Tuesday, 20 October 2015

8 month update and life update

Hi everyone, 
Just a little update for you all. 
Hallie is now 8 months old. Time is going so quickly, I can't believe how fast the past 8 months have gone. A little bit has changed since my last update.. Hallie is now fully weaned, meaning she now has 3 meals a day alongside her 6oz bottles. She loves trying new food. Her favourite is mash, peas & gravy. She also definetely has a sweet tooth, we have left her have little tastes of chocolate and she loves it, haha! Hallie now has 2 teeth that are fully through and a 3rd tooth is on it's way. Her favourite word is dada, she also says hiya, lyla (my cousins name) and a few times she's said mama. Her favourite song is 3 cheeky monkeys and she recognises it everytime it's sung. She can now hold both hands and walk with us supporting her. This is something she has recently started doing and it's so cute. She is still trying to master clapping her hands but she does give it a good go and she likes to try to wave. She is moving about loads now, she shuffles everywhere. She did start crawling a little bit but she finds it easier to shuffle. She's really fast moving and will pick everything up. It's got to the stage where I need eyes at the back of my head, haha! She's very clever and into everything. Hallie now sleeps in her own room, she sleeps all night, she still loves her bath bottle bed routine, and I find that works best! 

Now that Autumn has arrived we have been enjoying taking lots of walks. We went conker picking to get some Autumn decor for the house.  She's been to the park a few times and likes playing in the leaves and the noises they make. 

I've already decorated the house for Halloween which was fun, it's such a lovely, cosy time of year. I love all the candles lit, onesie's on, and cwtches on the sofa! 

We have lots coming up too look forward to, I'm throwing a halloween party for all Hallie's baby friends. I've booked for a peppa pig mascot to attend, peppa pig is still Hallie's favourite show. We then have bonfire night, we are away that week on our little family break away which we are really looking forward too. Then of course there is all the Christmas festivities. I'm so looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree, Hallie is going to love all the lights and decorations. I can't wait for the christmas films and watching all my childhood favourites with my own little girl. I can't wait for Andrew to eat his first Santa and Rudolph treats on Christmas Eve, haha! And of course I can't wait to see her gorgeous smiles on Christmas morning! We have already starting buying for Christmas, I've bought her a few toys, and a little baby audi, which is the cutest thing ever! I'm even looking forward to starting my wrapping!! 

Well that's my little update done, Thankyou for reading! Xx