Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Soap & Glory breakfast scrub review.

Sorry I have not been blogging lately. This month my life has been hectic! I started a new job which is an hour away from where I live, so the majority of my month has been taken up by travelling! I really do love my new job though which i'm happy about! :) I have also been very busy socially.
I am going to try to put more time aside for blogging. Okay so on with the review.

*Not my picture* I would have taken a picture of my own product but my phone lead for the computer hasn't been working too well recently.
Okay so for this review I will do the good and the bad points of this product for me.
  • The first thing I have to say about this is it smells gorgeous!! I could actually sit there and smell it all day. It will also leave the stunning smell on your skin for quite some time afterwards.
  • It has become a life saver for use before & after shaving for me. I find it is a fabulous exfoliator for using with shaving. It will leave my skin feeling so smooth afterwards.
  • It lasts ages! I have had mine for 8 months and it is still half full.
  • You only need to use a small amount. I have found with previous products that you have to use about a handful for it to work effectively. A small amount definetly goes a long way with this product!
  • I have super sensitive skin and what I will sometimes find about this product is it will sometimes make my sensitive skin flare up.
So overall I find this product brilliant! I would 100% recommend it. If you do have sensitive skin then just be cautious that it might flare up a little bit.

Thankyou for reading! :) I love reading all your comments! .. Feel free to leave any blog links for me to take a look at.

Friday, 5 October 2012

September favourites.

Okay so I realise this post is a bit late but this week has been jam packed for me and I have not been able to find the time to blog so I apoligize. Next week is going to be a big week for me and my nerves are high, I'm starting my new job Monday and have my driving test Tuesday, nervous isn't even the word haha!!

Okay so I dont have loads of favourites this month but I do have quite a few so here they are..


I am in love with this nail varnish!! It looks fab. Most other glitter nail varnish's that I have don't give me the same effect as this one. It is much more prominent than others that I own. I think this nail varnish is going to be a lush christmas nail varnish colour! I am going to be purchasing the blue one of this polish this week. Another thing this looks great on is my toe nails.
Last week whilst in asda I noticed that the herbal essances products were all on offer 2 for £4. I just had to try something from this offer so I bought myself this hair mask. They had lots of different types of hair masks available I bought the one for dry/damaged hair. It actually worked really well I was impressed with how soft and hydrated my hair felt after use. There is only one problem with this product I only used it once and I was quite shocked with the quantity I had to use on my hair, so I dont think it will last long. I would definetley say this is worth buying. Tomorrow I am going to be going back up to asda to buy some more herbal essance products as there is a split end solution that I wanted to try in with this offer. What I have done is every time I bought a family member a hair mask on the same day as one of their christmas presents I think they are great gifts!!
Vaseline has been my lifesaver this month! With the weather changing the way it has been it has been leaving my lips feeling dry! I have been applying this vaseline daily and it is really making a difference! This is my favourite vasoline as I find this is the one that works the best on my lips.
I love radox! This is my favourite one. The weather has been freezing lately and I have been loving coming in on cold nights and having a nice hot relaxing bath with a book! This radox is meant to make you sleep easier. I wouldn't say it has been helping me sleep but it has definetely been helping me to relax. So for anyone who has been looking for a relaxing bubble bath this is a good choice! Plus it is only £1 in most places like boots & asda, you really can't go wrong for £1.
This is the second bottle of this shampoo that I have bought. I adore it! A few years ago I had alopecia and ever since my hair has been quite weak and damaged, I would do anything and try anything to improve the condition of my hair. I know I don't help by straightening and dying my hair. This shampoo has also really helped with my hair growing. It honestly have helped it to grow since I have been using it I find it is growing a lot quicker. So for anyone with weak hair or maybe just want their hair to grow then I would 100% reccomend this! 
I love this body butter, I actually love everything about it. I had this for christmas and it is still going strong now. I love using this body butter just after shaving my legs it leaves them perfectly smooth. A bonus to this body butter is the amazing smell. This is from the body shop and I think it is £13. I know £13 can be a bit pricey but it would be worth it if you were maybe treating yourself to a product.
Again another body shop product. Some people would think I am crazy for saying this but I actually prefer the body shop products to lush products. I do buy a lot from the shop. Recently I purchased this shower gel and I really love it! It smells gorgeous, plus it is lasting really well. This shower gel was only £4 and I think it is a brilliant price for what you get. It is WELL worth the money.
My nan gave me this spray earlier in the month as I had been cleaning my room and it smells gorgeous. Right what you should know about this product is it is actually a room spray  but I have to admit I have been using it as a perfume. I know I shouldn't but it smells gorgeous!! This spray is actually from the yankee candle range, I never even knew they did spray's. She picked it up from a hallmark store near where we live and she thinks it was about £2.99. I actually love it and I am going to be buying another one the next time I go into the shop.
I bought this lipstick online on the website fragrance direct. I was really debating on weather or not to order off this website or weather I thought it was a fake because of how cheap the products are. I decided to go for it anyway and order! I ordered this calvin klein lipstick! It is GREAT! it stays on for ages and leaves a very lovely colour. They had the lipsticks in lots of other colours here is the link.
This product is now empty but it did last me ages. It actually lasted me about 8 months which I think is a long time for a small cream. I mainly used this cream on my hands and I found it made them really soft also left them with a lovely cocoa butter smell. As you can tell I like things coconut/cocoa butter from reading my other favourites. I will be repurchasing this cream as it was brilliant and worked really well.
Thankyou for reading my post! :) Has anyone else done a september favourties post? I would love to take a look :D Please feel free to leave any blog links, I love reading all your lovely comments. xxx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Wintery OOTD!

