Monday, 21 September 2015

Life update - Saying dada & first tooth

Hi everyone, 
Just a little update.
My last post was a little while ago. Summer has now gone and autumn is here! 🍂 
Hats & scarves at the ready! 

I'm loving Hallie's hat & scarve from baby zara! How adorable can adorable get!!🍂

Autumn/winter is by far my favourite time of the year. We have so much to look forward to coming up. I'm planning a Halloween party for Hallie and a few of her baby friends, we have a little mini first family holiday booked to bluestone, bonfire night and of course all the Christmas festivities. I'll be doing lots of posts on what we get up too. 
I've been enjoying the transition into autumn.

Our baby groups have started back up since the holidays have finished. We had our first class back at stay and play last week which is held in the sensory room. Hallie loves these classes. 
We also had a play date with some of the other mammy's and baby's we know. This was fun for both babies and mammy's. I enjoy getting together with them. 
We have been going on lots of little autumn walks, including a few with hallie's bestie Rosie and her Mammy & Daddy. Hallie is also enjoying wrapping up snugly and going on her swing in the garden.

Since my last post Hallie has been doing so much more. She turned 7 months on the 09/09/15. She can now sit up by herself which she loves being able to do. 
On the 18/09/15 2 great things happened. The first thing was Hallie said "dada" and it actually made me cry with happiness It was the cutest thing you'll ever hear! 💖 The second great thing was Hallie cut her first tooth. The tooth had been coming through for a while and you could feel it under the gum, but she's now cut it! It was so lovely finding her little toothy, I was so excited! She was laughing because I was clapping and practically dancing round the living room after finding it! 💖
I hope you have enjoyed this little update post. I'm looking forward to doing more autumn/winter adventure posts soon! 🍂 Thankyou for reading, Abbie! Xx 💖🍂