Friday, 24 August 2012

Primark haul :)

I am going to be going away for 2 nights next week it will be from Tuesday - Thursday. Its not to anywhere special just a place about an hour from where I live. Im going with my boyfriend and I'm very excited to go on this little break. I bought some clothes yesterday ready to go so here they are..

I Love this jumper its so comfortable and I bought it in a size bigger just to make it even more of an oversized jumper! In this picture it looks grey but it is actually more of a dark bluey/green colour. I think this jumper will look great with red skinny jeans. It cost £10, which I think is a really good price because I have wanted a jumper like this for a while.
I bought these leggings for £6. I LOVE them! Ive wanted a pair of leather look leggings for ages I think they're so comfortable and will go with almost everything! For £6 you really can't go wrong! Im very happy with this purchase.
I also bought this jacket I don't know the exact price but I know it was about £10 - £12. I really like the colour on this jacket, it is like a lilac/purple. I wear my blue one of these all the time so i'm sure they one will be worn a lot too! I love these sort of jackets because they are lightweight yet are still cosy & comfy! I think this will come in real handy next week when I go away, for night time walks by the beach.

As soon as I seen these shorts I knew I had to have them, I love the colour (they are actually a little brighter than this and are more of a dark karki green colour) My favourite thing about these shorts is that they are frayed at the bottom and they looked really nice on! The shorts are also high waisted but yet really comfortable to wear. I think these cost £8, well worth the price! I seen similar ones in topshop the other week for £35, so bargain!

I am seriously in LOVE with this top, I dont know if anyone has ever been in love with an item of clothing but it happens to me often. I bought this top to go with the leather leggins up above and they look really nice together. I think this top would look great with a lot of things though like shorts, jeans and even certain skirts. I love the pattern and the gold buttons on it too. The best thing about this top is the price, it only cost me £6. I love this karki style that is around at the moment!
I think these pajamas are super cute! Theres a picture of an owl and above it says 'geek chic' I havent worn them yet because I'm keeping them until holiday but I did try them on. I also love the pattern on the shorts, its actually a bit of an aztec pattern. These pajamas cost £4.50, they had them in lots of different styles too. I have a bit of a pajama obsession and own LOADS of pairs.

These shoes cost £6 and I really like them, I like the colour of them and I like the patch of black and bow that they have. They will go nice with a lot of dresses and other outfits that I have. These shoes have a really nice pattern on them too, its like a padded look. I have a bag from primark that is similar to the padded pattern on these shoes.
I've wanted a pair of knee high socks for ages so I was very pleased when I seen these in primark. The cream & skin colour pair were on offer for £1 each and the black pair were £1.50 I think knee high socks look lush with vans and a pair of shorts! I cant wait to wear these!
A couple of weeks ago I was browsing through some blogs and I found that a girl was wearing a pair of red tights with a couple of outfits that she had, sorry but I cant remember whos blog it was. I love this colour tight and I am looking forward to pairing these with a cream dress that I own. They are more of a burgundy then a red colour, I think these were £1.50.
This lip stain was only £1.50 and it is actually a really nice colour on. It really brings out my lips and the colour looks like a strong bold red when its being worn. I actually find that this lipstain stays on and works better than a lot of the more expensive ones that I have tried. Bargain!
So that completes my haul :) I had a lovely day shopping and I am really pleased with my purchases! I will be doing some more shopping before I go away so there is surely to me another haul soon and I will be doing a holiday post when I come back! Thankyou for reading :)
Has anybody recently done any hauls? I'd love to see them, so please leave links!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Colourful OOTD and makeup!

I wore this outfit the other day to bingo, although its nothing special and it is just casual, it must have brought me luck because I won £100! I love wearing things that are comfy and this outfit was really comfortable!