Whoohooo Its approaching Winter! I love Winter its my favourite season. I've actually already started buying for christmas! So many exciting things happen around this season; Halloween, Bomfire night, Christmas eve, Christmas day, New years Eve. My favourite Day of all is christmas day. I love watching everyone open their presents (more than I even enjoy opening mine), I love spending time with my family & just all the laughs and smiles that the day brings.
I have started to buy things for this season so I will show you one of the outfits I have bought. I am planning on getting lots of oversized jumpers because I love snuggling up with a hot choc and a oversized jumper when its cold (there will be a wishlist soon.)
Okay on with the OOTD sorry for the babbling....


Excuse the bad quality of some of the photos, we were in a bit of a rush to take them. This is the night that me & my boyfriend & our two friends went for food and to the cinema.

Top - Gap £7
Blazer - £20 tesco. I love this blazer! I love the colour and it goes with pretty much anything I have. I wear it casual and for going out! This will a really wise purchase of mine.
Shorts - £10 (I think) Tesco. I ummed and aahed about where or not to buy these shorts. Now I LOVE them! They are so comfortable unlike some other shorts I own and they were not hard to find something to go with them.
Tights - Primark £3 (I think). I love these tights too! I have worn them a few days and I am amazed to say they still haven't scagged at all!
Boots - £19 shoezone. I bought these last year and they are still doing me really well this year. I love the fur on them (fake) I think it is very suited for the winter season.
Okay so in one of the pictures there are some flowers, I wanted to put these in because my boyfriend bought them for me as a little surprise and I think they are so pretty.
A little review - The film we went to watch in the cinema was called 'now is good' the film was really really good! I enjoyed it. I read the book a couple of years ago which is actually called 'before I die' I was worried incase the film was a dissapointment because the book was so good. I was really happy to find it lived up to my expectations and it was brilliant! **WARNING IT IS SAD** If your not one for a tear jerker then do not watch this film.
Thankyou for reading my post :) I love reading all your comments. Has anyone done a OOTD recently? I'd love to see :) Feel free to leave any links to blogs, I love being nosey hehe :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Getting fit & losing weight!

Okay so this is a bit of a random post for me to do as I mostly post about fashion & beauty; Over the past couple of months I have been trying to loose some weight. It had gotten to the point where I was extremely unhappy being the weight I was. I was going into a size 20 and I was finding it hard to fit into a lot of clothes. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with being a size 20 but my BMI was high and I needed to loose some weight to be generally healthier and happier.
I am going to share with you some of the things that I have been doing to help me on my journey to becoming healthier.

