Friday, 31 October 2014

Pregnancy autumn pamper routine

Hi everyone,
I haven't done a post in a little while and since my last post autumn has began.
I love autumn, I love everything about it!
I would say this time of year; the autumn/winter months is 100% my favourite time of year, since I'm not really one for summer personally, espessialy since this summer I was pregnant, pregnancy and being too warm is an absolute NO NO! 
One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is pamper myself, take bubble bath's and just enjoy being all snugly at home.
So I'm going to take you through some of the things that I do;

Step 1) run myself a lovely relaxing bubble bath.

Lush now have their autumn/winter products out. I must admit I've already bought a few. This is "the Christmas hedgehog" bubble bar! Oh my god, this is amazing! It has a very relaxing, calming smell to it and it just had me completely chilled out in the tub. I've already used two of these and next time I'm in lush I will be purchasing more 

Step 2) light candles.

These 2 are my favourite candles at the moment. "Party time" is one I had as a birthday present off my mother, so I'm not to sure on where she bought it from. But if you do see it around, it's definetely worth giving a sniff! It smells lovely!
Blissful autumn is one of the Yankee candles brought out espessialy for this time of year, to be honest the only way to describe the smell of this is to say it smells exactly like autumn! Perfect relaxing, bath time candles.

Step 3) facemask

At this time of year in particular my skin seems to get really dry. I think it's really important to look after your skin! I have extremely sensitive skin so it's a struggle for me to find products that don't irritate it. When I came across this facemask in tesco for sensitive skin I thought it was worth a try. I must say it is amazing! For only 99p it always leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and soft and it's just like you've had a professional facial. I just love to chill out in the bath with this face mask on and totally relax. I really do recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin who does struggle to find a good facemask.

Step 4) Moisturise when out of the bath.

At the moment I'm loving the 'lush' massage bars I think they're great and leave skin smelling and looking gorgeous! This one is 'tender is the night' it smells absolutely gorgeous! .. Because I'm pregnant once I've used this I do also rub my bump and thighs with some palmers cocoa butter which I'm preferring to any of the other bump lotions at the moment! 
My skin always feels really soft after it and cocoa butter doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, plus cocoa butter smells amazinggggggg!! 

Step 5) New pj's!

Autumn/ winter time I find is a perfect excuse to treat yourself to new pj's. Plus I have a ever growing bump at the moment so I also used my bump as an excuse to treat myself! The checkered pj's are from new look. The fox pj's are from tesco and the slipper boots are from matalan. Slipper boots I find are also an absolute essential this time of year and these ones feel like how I imagine walking on clouds would feel!

Step 6) Pamper my feet.
I didn't want to display any pictures for this step because to be perfectly honest my feet are not very pretty right now and they are rather swollen at the moment. This step might mainly be for the pregnant women out there. Pregnancy does some strange things. One of the strange things it does is make your feet go swollen and you do feel rather achy. I find it really helps me to use a good foot lotion. The one I'm particularly enjoying at the moment is the 'soap and glory' heel genius. This works a treat. After using this I then spritz myself with 'the body shop' peppermint cooling foot spray. It cools my feet right down and it has the most loveliest smell.
You don't have to just be pregnant to pamper your feet mind. These products are worth giving a try even if your not pregnant! I'm going to be still using them after I've had the baby. 

Step 7) paint my nails/ toe nails

I'm loving the revlon nail varnish's at the moment. This colour is a gorgeous glittery pink, which I think is lovely for this time of year.

Step 8) fresh bed sheets!
I love jumping into lovely clean, fresh bed sheets after a relaxing pamper sesh and then snuggling up with a book! So this for me is an essential step in my pampering process! 

That's the end of my pregnancy pamper routine. I enjoyed writing this post because I enjoy reading posts like this myself. Hope you enjoying reading it! Thankyou bye!! Xxxxx