Monday, 22 June 2015

Daddy's 1st Father's Day

Hi everyone,
Yesterday was a very special day for 2 reasons in our family. It was Andrew's 1st Father's Day and my mothers birthday, so we had 2 reasons to celebrate!
I'll take you from the beginning and take you through our day!
When we woke up in the morning Andrew and Hallie opened his presents together. We bought him a mug, a pint class, Stella (his fave drink), a keyring, a daddy teddy and some chocolates. He loved all his presents!
Hallie had also wrote her own little bit on Andrew's card which made it that extra bit special for him! ❤️

After opening his presents we all cuddled up in bed and watched a film, and had a proper lazy afternoon. 

Then we got ready to go out for the evening! Hallie wore an adorable little ballet tutu with a daddy's girl top, specially themed for Father's Day!

After we all got ready, we went into the car and travelled about 40 minutes down the road to Cardiff. We had a table booked for 5:30pm in Miller & Carter. It was a lovely family meal where me, Andrew, Hallie, my mother, Eve (my little sister) and my grandparents all attended. I love family meals, the chat is always lovely and your always guaranteed a good time with lots of laughs! My grandparents had also just came back from holidays so it was lovely seeing them! My mother loved her presents. We got her a Yankee candle scented fruity melon, this is a favourite of mine! Also as a present from Hallie I framed one of her photoshoot pictures, she loved this!
Our meal was lovely as always with lovely surroundings in a great atmosphere! I had the 8oz Rump steak and I really recommend it! It came with fries and an onion loaf! Which was so nice! It also came with a side salad (served before the main meal) which was also lovely and I had a blue cheese dressing with that!

Overall it was a lovely day which we really enjoyed. I know Andrew had a great, well deserved 1st fathers day! 
Thanks for reading! What did everyone else get up to for Father's Day? :) 

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