Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Update post. Another beautiful baby.

Hi everyone,
It's been a long time since I've written a post and a lot has happened since my last post. My beautiful daughter Hallie is now 18 months old. She's unbelievably clever, super funny, a little bit cheeky and just the most fun, loving toddler I could ever wish for. She makes me proud every single day!
A rather big thing that has happened is Hallie has now become a big sister. She now has a gorgeous little brother called Nyle. Nyle was born on 22/08/16 (he shares a birthday with my dad and cousin) he was delivered by emergency section at 2:25pm.. I will do a post soon on my labour and delivery with Nyle. He is perfect, just like his big sister!
I'm planning on starting to do lots more posts sharing little parts of our life with 2 beautiful babies. I think this blog will be something lovely to look back on as they're getting older and to be able to see all the fun things and adventures that we get up too as now a perfect family of 4.
Thankyou for reading this post. There will be many more to come!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

8 month update and life update

Hi everyone, 
Just a little update for you all. 
Hallie is now 8 months old. Time is going so quickly, I can't believe how fast the past 8 months have gone. A little bit has changed since my last update.. Hallie is now fully weaned, meaning she now has 3 meals a day alongside her 6oz bottles. She loves trying new food. Her favourite is mash, peas & gravy. She also definetely has a sweet tooth, we have left her have little tastes of chocolate and she loves it, haha! Hallie now has 2 teeth that are fully through and a 3rd tooth is on it's way. Her favourite word is dada, she also says hiya, lyla (my cousins name) and a few times she's said mama. Her favourite song is 3 cheeky monkeys and she recognises it everytime it's sung. She can now hold both hands and walk with us supporting her. This is something she has recently started doing and it's so cute. She is still trying to master clapping her hands but she does give it a good go and she likes to try to wave. She is moving about loads now, she shuffles everywhere. She did start crawling a little bit but she finds it easier to shuffle. She's really fast moving and will pick everything up. It's got to the stage where I need eyes at the back of my head, haha! She's very clever and into everything. Hallie now sleeps in her own room, she sleeps all night, she still loves her bath bottle bed routine, and I find that works best! 

Now that Autumn has arrived we have been enjoying taking lots of walks. We went conker picking to get some Autumn decor for the house.  She's been to the park a few times and likes playing in the leaves and the noises they make. 

I've already decorated the house for Halloween which was fun, it's such a lovely, cosy time of year. I love all the candles lit, onesie's on, and cwtches on the sofa! 

We have lots coming up too look forward to, I'm throwing a halloween party for all Hallie's baby friends. I've booked for a peppa pig mascot to attend, peppa pig is still Hallie's favourite show. We then have bonfire night, we are away that week on our little family break away which we are really looking forward too. Then of course there is all the Christmas festivities. I'm so looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree, Hallie is going to love all the lights and decorations. I can't wait for the christmas films and watching all my childhood favourites with my own little girl. I can't wait for Andrew to eat his first Santa and Rudolph treats on Christmas Eve, haha! And of course I can't wait to see her gorgeous smiles on Christmas morning! We have already starting buying for Christmas, I've bought her a few toys, and a little baby audi, which is the cutest thing ever! I'm even looking forward to starting my wrapping!! 

Well that's my little update done, Thankyou for reading! Xx 

Monday, 21 September 2015

Life update - Saying dada & first tooth

Hi everyone, 
Just a little update.
My last post was a little while ago. Summer has now gone and autumn is here! 🍂 
Hats & scarves at the ready! 

I'm loving Hallie's hat & scarve from baby zara! How adorable can adorable get!!🍂

Autumn/winter is by far my favourite time of the year. We have so much to look forward to coming up. I'm planning a Halloween party for Hallie and a few of her baby friends, we have a little mini first family holiday booked to bluestone, bonfire night and of course all the Christmas festivities. I'll be doing lots of posts on what we get up too. 
I've been enjoying the transition into autumn.

