Thursday, 4 June 2015

New hair and Afternoon tea

Hi everyone,
Today me, my family & friends all went for afternoon tea as part of an early birthday celebration for me, I turn 21 on Sunday! You only turn 21 once so I'm starting it the right way; tea, cake and gossip! 
We went for tea in the angel hotel in Abergavenny. I've been here previously for my 19th birthday and really enjoyed it. Andrew looked after Hallie for me to go with the ladies and Sam as it's not really the most child friendly of places although I would have loved to have brought her with us, I missed her loads! 

Now that I am turning 21 I fancied a change I wanted something to make me look a little bit older. Plus now that im a mammy I want to branch out a bit from my usual hair style and be a bit more adventurous. After a lot of thinking and a brave decision, I decided I wanted to go quite a bit lighter. I'm really happy that I did make this decision! When I told Sam I had made the decision to go lighter he pretty much jumped at the chance to do my hair. He owns a beauty salon called 'Sam's beauty bar' and he's a newly qualified hair dresser. I must say he done an amazing job since he's only just qualified! Having a friend who owns a beauty salon really has it's benefits! He got my hair colour lighter by adding in some foils. He also curled it for me which I really like. My curls are naturally messy Afro curls, he curled it very neatly and got the curls exactly how I like them. The outfit that I wore for the tea is this little black dress with a blue & white floral pattern all over it. It's £25 from next and it's a lovely comfortable fit. 

When we arrived at the Angel we got given menu's and had to choose if we wanted the set afternoon tea or the high tea, we all chose the high tea as this also included strawberries & cream and pastries along with the usual afternoon tea items. This cost £26.80, it's well worth it!
My favourite things of all were the salmon on crisp bread and the scone with clotted cream and jam! Everything was so delicious! 
When it came to choosing my tea I had earl grey, I loved it! I normally take milk in my tea but I don't with this tea because the taste is enough by itself without needing to add the milk. It has a very rich, strong taste, I suppose you could say it's an aquired taste, personally I really like it!

If you live local to Abergavenny I would really recommend a visit! I can pretty much guarantee you won't be disappointed. 
I had a lovely start to my birthday celebrations I have a family meal planned at a resteraunt on Sunday for my actual birthday which I am really looking forward to. 
Has anyone else tried afternoon tea? Maybe even at the angel? What's your favourite part of afternoon tea?
Thanks so much for reading! Xx

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