Monday, 6 August 2012

What I have been up to...

Hello! I havent posted in a few days (which is actually very unlike me.) I have been really busy though and have been doing lots recently! So I thought I would say about what I have been doing over the past week or so..

This week it has been two of my friends 18th birthdays, Sam is one of them. For his birthday we went out for some drinks and he had a party a few days after. This is the day we went out for some drinks. Im the one in the red skirt & white top. The top is from river island and it was £16 and the skirt is from new look, the skirt was £10. We had a really good night and I think sam had a lot of fun. He got extremely drunk which was really funny! But its his 18th so of course he was going to get drunk :)

Another thing I have been up to is spending a lot of time with family. I went to a farm last week and took my little sister, she loved it! In the farm I even got to feed a baby lamb, which is something I have never done before. The animals were so lovely and we watched a pig race. My sister really enjoyed it. There was also a nice play area there for her which she enjoyed. It was a lovely day out :) In the picture I am holiday a rabbit and the picture below was with a horse. I took the picture below because it looked like the horse was smiling, so cute! :)
 This is in a fun factory which I took my sister too, me, my mother, my nan and Eve (my sister) went :) We had food which was really nice and then I took her into the fun factory which she loved so much! Its so mad how fast she is growing up! She is almost walking now.

On saturday it was my friend Alex's 18th birthday. In the first picture you can see how I done my makeup, I went for quite a natural look. The second picture is Alex being excited whilst bowling. The third is me just being me which is generally silly. The forth picture is of Alex opening her birthday presents off me. I bought her loads of things like clothes, makeup and some jewellery, Im glad that she liked everything I bought her. For her birthday we went bowling and to Frankie & Bennys, it was a lovely day and I really enjoyed myself.

Although I bought Alex some presents I wanted to give her something that nobody else would have got her anything similar. So I made her a canvas full of some of her favourite things and I added in some pictures of me and her. I'm not very artistic but I was actually proud of this. I used wrapping paper for the background to make it a bit different from using paint. The wrapping paper I used was the same I used to wrap her presents in. So I thought it was very suited to her 18th birthday. Im glad that she seemed to really like this canvas.

Saturday was actually a really busy day for me because straight after Alex's party I went to my friend sams. It was a lovely party it was decorated really sophisticated with it being an 18th. It had such individual touches such as on the confetti he actually had mini pictures of himself, and masks on the table as you can see from the picture. The party was so lovely and I think he loved every minute of it. In the other picture it is of me and my friend Daniel.

You will have to excuse my face in this photo because I was trying not to laugh at the time it was being taken. This is the outfit that I wore to Sam's party I had it all for a bargain and in total It cost me £25. The top was £2 in newlook, the skirt was £8 from newlook, the bracelets £2 from newlook and the shoes £10 from newlook (the shoes are actually wedges although they look like flats). The necklace has got a mini cocktail glass on it which I thought was very suited for an 18th birthday and that was £3 from internationalle.

Yesterday I went to Oakwood park with my boyfriend & his family. I had a really good day! This is what I wore, I wanted to look quite casual but yet nice and I think I achieved the look I was going for. My dress is from Primark and I think it cost £!0, my jacket is from tesco and that also cost £10, my bag is from Primark and I think it cost £9, and my shoes are converse which I had for christmas I know you can buy them for £40 from schuh.

This photo was taken when we had just come off the pedal boats, they were really fun. I liked going on them and it was actually quite sweet to go on with my boyfriend.

It took 4 goes on megafobia for us to finally get a photo that we liked. Andrew is terrified of rides but also actually really likes them. He finally managed to get his hands up for a photo. I ended up buying this photo for £6 to keep to remember the day. Every time I look at it I giggle at the expression on Andrew's face though! I like the photo mainly because I think its nice that we are holding hands (he would not let go mind haha.)

This photo is when we went on the pirate ship, I went on this ride with Andrew's brother and sister in law. Andrew wouldn't come on because he was frightened of the pirate ship ride from when he was younger. I LOVE this ride, for some reason I like the funny feeling that you might come out of it (although you obviously won't) I did end up being really brave in the end and putting my hands up, that I was proud of!

This is the only photo where my makeup is still sort of on, because we went on water rides it was well off by the end of the day!

This was the aftermath of the water ride! I got drenched!! Which is funny since the ride is actually called 'drenched'
Overall I had a lovely day! Me & Andrew don't often go out with his family so we enjoyed going out with them for a change too and we have all said that we will be doing stuff like this more often, which should be good!

So that completes what I have been up to, has anybody else been up to anything interesting/fun? I'd really love to here about it! Has anyone been to oakwood park?
Thankyou for reading, I look forward to reading any comments you may have :)


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