a blog post of these.. I took this picture to remind myself that the area in which I live in is not all bad, it has some beautiful places. After the photoshoot my boyfriend and my sat down on the grass in my park it was so lovely & sweet! I had a perfect day :)

Shopping, shopping & more shopping! Yesterday me, my boyfriend and our 2 friends went shopping! As you can see in the picture there is a random pear, my friend decided it would be hilarious to buy me this from the jewellers *inside joke* we were so hysterical laughing I thought we would get chucked out of the shop. The pear actually looks quite nice in my bedroom though haha! The picture of me & my boyfriend was taken on the train. It was a great day yesterday! :)

YAY YAY YAY YAY!! EXCITMENT!!!! This week I bought my Disneyland passes. I'm going to paris on Wednesday and I am so happy to be going into disneyland. I love all things disney :) Im so excited!! When I am back from Paris I will be doing a blog post on everything that I got up to :)

Okay so that is the end of the post. Although this post may not be interesting to anyone else I still wanted to do it because to me my life is actually pretty great <3 .. Has anyone else been up to much these past few weeks? Id love to hear!


  1. Abbie, I'm truly happy your boy friend found a job he loves!!! And congrats to your BD friend - you ladies looked gorgeous that day;-))))

    1. Ah thank-you for the lovely comment! :) It was a great day :D x

  2. Your little life post is so cute and great! Mickey and Daisy = absolutelly gorgeous ;-)).
    Lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other? I’ d be very pleased if you like my blog enough to follow it and I will follow yours of course! I wish you lots of success and will surely come back often!

  3. I have just looked at your blog and followed you :D thankyou for the comment! x

    1. I´m happy, thank you very much ;-). I following you too!
      Looking forward to more of your posts!
      Have a nice day! :-**