Sorry for the terrible mirror photos but they were the best way I could photograph the outfit. I really like the outfit because its so colourful. Im a big fan of colourful clothes!
My cardigan - store 21 £35. I love this cardy! I went through a phase where I bought a load of different granny cardy's and this one is by far my favourite! Its so comfy. There is nothing more cosy than an oversized cardy!
My black jeans - Newlook £19.99. I have had these jeans for AGES! I actually forgot I owned them until I had a sort out through all my old clothes the other day. I was so impressed because they actually fitted and are really comfy. I stopped wearing them because I put on weight but now that I've lost weight they fit perfect! I was thrilled!
My top - This top is from tesco's I think it was £8 I like this top because I think its casual yet quite pretty and you can wear it with pretty much anything! I bought the top for when I went on holiday earlier in the year, I was shocked to find that i'm still wearing it back home! Although it is a vest top it looks nice with a jacket/cardigan for colder weather.
Vans shoes - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my vans. I debated for so long on weather or not to buy them and i'm so glad I did. They're the most comfiest shoes I own! If im not wearing these i'm wearing my converse!
Block colour bag - I had this bag in the newlook sale for £12, I wear it all the time. I love it because it fits everything that I need in it. Its great for when I go out because I can even fit a bottle of water in there. (I'm one of these people that are always thirsty so bring a drink everywhere.)

I do my face makeup quite pale because I don't suit dark face makeup. I love the way that I done my eyes. I made them match the colours on my top. I have a recent obession with red lipstick too!

I was so proud of these nails!! I never really make an effort with my nails because they never seem to go too well when I do. I'm happy to say that these nails went great. I used Barry.M nail varnish and the colour came out nice and bold. I used a layer of glitter over my nails to which I think looks really nice, happy days!

Another picture of my nails :)

I love the blue bracelet in the photo because it was a little surprise present that I had off my nan this christmas. There is a little shop in a town near me that makes these bracelets. She picked all the pretty beads to go on it and they're all different. I love it! I paired up then a lot of colourful bracelets to go with my outfit.

That completes my OOTD! Has anyone else done one of these recently? I'd love to see :) Sorry for not posting these past few days. It has been hectic because my new cousin was born.
This is Ayden James Denton. He weight 9.10 and a half ounces (big baby!) and he was born in the house!!

Monday, 13 August 2012

"Im bored"

Okay so I dont know how many times a week, actually no, a day I use the words "Im bored." I'm sure that there are loads of other people that are exactly like me. I also always have the attitude that if I have no money to spend or a limited amount of money to spend then I have to stay in and do nothing, that should not be the case! So im going to put together a list of fun things to do that are affordable.
*Pictures on here are not my own and are from the internet*
1) Museum - The last time I went to the museum I actually had a lot of fun, I was really impressed with a lot of the things I seen in there, the one that I went into even had a massive fashion display the outfits were amazing! Most museum's are free to look around, plus a lot of them are actually really interesting. I think that another great thing about museum's is that every one you go in will be different. This may sound geeky but I actually think that a museum is a great date idea.

2) Picnic - The other day me and my boyfriend decided that it would be a good idea to go for a picnic, this was actually a great success. Pincic's can be a great thing to do with friends, family and can even be a nice romantic day out. Picnic food can be varied from things like sandwhiches and crisps to cold pasta and potato salad. I dont know why but I have always liked the idea of adding a picnic basket onto my bike like you see in films, one day I will eventually do this! Oh and one more great thing about a picnic is that you can make it as healthy/unhealthy as you like.

3) Swap time - Have a few friends over and tell them to bring over any clothes, jewellery and accessories that they no longer use. Then swap things over. This is also a great way of recycling. I would rather know that my unwanted things are going to someone that wants them rather than them linger in my wardrobe and never be worn by me.

4) Girly day - Okay so there is nothing more that I love than having a few friends over for a catch up. Instead of ordering food it would be a good idea to all chip in say £3 each to go and buy a pizza and some other food from a shop. It is cheaper and often even more tastier!

5) Boot sale - Yesterday I was planning on doing a bootsale, unfortunately the weather was not on my side and I didnt end up doing one, but I will be doing one next weekend so my fingers are crossed for the weather. A bootsale is a great way to earn yourself some money with some unwanted things. Another good idea is to maybe go to a bootsale with some friends and do some bargain shopping. I did end up going to a bootsale this weekend where I picked up 3 DVD's and 2 books and only spent £4.

6) Cooking day - I love cooking and experimenting with different recipies. Cooking is often really affordable too! Making cupcakes is one of my favourite affordable things to do. I did say to myself that I would be experimenting a bit more with making cupcakes and would try a few different cupcake designs! Hopefully I will do this soon.

