Friday, 6 July 2012

River island haul

Today I went to the river island sale. I only ended up spending £21, which I am really pleased about because I love all the things that I bought. I love all of these summer time sales, i'm going to be going to the new look one tomorrow too, which I will do another haul about. I did say to myself earlier in the week that I would be more careful with spending money, but theres sales on so i'm going to forget I ever said that :)

Cream skirt - This skirt was £2 in the sale, down from £20. This picture doesn't really show the pattern on the skirt but there is stripes along it. I think this skirt will look really lovely with patterened tights and a black top. I can't wait to wear it! Im very pleased with the price.
Navy skirt - I bought this skirt for when I go on holidays. I'm not to sure of the date ill be going yet but I think this skirt would be a really nice beach skirt, I love the buttons that are running down the skirt. This skirt also cost me £2.

I LOVE this dress on, i'm planning it on wearing it out for my friends birthday next weekend. I like the little lacy pattern that is on it. When I bought this dress I was under the impression that it was £20, but when I took it to the check out it actually only ended up being £10 I was so happy!

This skirt again only cost me £2  it looks really nice on too, its slimming which im happy about. It looks a bit like a zebra print and im liking all the animal print clothes recently. I bought a top to go with this skirt which I am going to write about below.

This is what I bought to go with the skirt above. Its a leotard top which will go really nice a skirt/shorts. Im going to buy a really nice pair of tights to go with this outfit. The thing I dont like about this is that its see through so I would wear a vest or a bralette underneath it so that you couldn't see too much skin. This is another item that only cost me £2!!!

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