A couple of months ago I joined slimming world. I stayed in slimming world for a few months but I found that going to weigh-ins every week was making me stressed and nervous incase I had put on any weight, plus it is £5 every week. So instead I have been doing my own version of slimming world with help from my family. Every week we weigh and put £3 into a money box. At the end of the month whoever looses the most weight will get all the money in the money box which is £48. It gives you something to aim for and it really helps to keep you on track of weight loss. Because lets face it everybody would love to have an extra £48.

Okay so here are some of the things that I do:

  • Green tea - When I first starting drinking green tea I thought it was disgusting! Now I actually quite like it. Green tea helps to boost matabolism, which then boots weight loss. It also has many other health benefits. I actually done a bit of online research on green tea and I found lots of websites containing the benefits. This is one of them!
    You can buy green tea from pretty much any supermarket prices range, but it is roughly the same price as your average tea bags.
  • Don't deprive yourself - Okay so this is something which I would recommend for anyone who is trying to loose weight. Do NOT fully cut out everything fatty/sugary. Have a treat every now and again. For me I like to have a curly wurly every day. In slimming world you are aloud 15 syns every day. A curly wurly is 6 syns. If you fancy a bar of chocolate every day then there is nothing wrong with having one. Here is the slimming world website which will contain a lot of information.
  • Exercise - I am one of these people who actually love to exercise. I am not a huge fan of the gym but I love exercise classes, dvd's and swimming! Swimming is the best kind of exercise you can do really because it works all the muscles in the body and that is definetly one of the most effective things that is working for me. I understand that for some people the thought of exercising in public is horrendous so maybe for those people an exercise DVD would be best. My favourite exercise DVD is 30 day shred. I actually done a review on this DVD a few weeks ago. Here is my review.
  • It is not a diet - This is probably one of the most important tips I can give! Don't go telling yourself its a diet tell yourself its a healthy choice. I used to really stress when I was on a diet about what I could and could not eat and it really helped me to just make healthier choices.
  • Fruit/veg - I'm not really a lover of veg but I really do love fruit. What really helps me is snack pots of fruit such as cherries, grapes and pomnegranet seeds. These help because when I am going out I can just slip one of these snack pots in my bag and snack when I need to. I know people really seem to babble on about eating your 5 a day and I'm going to try not to babble too much. But I will honestly say eating my 5 a day really helps to prevent me from snacking on unhealthy treats.
  • Diet drinks - Although water is brilliant for you I am one of those people who when i'm eating a meal I like a bit of flavour to what i'm drinking. On slimming world you are aloud as much diet drinks as you want. I drink a lot of diet drinks daily and this has never effected my weightloss. Plus most diet drinks don't taste much different to the full sugar!
  • Sweetners not sugar - There is nothing I love more than a good sugary cup of tea. I am pleased to say I have finally made the switch to sweetners.... I cant believe it but; it tastes nicer! So if you like the sugar then maybe I could suggest sweetners?
  • Write it down - Something that helps me is that I write down everything that I eat during the day, I will even do this if I have had a unhealthy day. I think it really helps me to keep on track of what I'm eating. Another thing I will write down sometimes is a meal plan. I will do this if I think that I am going to be going off track.

Okay so those are some tips that I follow to help me with my weightloss. So far I have lost 3 stone I am hoping to loose a further 3 stone! It has really helped to boost my confidence and I now feel a lot more positive about myself.
Here are some before and after pictures.

Im the one in white! I hate these pictures they're of me a year ago on my 17th birthday.

These pictures are of me now. A much more confident me! I realise that I have got a long way to go before I reach my ideal weight but I am going to do it i'm determined!
Oh theres something I need to ask; does anyone on here done any pole dancing exercise? I went for my first class last night and I LOVED it! My arms have been aching all day it is fabulous exercise. I'd love to hear off anyone who does it? :)
Thankyou for reading :) feel free to leave any blog links! I love reading all your lovely comments :)


Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mini haul, ooops broke the spending ban!

This isn't much of a haul because I havent really been out shopping much recently as I have put myself on a spending ban but of course I can't resist buying certain things.

Okay so I'm not going to deny it....
I'm a little bit obsessed with...
When I saw this jumper I think I literally squaled I had it ordered within probably the first minute of seeing it, i'm actually in love with it! This jumper is actually a mens jumper but to be totally honest I think its unisex. The inside is really cosy and I just didn't want to take it off once I put it on. I bought this jumper from ebay the price of it in total came to £41 there is a mix up with the posting & packaging and it ended up costing more than expected because I thought it would be £30, just to warn any interested buyers. I didn't mind though because I am seriously in LOVE with the jumper.
I left the link to buy this item below.