7) Walking/cycling - One of my favourite things to do is go on nice long walks and to go cycling. It wasn't until recently that I realised just how many fabulous walks there is around by where I live. Plus you could put 2 of these ideas together and have a nice countryside walk/cycle then go for a rewarding picnic at the end (like I said above.) Just looking at the picture on the side is really appealing to me!

8) Swimming - Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do, this is because it works all of your body. I love swimming and I find it really fun. Most swimming pools usually only cost at the most £3 to use, usually if you are under the age of 18 it is free. There is a swimming pool right near where I live, i'm really going to try to encourage myself to go there a lot more!

9) Volunteering - Voluntery work is something that I have been wanting to do for a while. I think that it would be such a rewarding thing to participate in. Volunteering is obviously unpaid work but I think that it is really something much better than being paid when you know that you are helping to improve someone's life. My ideal voluntery work would be either helping the disabled, elderly or autistic people (my brother is autistic.) Obviously volunteering is going to become difficult for me to do when I start work but I am hoping to do it one day a week. I think this is definetly something that will help to stop anyone from being bored!

Joining an exercise class is a great way to get out of the house and to get fit. One of my favourite classes to do is zumba, I haven't been in a while and I am actually hoping to start back up this week. Zumba is usually around £3 but sometimes you will find the odd free class that is government funded! I am one of these people that really enjoy exercise and it will usually always help me to stop being bored!

These ideas may not be to everyone's fancy but next time I say the words "i'm bored" i'm going to ensure to do something fun with my time, maybe something off this list! ..Thankyou for reading :) Has anyone else done a similar post to this? Anyone had any good affordable days out recently? :) Feel free to leave blog links! I love reading all your lovely comments :) Thanks again!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Lets go to the beach-each lets go get away.

In Wales we were all starting to think that we had seen the last of our summer. The last few days have really surprised everyone I think because we have had 2 days of sun! I decided to make the most of this and I have had 2 days in different beaches and it has been really fun! This post is mostly of pictures and just telling you about what I got up to when I was there.

This is aberavan beach. I love this beach because it is so quiet. Me and Andrew went on a lovely walk right along the seafront. Its such a lovely place to visit.

Me and Andrew enjoying our drinks in the sun. My favourite drink is WKD, i'm not really one for drinking much alchohol but I really like the taste on WKD.

Enjoying our chips on the beach, yummy!
Drawing into the sand <3 Im thinking about having this picture put onto a canvas in my room, I love it!
I really like this picture the only thing I dont like is my hair is sticking up. Damn my frizzy hair :(

This is what I wore. My dress has lots of butterfly's on it and it was £17 from new look, my jacket was £15 from newlook. I love my jacket because its lightweight and I wear it everywhere, it was ideal for when it got closer to night on the beach for me to wear. My bag (althought it can't really be seen in this picture) cost me £6 from primark and my shoes £2 from primark.

Okay so that completes the pictures from Aberavan beach. It was not planned that we would go here, we didn't actually go down until 6 in the evening but we stayed until 11 o'clock. Aberavan is about 30 minutes from where I live. I love going to places that aren't planned because they usually end up being the best little outings. My grandparents dropped me and my boyfriend down there when they went for food, me and Andrew had a lovely time!

This is what I wore to Porthcawl beach. I loved this outfit because I felt comfortable wearing it, I think it is nice and summery. My skirt was £5 from asda, my vest top was £9 from GAP, my shoes £2 from primark, and my necklace £3.50 from outfit.

Although my makeup can't really be seen, my lipstick sort of can be. This lipstick is the collection 2000 'ruby red' lipstick it only cost me £3 and I LOVE the colour! You only need a dab of this lipstick for a strong colour to be created. A review will be up soon!

Me, my mother, my step father, my baby sister (Eve), Andrew, my mothers friends, and my mothers friends baby (Adham) went to Porthcawl. This is a picture of me with the 2 babys (Adham and Eve, funny I know) They are so sweet together they are like best friends. Eve is 16 months old and Adham is 11 months old.

Me & Andrew in the park in Porthcawl with the two baby's. They loved the park!

Me & Andrew in front of the beach in Porthcawl. The beach was a bit more busy than the one in Aberavan, this is down the more quieter side.
My outfit but with the added trusty blue jacket.

Porthcawl beach has an attached funfair to it. This is Andrew and Adham on one of the rides.

