Saturday, 8 September 2012

Frankie & benny's and Gaz Geordie shore OOTD

I have been meaning to do an OOTD post for a couple of days but by the time I got round to it I already had another one to do. So i'm going to do two in this post. :)

Frankie & Bennys outfit:
Earlier in the week me & Andrew decided that we would go for a meal in one of our favourite resteraunts frankie & bennys. We hadn't been out for food in a while so I was really happy to go :)

As you can see this picture isn't the best because the sun was shining and reflecting off my glasses, but its the best one I have of the outfit. I didn't want to dress up to much to go out as it wasn't for a special occasion and we went for the meal at 4 o'clock in the day, so I wanted to achieve a casual look.
My top - This top I bought the day before we went out for the meal and I am very happy with it. I love the karki style that is around at the moment. This cost £12.99 from newlook.
My jacket - The jacket is also from newlook and it is unbelieveably comfortable I love just putting on a nice cosy jacket and I love the colour on this one. I think this cost me £14.99, I was very happy with the price.
My shorts - These shorts are from primark they cost £8 the original colour on these was blue but in the wash they appear to have gone more of a washed out grey. I actually prefer the colour they have changed than the colour they originally were.

My tights - My tights are from asda and I had them in a pack of 3 for £3.50. I love wearing tights I wear them nearly all the time.
My shoes - My all time favourite shoes are converse and vans because of how comfy they are. These shoes are converse and they were a present but I know you can get them for £45 from schuh.


These were some of the other photos that we took during the day :) We had a lovely date and the food was lush!

Gaz from Geordie shore outfit:
I dont know if anyone is a fan of Geordie Shore, but I am a HUGE fan! My favourite character on there is Gaz. When I found out that Gaz was going to be coming to a club in my town my excitement was unreal!!!!! So me & my friend leah went out and met a few other friends out. I took a few photos when we were out. Plus I got to meet Gaz I had a photo with him (Which I will put in a seperate blog post Im waiting for the club to put the photos on) He also KISSED me on the forehead and called me cute! I seriously have never been so happy in my life. So as you can imagine for this special night I obviously bought a new outfit.

This whole outfit was from newlook.
The dress - My dress cost £27.99 and I actually adore it. I love the colours and the pattern that is on it and I think it can be dressed up or down.
My shoes - These shoes cost £15 and they are wedges. The best thing about these shoes is they are not to high and they are perfect to walk around in. Usually when I go out I come back with such injured/blistered feet that I can't walk the next day. Luckily that doesn't happen with these shoes!

I love this photo of me & Leah. Leah is one of my best friends she is a lovely girl and she literally saved my night! During the beginning of the night when we were getting ready I had an incident with the straightners which resulted in me BADLY burning my hand, OUCH! :( So I had to keep my hand in ice throughout the whole time of getting ready. So she was an absolute angel and done all my mackeup, fake tan & hair. Without her I don't know what I would have done and I probably wouldn't have been able to go. What a brilliant friend she is!
Update on burn - It now has a cream and will 100% scar unfortunately :(
The pictures that follow are the ones that we were aloud to take of Gaz. When I was having my photo taken with him unfortunately we couldn't take any ourselves :( but I will be able to get the photo that the club took of us which I cannot wait to see <3
I did actually take a million more pictures but those are a few of them! :)

Thankyou for reading :D I love to read all your comments and feel free to leave any blog links for me to have a look :)
Anyone done an OOTD post lately? :) Any geordie shore fans? Anyone met Gaz lately? :O :D
Thanks again for reading! :)



  1. Jealous of you meeting Gaz! He's so good looking :P
    Nice post :) xx

    1. I love him! :) he's so nice in real life too! :) X

  2. great post!

  3. Garry lives in my nans street and I've never seen! Defiantly jealous :)

    Just Smile.

    1. Ah im so jealous I would have to go and knock his door :L :P x

  4. Ooh Frankie and Bennys yum! We just went there for an anniversary meal :-) I love the lace dress, and meeting gaz?? Yum too hehe x

    1. Haha its been a very yummy week :) :P .... aww lovely :D it is a such a nice place to eat! xx

    2. yeah :D btw i have tagged you in an award :D have a great rest of your sunday evening :D x

  5. You look so so cute in this dress! I like it! I have no idea who this Gaz is :P I´m from Germany and never heard od him. He must be nice, though =)

    1. Aw thanks :) Haha he is nice! Oohh well the show that he is in is starting to show in different countries around the world now :) hopefully Germany will be one of them! :) xx

    2. Thank you for your comment, hon! I will keep my eyes open, and if the show runs in Germany as well, I will think of you when it airs! =)