Another thing that I bought this week is these scull earrings. They cost £3 and they are handmade. I love them. My friend's auntie makes her own jewellery and I have asked her to make me a few more pieces. I am also now inspired to start making my own jewellery and I am starting a jewellery making class every Tuesday, I can't wait!

Okay so I bet buying hot water bottles must seem like a really random purchase, but these have been a lifesaver to me! 2 days ago I went to the doctors and I was told that I have a kidney infection it has been agony,. the worst pain I have ever felt! I found these hot water bottles have been a huge form of pain relief!
They only cost me roughly £1.50 from tesco each, their small but not too small. Plus I really like the cases on these.

I didn't buy this item myself, it was a present off my boyfriend. I had to mention this as I love it! A couple of weeks ago I showed my boyfriend this bangle and I mentioned how much I would love it for christmas so earlier in the week he showed up with this bangle. I was absolutely chuffed!

I waited sooooo long for this DVD to come out the day it came out me & Andrew went to buy it straight away with a load of our favourite chocolate and we ordered a chinese too! It was a really lovely night in.

*This is not my picture*
I have not yet used this shampoo/conditoner yet but I am looking forward to trying it! I bought these from tesco and I bought small bottles which were actually in the clearance sale for only 89p, bargain! I recommend getting to your local tesco to maybe give some a try. I will be doing a product review on weather or not these have been successful for me! I have used other John Freida products in the past that have worked well for me, so I'm hoping for some successful results!
That is my mini haul finished, thankyou for reading! I love reading all your comments :) and feel free to leave links to your blogs. Has anyone else done a haul? :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Frankie & benny's and Gaz Geordie shore OOTD

I have been meaning to do an OOTD post for a couple of days but by the time I got round to it I already had another one to do. So i'm going to do two in this post. :)

Frankie & Bennys outfit:
Earlier in the week me & Andrew decided that we would go for a meal in one of our favourite resteraunts frankie & bennys. We hadn't been out for food in a while so I was really happy to go :)

As you can see this picture isn't the best because the sun was shining and reflecting off my glasses, but its the best one I have of the outfit. I didn't want to dress up to much to go out as it wasn't for a special occasion and we went for the meal at 4 o'clock in the day, so I wanted to achieve a casual look.
My top - This top I bought the day before we went out for the meal and I am very happy with it. I love the karki style that is around at the moment. This cost £12.99 from newlook.
My jacket - The jacket is also from newlook and it is unbelieveably comfortable I love just putting on a nice cosy jacket and I love the colour on this one. I think this cost me £14.99, I was very happy with the price.
My shorts - These shorts are from primark they cost £8 the original colour on these was blue but in the wash they appear to have gone more of a washed out grey. I actually prefer the colour they have changed than the colour they originally were.

My tights - My tights are from asda and I had them in a pack of 3 for £3.50. I love wearing tights I wear them nearly all the time.
My shoes - My all time favourite shoes are converse and vans because of how comfy they are. These shoes are converse and they were a present but I know you can get them for £45 from schuh.


These were some of the other photos that we took during the day :) We had a lovely date and the food was lush!

Gaz from Geordie shore outfit:
I dont know if anyone is a fan of Geordie Shore, but I am a HUGE fan! My favourite character on there is Gaz. When I found out that Gaz was going to be coming to a club in my town my excitement was unreal!!!!! So me & my friend leah went out and met a few other friends out. I took a few photos when we were out. Plus I got to meet Gaz I had a photo with him (Which I will put in a seperate blog post Im waiting for the club to put the photos on) He also KISSED me on the forehead and called me cute! I seriously have never been so happy in my life. So as you can imagine for this special night I obviously bought a new outfit.

This whole outfit was from newlook.
The dress - My dress cost £27.99 and I actually adore it. I love the colours and the pattern that is on it and I think it can be dressed up or down.
My shoes - These shoes cost £15 and they are wedges. The best thing about these shoes is they are not to high and they are perfect to walk around in. Usually when I go out I come back with such injured/blistered feet that I can't walk the next day. Luckily that doesn't happen with these shoes!