Porthcawl beach was a lovely day out, it is about 45 minutes from where I live. Me and Andrew have been thinking going away next weekend for a 2 night break, we are considering going to Porthcawl or Aberavan.
The past 2 days have been lovely. Hopefully the fun will continue today because Me and Andrew are planning on going for a picnic.
Has anyone else been having any fun in the sun? Has anyone been to a beach recently? Feel free to leave links to any posts :) I'd love to have a look! Thankyou for reading! :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I haven't done one of these posts in a while now I love reading them on other people's blogs to see what people are after, so I thought I would do one myself. I recently got told that I had been successful in a job interview that I really wanted, so that was great news for me. This now means that I will be having more money and will be able to buy a lot of the stuff that I want. So here is what I am hoping to buy within the next few months.

I found this necklace on amazon whilst browsing through some jewellery, I instantly liked it! I like the little gem stones on it and I think its really cute. This will also brighten up a plain top and work well as an accessorie with most of the things that I own. I was really shocked when I saw the price and found that it is only £1, BARGAIN! the delivery price is £1.49 but for £2.49 in total I think that this necklace is definetly worth it and I will be buying it!

The fashion recently with oversized jumpers is really appealing to me. I love the oversized jumpers and cardigans that I own. I think that the idea of putting a big comfortable jumper on and some comfy jeans is great! Here are two of the jumpers that I found and really liked. The aztec print one is my favourite its £39 in miss selfridge. I think it will look really nice paired up with my skinny jeans. I love aztec print and I have a few things aztec already. The peace jumper is from topshop and I think I will wear it with my red skinny jeans and will make it a bit more dressy or casual this is £42.

I think that this photoframe is so unique and pretty. It is exactly the colours I am planning on having my bedroom painted. I love how it is different to any other photo frame you will usually see. I found this on amazon for £6.99. I can't wait to start with redecorating my bedroom, I have already picked up some new items for it when I went to Paris.

MAC paintpot eyeshaddow in shade indianwood. I love the colour on this eyeshaddow. I have been into the MAC shop so many times and ummed and arred about buying this eyeshaddow. I have even had it tried on me and I love it, it applys like a cream but yet it doesnt dry all horrible and clumpy like some eyeshaddows. I have finally decided it is time to buy it. I wear a lot of cream/browny colours for eye makeup and I could really do with a new one. I am currently using the MAC hello kitty eyeshaddow pallete, I love it but I am curious to try some more of their eyeshaddow range now. This eyeshaddow is £14.50.


I have had my eye on this MAC lipstick for a few weeks now. I have been wearing red lipstick for a while and could really do with buying myself a good one. This shade is called russian red and it is £14. I have another MAC lipstick in the past and it didn't dissapoint me, so I will be giving this one a try hopefully soon!

I always find it hard to find blushers that compliment my skin tone because I am so pale that wearing a bright blusher doesn't suit me. I like this shade because it is subtle yet I think it would bring a nice colour to my cheeks. This shade is called fleur power and it is £17.50. Has anyone tried out this blusher? Has anyone done a review? I would love to hear your thoughts on it before I buy it.

The other day whilst browing through some people's blogs I found that someone done a review on this book. I really liked the sound of it. I am a big fan of Dawn French I think that she is really funny. I cant wait to buy this book. I am hoping to find it in a car boot sale or charity shop though rather than purchasing it. I am doing my own car boot sale on Sunday I cant wait!
I LOVE THESE SHOES! Okay so by now you have probably heard of creepers. I think they look so cool and I just can't wait to buy myself a pair. These ones are £29.99 from misguided. I can't wait to buy a pair because the people I know that own them tell me that they are really comfortable and it will give me a change from vans & converse. These shoes are a must have for me!

Whilst browing on the dorathy perkins website I came across this item in the sale. It is £12 down from £49. Its not usually the sort of style that I would go for but I think it would look so lovely with a pair of black tights and cute heels. I really do love this!

This dress is in the misguided sale for £19.99 down from £24.99. I like the feathery pattern that is on it. I have been looking for more dresses in different styles that I can wear out to the many occasions I have coming up such as birthdays and family outings. This dress I think could be worn both casual and for going out. Paired with the right shoes and it could be a perfect outfit!

Thankyou for reading! I would really be interested in hearing if anyone has tried some of the MAC products I am after before I purchase them, feel free to leave links to blogs if you have :) Have anyone else done a wishlist? I love reading them. :)