Our baby groups have started back up since the holidays have finished. We had our first class back at stay and play last week which is held in the sensory room. Hallie loves these classes. 
We also had a play date with some of the other mammy's and baby's we know. This was fun for both babies and mammy's. I enjoy getting together with them. 
We have been going on lots of little autumn walks, including a few with hallie's bestie Rosie and her Mammy & Daddy. Hallie is also enjoying wrapping up snugly and going on her swing in the garden.

Since my last post Hallie has been doing so much more. She turned 7 months on the 09/09/15. She can now sit up by herself which she loves being able to do. 
On the 18/09/15 2 great things happened. The first thing was Hallie said "dada" and it actually made me cry with happiness It was the cutest thing you'll ever hear! 💖 The second great thing was Hallie cut her first tooth. The tooth had been coming through for a while and you could feel it under the gum, but she's now cut it! It was so lovely finding her little toothy, I was so excited! She was laughing because I was clapping and practically dancing round the living room after finding it! 💖
I hope you have enjoyed this little update post. I'm looking forward to doing more autumn/winter adventure posts soon! 🍂 Thankyou for reading, Abbie! Xx 💖🍂

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Meal ideas for baby led weaning

Hi everyone,
This is just a small post on some ideas for foods you can try to first start off when trying baby led weaning. I did originally start Hallie off with puréed food at around 4 months old. I then decided when she got to 6 months old on the 9th of this month that we would try baby led weaning. Which basically means she eats what we eat. She's having little tastes of everything we are eating but here are a few things she most enjoys. 

This is the lunch I had at ikea. Salmon, mash, peas & brocolli. Hallie had a try of all of this from her bowl. She loved the salmon and it was something she had never tried before. It's also easy for her to chew. Of course make sure the salmon is boneless. 

This is the dinner I made Sunday. I made us giant Yorkshire, sausage, peas, mash & mushrooms. Then I have Hallie a smaller Yorkshire, peas, mushroom and mash. She loved suckling on the Yorkshire and really enjoyed the dinner. She are quite a lot!

Hallie loves fruit salad. Her favourite fruit is melon and strawberry. 

This was Hallie's first tastes of chicken. She had chicken and potato waffle. She loved both!

Some other things she likes ls, beans, toast fingers, cucumber, scrambled egg, and ham. 
Hope you enjoyed this post. 

Friday, 14 August 2015

Hallie Ann 6 month update

So.. Our beautiful little girly is now 6 months. August 9th our Hallie Ann turned 6 months, I shed a tear or 2 to say the least. Time is flying by and I can't believe how lucky I am to be a mother to such a perfect little girl. 
She's so clever. She loves her jumparoo, baths and playing with her toys. 
Rolling over, Hallie rolled over for the first time at 17 weeks. She now won't stay on her back for longer than about 5 seconds. She loves tummy time.

Weaning, we started to wean Hallie at around 16 weeks, weaning is a topic all parents will have different views on and all children are different. I personally felt Hallie was ready at 16 weeks and it was a gradual process. She now has lots of different foods and loves experimenting with different textured food. A favourite of hers at the moment is toast fingers. Yesterday she enjoyed tucking into her very own dinner with me I mashed it up when I had mine. She has breakfast dinner and a snack. Currently she has 3/4 6oz bottles a day. She's been on 6oz from around 3 months and is quite settled on 6oz. We have not yet started her on follow on milk as she has a protein allergy. 
Sitting up, Hallie has started to sit up she now sits for around 15/20 seconds on her own. Another thing she has started to do is walk in her walker. She's so cute when she finds her feet and she loves wandering about in the walker. 
Hallie has been teething from very young, in our appointment at just 6 weeks the dr said how hard her gums were. A tooth first started to come through at around 4 months. She has now had all her injections up until she is one! She was so brave having them all, much braver than I was taking her! 
Hallie loves her sleep. She sleeps the whole night through. She does not like to be put to bed early so she goes down at around 9 o'clock. But wakes back up at about 10:30 until 11:30. When she goes back to sleep she will then sleep right through until around 9 o'clock in the morning. She has slept this well from young. The routine we normally have is bath, bottle bed. This has definetely worked best for us. She also has a story most nights before bed and we have done this since birth, I find this really soothes her in the evenings. She's such a good sleeper which I'm so greatful for (as I'm no good unless I have my sleep hahaa!) she's not in her own room yet. As it stands I'm nowhere near ready for her to be in there yet. I feel much more comfortable with her being in her cot in the room with us. 
She is currently still wearing 3-6 month clothes. She's in the process of going into 6-9 month clothes. I haven't had her weighed in around 4 weeks when she was last weighed she was 14lbs. Exactly where she should be for the weight she was born.
That's a little update on our gorgeous girl. She makes me so proud every day. She's so clever and beautiful.
Thankyou for reading! Xx