I love this photo of me & Leah. Leah is one of my best friends she is a lovely girl and she literally saved my night! During the beginning of the night when we were getting ready I had an incident with the straightners which resulted in me BADLY burning my hand, OUCH! :( So I had to keep my hand in ice throughout the whole time of getting ready. So she was an absolute angel and done all my mackeup, fake tan & hair. Without her I don't know what I would have done and I probably wouldn't have been able to go. What a brilliant friend she is!
Update on burn - It now has a cream and will 100% scar unfortunately :(
The pictures that follow are the ones that we were aloud to take of Gaz. When I was having my photo taken with him unfortunately we couldn't take any ourselves :( but I will be able to get the photo that the club took of us which I cannot wait to see <3
I did actually take a million more pictures but those are a few of them! :)

Thankyou for reading :D I love to read all your comments and feel free to leave any blog links for me to have a look :)
Anyone done an OOTD post lately? :) Any geordie shore fans? Anyone met Gaz lately? :O :D
Thanks again for reading! :)


Sunday, 2 September 2012

August favourites!

I love reading this post and I did mean to one last month but never really got round to it. I don't have loads of favourites this month but I do have a few, so enjoy! :)
I have had this highlighter for ages now I had it for a present but I only now started using it this week. It works really well with my skin tone and I love it! I find it really leaves my skin with a natural looking glow. It is a bit pricey at £18.50 but I do think it's worth it. You can buy this highlighter on the link here;
I recieved this sample of yves saint laurent mascara free from the website 'whats in my handbag'. Incase anyone doesn't know what this website is its a site where you sign up for free trials of products there is no guarantee that you will get picked for a trial but there is always a chance. I got picked for this trial and I must say I was VERY impressed with this sample, I will actually be purchasing the full sized procuct. The brush is lovely and the mascara doesn't irritate my eyes at all. The sample was actually of a reasonable size I have been using it for 2 weeks now and there is still plenty left. As you can see from the picture it really enhancing my eyelashes. Overall I would easily give this mascara a 10/10.
I love a bubble bath I honestly think you cannot beat a lovely long soak in a relaxing bath of bubbles! In my case I love a glass of rose, a book and bubbles! These 2 are my favourite bubble bath's this month! I have mentioned in previous posts that I have trouble sleeping I find that these relax me so much before bed that they do definetley help me to sleep! They both smell gorgeous too! The boots botanics bubble bath is £4.19 and radoz is usually priced between £1-£1.50.

I haven't had a plait since I was younger so the other day when my friend done me a fishtail plait I loved it! My hair is also finally growing which I am thrilled about!


This is my new favourite lipstick. It is a natural collection lipstick in shade 'crimson'. It is only £1.99 but it actually works better than a lot of my more expensive lipsticks. It stays on for ages which I am happy about, I hate having to constantly reapply lipstick.
One day last week I didn't have enough time to wash my hair before going out. This dry shampoo came to the rescue! I didn't have to use much of it but it really did save the day. I find it leaves hair feeling really refreshed and not at all unwashed! I really reccomend buying a bottle of dry shampoo because you never know when you will be in need of an emergency use!

I love this perfume! I have been using this perfume for ages but I stopped using it about 3 months ago when I bought britney spears's perfume. I went back to using it again and I realised all over again just how much I love it!

*Not my picture*
I had this book as a christmas present last year and I LOVE it! Its full of amazing easy to do makeup looks! I think this woman is amazing! She shows really easy to do tutorials of different makeup looks and gives really useful and handy tips throughout the book. I honestly think that this book is every bloggers dream! So far I have only tried out the megan fox makeup and the taylor swift one but I can't wait to try out more!
You can buy this book for £14.44 from amazon.
If your wondering why I have only now used it since christmas its because I had a BIG sort out of my room and started to use this book again.

This is another book that I had for christmas and haven't used until now (this room sort out really benefited me) I LOVE this book. Its basically a book full of empty fashion pages which you can decorate yourself. Its like a colouring book for adults. I love getting creative, and there is no better way than to get creative than with a book full of fashion. For anyone that wants to get in touch with their creative/childlike self I reccomend buying this. Another thing I found that this book has done for me is relief stress. I find that I blank out and just concentrate on what I'm doing which is perfect to take your mind off things. You can buy this book for £9.06 on Amazon.

