Saturday, 18 August 2012

Colourful OOTD and makeup!

I wore this outfit the other day to bingo, although its nothing special and it is just casual, it must have brought me luck because I won £100! I love wearing things that are comfy and this outfit was really comfortable!

Sorry for the terrible mirror photos but they were the best way I could photograph the outfit. I really like the outfit because its so colourful. Im a big fan of colourful clothes!
My cardigan - store 21 £35. I love this cardy! I went through a phase where I bought a load of different granny cardy's and this one is by far my favourite! Its so comfy. There is nothing more cosy than an oversized cardy!
My black jeans - Newlook £19.99. I have had these jeans for AGES! I actually forgot I owned them until I had a sort out through all my old clothes the other day. I was so impressed because they actually fitted and are really comfy. I stopped wearing them because I put on weight but now that I've lost weight they fit perfect! I was thrilled!
My top - This top is from tesco's I think it was £8 I like this top because I think its casual yet quite pretty and you can wear it with pretty much anything! I bought the top for when I went on holiday earlier in the year, I was shocked to find that i'm still wearing it back home! Although it is a vest top it looks nice with a jacket/cardigan for colder weather.
Vans shoes - I LOVE LOVE LOVE my vans. I debated for so long on weather or not to buy them and i'm so glad I did. They're the most comfiest shoes I own! If im not wearing these i'm wearing my converse!
Block colour bag - I had this bag in the newlook sale for £12, I wear it all the time. I love it because it fits everything that I need in it. Its great for when I go out because I can even fit a bottle of water in there. (I'm one of these people that are always thirsty so bring a drink everywhere.)

I do my face makeup quite pale because I don't suit dark face makeup. I love the way that I done my eyes. I made them match the colours on my top. I have a recent obession with red lipstick too!

I was so proud of these nails!! I never really make an effort with my nails because they never seem to go too well when I do. I'm happy to say that these nails went great. I used Barry.M nail varnish and the colour came out nice and bold. I used a layer of glitter over my nails to which I think looks really nice, happy days!

Another picture of my nails :)

I love the blue bracelet in the photo because it was a little surprise present that I had off my nan this christmas. There is a little shop in a town near me that makes these bracelets. She picked all the pretty beads to go on it and they're all different. I love it! I paired up then a lot of colourful bracelets to go with my outfit.

That completes my OOTD! Has anyone else done one of these recently? I'd love to see :) Sorry for not posting these past few days. It has been hectic because my new cousin was born.
This is Ayden James Denton. He weight 9.10 and a half ounces (big baby!) and he was born in the house!!


  1. Lucky you winning a £100. Love your bag x

  2. I like your outfit, your blouse is so colorful and pretty. I also love your nails. Congrats on winning!!

  3. Well done on winning! Your cousin is adorable too!

    Sophie x

  4. Oh, your cousin is so unbelievably adorable! As for the outfit, it's not only cute, but also "lucky"?! it's like a dream come true!;-)
    P.S. Abbie, I tagged you in my last post;-)
    Can't wait to learn 11 facts about you;-)))

    1. Aw thankyou ill take a look now :D :) xx

  5. Oh, I love my Vans. I wear them every single day. Most comfortable shoes ever!! :)