Monday, 9 July 2012

Addicted to sales, its ANOTHER haul!

Okay so I have a big problem, i'm addicted to the sales. I cant believe I am doing another haul post. I can't resist a good sale, and there seems to be so many at the minute. But today I booked to go to Paris with my boyfriend on the 18th of this month I am going, so now I have a reason for spending to buy some lovely outfits to go. We are planning to go into Disneyland for 2 days and Paris for the rest, I am so excited. My grandparents will be coming with us but will not be staying with us they will be doing their own thing and we will be doing ours. So exciting!!!! .. Okay, so on with the holiday haul!

I really liked this top as soon as I found it, I think it will look really nice with a pair of nice denim shorts or jeans. I also have a really nice pair of dark blue shorts that would look lovely with this top. I had this top for £7 down from £12.99 in newlook! I thought that the price was very good because I know this item is actually new into the store as I liked it last week, so I was very happy with this purchase.

This top is the same top but in different colours, I liked it so much that I thought I would buy it in two different colours. I think the pictures on them look interesting, like fun in a way. I think they will look really nice with the pair of shorts that I am going to show you below. The black top was £5 anad the white one was £7, both of them down from £10 in newlook!

I LOVE these shorts, I have liked them for a while and was so pleased when I seen them in the sale today! They were £7 down from £19.99. I thought this was a really good price for these shorts, I like the pattern of stripes that are on them and I think both tops above will go with these and so will any vest top! These are from newlook!

This bow was only £1 from newlook! I really like it because as you can see from the picture it can be used for lots of stuff. you can put it on a bouble or a bracelet and wear it as a bracelet, put it in the hair or clip it to a top! So for £1 I thought this was a really good buy! I have been looking for something to put in my hair because I think that my hair looks a bit boring sometimes with the same style, so I thought this bow would make it look a bit nicer. Pleased with my purchase! :)
This bag is £12 from £19.99 in newlook! I think it is a really pretty, recently I have really liked things that are colour blocked. I like all the colours on this bag, and it is a really good size. I can keep my phone, purse, makeup bag and other random bits and bobs in here, which will be very ideal for Paris. I also think that the colours are nice holiday colours and they will go with lots of stuff that I own, including the shorts above.

Adore this bracelet set I had them for £2 down from £5.99 I think that they are a really nice accessorie to add to an outfit. I am often looking for bracelets too because I always seem to loose them.

These shoes were only £5 from £9.99 in newlook I think they are a nice pair of shoes to pair up with pretty much any outfit, weather it be dressy or casual. I don't own many pairs of dolly shoes the last pair I remember buying is last year. So im glad that I have now bought a pair! I really like the colours that are in these shoes, they are simple but not boring.

Out of everything I bought out of jewellery I think that these are my favourite. I love bead jewellery Plus you dont have to wear these as a set you can mix and match them to go with different outfits. I think these bracelets will go with lots of different outfits and are a nice simple accessory.They only cost me £2 from newlook, the previous price was £4.99. I found this bargain very pleasing!

This lipstick is from the natural collection, I like the colour because it isn't too bright. The picture doesn't really compliment the product much but it is actualy a really nice colour. This shade is called berry sorbet. If your a fan of red lipstick then this is worth a try. The only problem that I have found with this product is it doesnt stay on for very long. I bought this from boots for £1.99 all natural collection products are 3 for £5, I didnt buy 3 products because I only really wanted this lipstick.

Both these bracelets are from dorothy perkins, both cost £1 each. I bought these to go together because I think that they make a cute set. I love the little hand on the bracelet. The picture doesn't show it but in the middle of the hand there is a little tiny jewel. These bracelets will pretty much go with any outfit and are nice little details to add to an outfit. For £1 each I think they were definetley worth the money! Both bracelets previously would have cost £4 each.

I LOVE this eyeliner, it is the only one I have ever used that does not rub off easily, it is a nice dark shade of black and really compliments the eyes. It has easy application because it is a twist up eyeliner. I rather this style to a pencil eyeliner, it saves all the sharpening. It is from the 'collection 2000' range in boots, I think that it cost me £2.80. I highly reccomend this eyeliner. The no7 nail varnish I had for £2 because I had a £5 off voucher for no7. Usually these nailvarnish's cost £7. I have used a no7 nail varnish before and they are very nice and the colour is prominent. I have been looking for a red nail varnish for a while now, I like this one because it is quite shiny and has a glimmer to it. I have not yet used this nail varnish but I will be trying it soon. This shade is called 'salsa'.

I love this bracelet, it cost me £2 from newlook! The previous price was £5.99. I like all the pretty little flowers that are on the bracelet, I think this will go perfect with a lot of dresses I own. This bracelet is pretty so i definetley think it will be a great with a pretty dress. The best thing for me about this bracelet is the clasp, it is really easy to do up. One thing I hate about a lot of bracelets is how fiddly they are to do up and how most of the time you have to ask someone else to do it up for you. This bracelets saves you all that struggling because it is easy to do up by yourself. I am very happy with this purchase!

Thankyou for reading! :) .. This is going to be the last haul that I do in a while, because I am going to try to save as much money as possible for holidays. I might buy the odd thing to go, but I will not be spending lots of money, because as you can see I do have some serious spending addictions, I LOVE a bit of retail therapy!!


  1. hi lovely thank you for the sweet comment on my blog - really appreciate it! :)

    Following you now!

    Looking forward to your next post!


  2. Looks like you got some lovely bits, especially like the pretty bow and the £2 bracelet from new look - bargain! x

    1. Thankyou for the comment, I love the sales! xx

  3. Really like the bag and the jewellery is lovely. You have picked up some great bits, is that a hama hand bracelet?

    Tanesha x

    1. Yes it is a hama hand bracelet :) I love them, I think they're so cute! x

  4. ahhhh i love this post!

    i adore shopping ha no wonder i have never have any money >.<

    Natali xox

    1. Thankyou, I adore shopping too, money goes so quick I know how you feel haha! x