Friday, 5 October 2012

September favourites.

Okay so I realise this post is a bit late but this week has been jam packed for me and I have not been able to find the time to blog so I apoligize. Next week is going to be a big week for me and my nerves are high, I'm starting my new job Monday and have my driving test Tuesday, nervous isn't even the word haha!!

Okay so I dont have loads of favourites this month but I do have quite a few so here they are..


I am in love with this nail varnish!! It looks fab. Most other glitter nail varnish's that I have don't give me the same effect as this one. It is much more prominent than others that I own. I think this nail varnish is going to be a lush christmas nail varnish colour! I am going to be purchasing the blue one of this polish this week. Another thing this looks great on is my toe nails.
Last week whilst in asda I noticed that the herbal essances products were all on offer 2 for £4. I just had to try something from this offer so I bought myself this hair mask. They had lots of different types of hair masks available I bought the one for dry/damaged hair. It actually worked really well I was impressed with how soft and hydrated my hair felt after use. There is only one problem with this product I only used it once and I was quite shocked with the quantity I had to use on my hair, so I dont think it will last long. I would definetley say this is worth buying. Tomorrow I am going to be going back up to asda to buy some more herbal essance products as there is a split end solution that I wanted to try in with this offer. What I have done is every time I bought a family member a hair mask on the same day as one of their christmas presents I think they are great gifts!!
Vaseline has been my lifesaver this month! With the weather changing the way it has been it has been leaving my lips feeling dry! I have been applying this vaseline daily and it is really making a difference! This is my favourite vasoline as I find this is the one that works the best on my lips.
I love radox! This is my favourite one. The weather has been freezing lately and I have been loving coming in on cold nights and having a nice hot relaxing bath with a book! This radox is meant to make you sleep easier. I wouldn't say it has been helping me sleep but it has definetely been helping me to relax. So for anyone who has been looking for a relaxing bubble bath this is a good choice! Plus it is only £1 in most places like boots & asda, you really can't go wrong for £1.
This is the second bottle of this shampoo that I have bought. I adore it! A few years ago I had alopecia and ever since my hair has been quite weak and damaged, I would do anything and try anything to improve the condition of my hair. I know I don't help by straightening and dying my hair. This shampoo has also really helped with my hair growing. It honestly have helped it to grow since I have been using it I find it is growing a lot quicker. So for anyone with weak hair or maybe just want their hair to grow then I would 100% reccomend this! 
I love this body butter, I actually love everything about it. I had this for christmas and it is still going strong now. I love using this body butter just after shaving my legs it leaves them perfectly smooth. A bonus to this body butter is the amazing smell. This is from the body shop and I think it is £13. I know £13 can be a bit pricey but it would be worth it if you were maybe treating yourself to a product.
Again another body shop product. Some people would think I am crazy for saying this but I actually prefer the body shop products to lush products. I do buy a lot from the shop. Recently I purchased this shower gel and I really love it! It smells gorgeous, plus it is lasting really well. This shower gel was only £4 and I think it is a brilliant price for what you get. It is WELL worth the money.
My nan gave me this spray earlier in the month as I had been cleaning my room and it smells gorgeous. Right what you should know about this product is it is actually a room spray  but I have to admit I have been using it as a perfume. I know I shouldn't but it smells gorgeous!! This spray is actually from the yankee candle range, I never even knew they did spray's. She picked it up from a hallmark store near where we live and she thinks it was about £2.99. I actually love it and I am going to be buying another one the next time I go into the shop.
I bought this lipstick online on the website fragrance direct. I was really debating on weather or not to order off this website or weather I thought it was a fake because of how cheap the products are. I decided to go for it anyway and order! I ordered this calvin klein lipstick! It is GREAT! it stays on for ages and leaves a very lovely colour. They had the lipsticks in lots of other colours here is the link.
This product is now empty but it did last me ages. It actually lasted me about 8 months which I think is a long time for a small cream. I mainly used this cream on my hands and I found it made them really soft also left them with a lovely cocoa butter smell. As you can tell I like things coconut/cocoa butter from reading my other favourites. I will be repurchasing this cream as it was brilliant and worked really well.
Thankyou for reading my post! :) Has anyone else done a september favourties post? I would love to take a look :D Please feel free to leave any blog links, I love reading all your lovely comments. xxx


  1. Great favourites! Check out my empties!:)


    1. Thankyou! :D ill take a look at your blog now :D Xx

  2. love body shop body butters! xx

  3. Großartige Auswahl und Dein Blog ist schön anzusehn,
    hast du toll gemacht!
    da möcht' ich doch nicht wieder gehen, ;-))) ohne lieb zu grüßen!
    Vlt kommst du mich auch mal besuchen?
    Liebe Grüße, Wieczorama (◔‿◔) | Mein Fotoblog

  4. Such a great post.

    Lot of inspiration on your blog.

    we can follow each other if you want?
    (via gfc, bloglovin, facebook maybe)

    Lots of love,


    1. Thankyou :) Ill take a look at your blog now xx

  5. Great post! can't wait for the October favorites;-)

  6. I've recently started using alpecin and can notice a difference already, so I definitely agree its worth a go.
    Love your blog.
    Maddie xx

    1. Thankyou!! yeah it makes a big difference :) x