Sunday, 19 July 2015

We are getting married!!!

Hi everyone,
I haven't posted in a few weeks, I've been really busy, I've been doing something really exciting... WEDDING PLANNING!
We have been engaged for 4 years now but had not started planning a wedding yet, to be honest I imagined in 30 years time Andrew still not considering actually planning the big day, haha!
But he's clearly an old romantic.. Andrew planned us a night out to a steak restaurant called miller and carter which do fabulous meals! My mother looked after the baby for a few hours when we went. We had a lovely meal and then at the end the waitress brought us the bill which to my surprise there was writing on saying "let's get married 2016 by the sea" with a pen for me to write my reply, which was of course "YES!" After a 4 year engagement, will be 5 year, we are finally going to be getting married! We are both so excited! I can't wait to call Andrew my husband. I also can't wait for my little girl Hallie and little sister Eve to be my gorgeous bridesmaids, along with a few of my best friends! So much to look forward too! 
We are planning on having the wedding abroad, I would really appreciate it if anyone has ever had their wedding abroad, or been to a wedding abroad to leave me a comment saying how it went. We would like to have the wedding abroad as we have always loved the idea of it and it would also help us with expense. I'm loving planning my dream beach wedding, we are still stuck on a destination at the moment but will do updates on the wedding! So yes that's our big news, OUR WEDDING!! 

Thankyou for reading! Has anyone done any posts on weddings lately? Or have any tips or shops I could look in. I'm very open to ideas and I'm just so excited I could burst!!!!! Xx 

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