Sunday, 19 July 2015

We are getting married!!!

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in a few weeks, I've been really busy, I've been doing something really exciting... WEDDING PLANNING!
We have been engaged for 4 years now but had not started planning a wedding yet, to be honest I imagined in 30 years time Andrew still not considering actually planning the big day, haha!
But he's clearly an old romantic.. Andrew planned us a night out to a steak restaurant called miller and carter which do fabulous meals! My mother looked after the baby for a few hours when we went. We had a lovely meal and then at the end the waitress brought us the bill which to my surprise there was writing on saying "let's get married 2016 by the sea" with a pen for me to write my reply, which was of course "YES!" After a 4 year engagement, will be 5 year, we are finally going to be getting married! We are both so excited! I can't wait to call Andrew my husband. I also can't wait for my little girl Hallie and little sister Eve to be my gorgeous bridesmaids, along with a few of my best friends! So much to look forward too! 
We are planning on having the wedding abroad, I would really appreciate it if anyone has ever had their wedding abroad, or been to a wedding abroad to leave me a comment saying how it went. We would like to have the wedding abroad as we have always loved the idea of it and it would also help us with expense. I'm loving planning my dream beach wedding, we are still stuck on a destination at the moment but will do updates on the wedding! So yes that's our big news, OUR WEDDING!! 

Thankyou for reading! Has anyone done any posts on weddings lately? Or have any tips or shops I could look in. I'm very open to ideas and I'm just so excited I could burst!!!!! Xx 

Monday, 22 June 2015

Daddy's 1st Father's Day

Hi everyone,
Yesterday was a very special day for 2 reasons in our family. It was Andrew's 1st Father's Day and my mothers birthday, so we had 2 reasons to celebrate!
I'll take you from the beginning and take you through our day!
When we woke up in the morning Andrew and Hallie opened his presents together. We bought him a mug, a pint class, Stella (his fave drink), a keyring, a daddy teddy and some chocolates. He loved all his presents!
Hallie had also wrote her own little bit on Andrew's card which made it that extra bit special for him! ❤️

After opening his presents we all cuddled up in bed and watched a film, and had a proper lazy afternoon. 

Then we got ready to go out for the evening! Hallie wore an adorable little ballet tutu with a daddy's girl top, specially themed for Father's Day!

After we all got ready, we went into the car and travelled about 40 minutes down the road to Cardiff. We had a table booked for 5:30pm in Miller & Carter. It was a lovely family meal where me, Andrew, Hallie, my mother, Eve (my little sister) and my grandparents all attended. I love family meals, the chat is always lovely and your always guaranteed a good time with lots of laughs! My grandparents had also just came back from holidays so it was lovely seeing them! My mother loved her presents. We got her a Yankee candle scented fruity melon, this is a favourite of mine! Also as a present from Hallie I framed one of her photoshoot pictures, she loved this!
Our meal was lovely as always with lovely surroundings in a great atmosphere! I had the 8oz Rump steak and I really recommend it! It came with fries and an onion loaf! Which was so nice! It also came with a side salad (served before the main meal) which was also lovely and I had a blue cheese dressing with that!

Overall it was a lovely day which we really enjoyed. I know Andrew had a great, well deserved 1st fathers day! 
Thanks for reading! What did everyone else get up to for Father's Day? :)