*Not my picture*
I adore this hand cream. In fact I adore everything burts bees. I love everything about this product. The smell is gorgeous, I literally want to sit there all day and smell the pot (A bit overdramatic yes but you get the picture). This hand cream doesn't leave my hands feeling at all greasy which I have found previous hand cream's have done. I have owned this for about 3 weeks now and It is still pretty much full I have barely used any considering I have been putting it on my hands every day. It will definetley last me a while. I think this is well worth the price. You can buy this product for £7.67 on Amazon.
*Not my picture*
I have become totally obsessed with this film! I must have watched it about 10 times this month. I think it is such a romantic film but also a comedy, I love it! If you haven't seen this film then you MUST watch it! I also think that Mila Kunis is such a gorgeous person, I would love to look like her. She has a great sense of style too and always looks amazing photographed!

Other favourites for this month 
Favourite song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sa9qeV6T0o&NR=1&feature=endscreen I am a huge taylor swift fan I think she is amazing and such an inspiration!
Favourite website - http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/ I love this website its a great site to get fab offers & deals on makeup etc. I ordered a Calvin Klein lipstick and it has been great! http://www.fragrancedirect.co.uk/invt/0038012/&temp=productdetail There is the link to the lipstick for only £1.99 you can't go wrong.

Thankyou for reading, I realise I don't have many favourite's this month but hopefully I will have more to share with you next month! :)
Has anybody else done a favourite's post I would love to have a look!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Little holiday away :)

Sorry for not blogging in just over a week now but I have been on holiday it was only for 2 nights but it was a lovely little break away :) Me & my boyfriend went and it was to a little place about an hour from where we live. Its got a beach and lovely long walks, its called rest bay which is in porthcawl. This post is mainly going to be full of pictures and telling you exactly what we got up to.

This is the outfit that I wore on the first meal that we went for, I really like it because I thought it was casual but also dressed up at the same time. My favourite part of the outfit was the knee high socks, they are so comfy and they make wearing dolly shoes a lot more comfortable!
Dress - Newlook £19.99
Cardigan - Gap £29.99
Socks - £1 Primark
Shoes - £6 Primark

We watched a lovely display of fireworks on the first night we stayed there. They were lovely fireworks and they were on the beach. We sat on the side by the sea and really enjoyed watching the fireworks.

Although the holiday was really relaxing it involved a lot of walking, this walk was on the cliffs by the sea. It was a lovely walking where we walked and I reallyh enjoyed it. The weather was also really good on the days that we were there.
Top - £6 Primark
Leather leggings - £6 Primark
Leather jacket - £90 river island
Shoes - £40 primark
Necklace £5 newlook.

I have no idea why but the whole time that we were away all I could think about was hot chocolate! This was actually the second hot chocolate I had on the holiday there is a bit of an embarrasing story with the first one; I held it and it slipped out of my hand and went all over me, the table & the floor. I was so embarrased that I didn't even want to kick up a fuss about the fact that I burned myself! Oh the shame!!
The cream & marshmallows on this hot chocolate were fab!

This photo isn't the best photo because I didnt have my camera with me at the time but in the middle of the water there is a seal. It was so lovely to see it! At first me and my boyfriend thought that it was a shark fin and actually had a fright, we were relieved when we asked a fisherman and he told us that it was a seal. I was so happy to have seen it because I had never seen a seal. So cute! :)

I like this photo because it took us ages to finally walk out to those rocks by the sea, so I had to take a photo to show the accomplishment!
Tights - Primark £3
Top - Asda £9
Shorts - £10

This glass of wine & bath is the most relaxed I had been in ages! It was perfect. My boyfriend knew that recently I had been reallly stressed so he ran be a bath with lots of bubbles and bought me a lovely glass of rose wine! Perfect night!


Overall we had a lovely holiday, the weather was stunning, we done loads of walking, ate in a couple of nice resteraunts and had a really nice time :)
Thankyou for reading, I will be posting soon about what my August favourites were because I have a quite a lot this month! :)
Has anyone been on holiday recently? Anyone done a blog post about it? I'd love to see :)