Saturday, 7 July 2012

Oh no, Oh yes, its another haul!

I'm seriously going to have to stop myself from spending money, I cant stop! Admittedly I am spending it a lot more wisely than I used to, but I am still spending ridicolous amounts when I should be saving rather than spending! Right; now that my money ranting is over I should just get on with saying about what I bought, I just really wanted to state the fact to everyone including myself that I should not be buying stuff!

Aussie 3 for 2 hair products1) 3 minute miracle frizz remedy
2) Frizz miracle shampoo
3) Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner
3 minute miracle frizz remedy -  I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the aussie hair products, this is a new one for me to try. I have tried some of the other '3 minute miracle' products and they have worked brilliantly. I have very frizzy naturally curly hair, and I would love for it to be calmed a bit. Hopefully this will do the job! It has a lovely smell, so even if it doesn't work the best at least I have yummy smelling hair!
Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner -  I have been looking for a leave in conditioner because I have heard that they can be very good for dry hair. I hate it when my hair goes really dry, usually the only thing that will help then is washing my hair. I only like to wash my hair once every two days because otherwise it will wash out all the natural oils (which help the hair to grow). So I decided to buy my first ever leave in conditioner today, to see if this will help. My friend told me that her sister has used this product and that it worked very well for her, so I am hoping to see the same results! I will review this product after a couple of times using it to let you know how it goes.
Frizz miracle shampoo - I have used this product before so I just bought a new bottle today because I haven't bought it in a while. This shampoo usually works very well for my hair and does tame my frizzyness. I find that it smells like bubblegum, and it leaves a lovely smell in the hair even for a day or two after washing. I would recommend anyone with frizzy hair to give this product a try, as it does work really well for me.
I had these products from boots they cost me a total of £9.45 because they were 3 for 2, individually they would be roughly £4.99 each, so I did have them for a good offer.

Radox bubble bath1) Stress relief
2) Muscle soak
3) Muscle therapy
I have never actually tried any radox bubble bath, but I have heard some positive comments about it. Lately I have been having trouble sleeping so I thought I would try out a few different bubble baths, to see if having one before bed will help. I bought some of the relaxing ones, i'm really hoping these will work. I had these on offer in boots for £1.03 each, they were buy 2 get one free, so in total the 3 bubble baths only cost me £2.06. Does anyone know of anything good that can help someone to get a good night sleep? I would be very greatful for suggestions!

BarryM nail varnishI've been looking for a nice green nail varnish for a while now so I thought I would try a BarryM one, I own lots of different colour BarryM nail varnish and so far I haven't tried a shade I don't like. I was very pleased with this shade, Im wearing a lot of pastel colours recently and I think it looks really nice on my nails. This cost £2.99 from Boots. At the moment there is an offer on that if you spend £6 on any BarryM products you get a free retro colour nail varnish, somehow I managed to resist this offer!

Simply sensitive foaming cleansing wash
I love how this cleanser looks like a water and it is actually foam, things like this really appeal to me for some reason. Due to my skin being so sensitive I have to be really careful with what products I use on it. I use a lot of the 'simple' product range, but now boots have brought out their own cheaper version of 'simple' the boots range is called 'simply sensitive' I think that the name is quite appealing too. I used this cleanser for the first time tonight so I can't really review it. One thing I will say is that so far so good, because I have had no skin irratation and usually by now if a product didn't agree with my skin I would know all about it. Instantly after using this product my face felt lovely and refreshed. After I have used this product a couple more times, I may give it a proper review. I had this product on offer, it was £2.49 I had it for £1.65 saving 84p, I know that doesn't sound like much of a saving but pennies do add up! :)

Simply sensitive deep cleansing face mask
The product above was not the only product I decided to try from the 'simply sensitive' range, I also decided to try this face mask. I cannot usually use face masks because they give me a rash. I'm really hoping that this product will change all that, I will do a review on this product for other people with sensitive skin like mine. I haven't heard any reviews on it, but I will take the risk in trying it. I had this product on offer for £1.99 from £2.99, obviously from Boots! I'm very pleased with that price because the bottle is of a generous size.

Okay so after making my journey to the till in Boots and paying for all my items, I got given a £5 off no7 voucher. I LOVE no7 makeup. So I ended up going back into the store to spend this voucher. I bought this concealer, I have used this consealer before and I will say it is by far the best consealer I have ever used. It hides everything that you want it to. As you can see from the picture it blends in really well with skin tone. The original price on this consealer is £8, with the voucher I had it for £3. At the moment boots stores are giving out these vouchers at the till, so hurry to boots.

I bought these shoes today! I am in love with them. Its been a while now since I have bought a pair of shoes, I own so many pairs that I have been stopping myself buying anymore. But a shoe sale I cannot resist. At the moment in newlook there is 60% off shoes. I bought these to go with some of the clothes I purchased yesterday. I have already tried walking in them (I usually really struggle in shoes with any sort of heel) I actually found them quite easy to walk in! They look really nice on too! I had these shoes for £8 down from £19.99. Extremely happy with this purchase!!

I usually wouldn't post about my underwear but I just thought these were a really good buy! These knickers are from Marks&Spencer the best thing about these knickers is that they were such a good buy, the previous price was £28 and I had them in the sale for £1. These knickers are really cute and pretty I love the polka dot pattern on them. They had a matching bra to go with these knickers for £2.50 but it didn't come in my size, I was gutted! There was lots of other underwear in the sale, it is definetley worth looking in your local marks&spencer!

Thankyou for reading! :) As I mentioned above and I will ask again, does anyone know of any good products that can help someone to sleep? I am in need of a good nights sleep, I'll be very greatful :)


  1. That nail varnish is lovely! Well done in resisting :p not sure i would have!
    Rose x

  2. Thankyou, Aw i know its hard to resist a good buy! :) x