Saturday, 13 September 2014

Lush dream cream review

Hi everyone,
Today I'm going to do a rather long review on the lush hand & body lotion called 'dream cream' I bought this product back in May, I've waited a while to review it so that I could give it a proper review.
I suffer really badly with eczema and recently it has gotten a lot worse since I have been pregnant, not too sure why this is.
When I popped into my local lush shop and explained to them I needed a body lotion that is ideal for sensitive skin, they recommended this one. They told me that there is oat milk in the product which is very helpful in soothing irritated skin. I was instantly intrigued by this. When I first tried this cream it wasn't really what I expected, the cream is quite thick but goes onto the skin rather oily (not usually the way most exzema creams work) but this actually leaves the skin with a stunning healthy looking glow. 
It has an unusual sort of smell it reminds me of cocoa butter but you can also definetely smell the oat milk, the scent of the product in all honesty isn't my most favourite of lush scents and isn't the usual smell you would expect in lush, but it is still a very nice sort of relaxing smell. There is in fact rose water and lavender oil in the product which may explain the relaxed feeling I have when using the product.
I used this cream on my skin for around 3 days and then I started to notice quite  a difference, it really did calm the redness of my eczema down and took away the inflamed soar look to it. I continued to use it and it did in fact keep my eczema away and under control, this I was very impressed by. The product has a very cooling effect going onto the skin and when my exzema is at it's worst that is exactly what I need, it just feels very soothing, hydrating and moisturing.
I have recently stopped using the product due to trying out a couple of other products. But then earlier this week my skin has had another one of it's exzema flare ups so I decided to use it again, and it has worked it's magic yet again and calmed the rash and the itching down. This time I don't think I'll be stopping using this trusty product because it really does make a massive difference to my skin. I'm not really sure what dream cream would be like on normal skin, but I would definetely recommend it to anyone with dry, or sensitive skin and most definetely to anyone who suffers with irritated exzema prone skin. 
This product is currently £11.50 and for such a good moisturising cream I would say it is definetely money well spent, once I have used up my pot I will be repurchasing. here is the link to the lush website where you can purchase this product.
Thankyou for reading my review I hope I covered everything and that I didn't babble on too much. There is pictures for you to see below.
Thanks, Abbie xxx