Saturday, 15 September 2012

Mini haul, ooops broke the spending ban!

This isn't much of a haul because I havent really been out shopping much recently as I have put myself on a spending ban but of course I can't resist buying certain things.

Okay so I'm not going to deny it....
I'm a little bit obsessed with...
When I saw this jumper I think I literally squaled I had it ordered within probably the first minute of seeing it, i'm actually in love with it! This jumper is actually a mens jumper but to be totally honest I think its unisex. The inside is really cosy and I just didn't want to take it off once I put it on. I bought this jumper from ebay the price of it in total came to £41 there is a mix up with the posting & packaging and it ended up costing more than expected because I thought it would be £30, just to warn any interested buyers. I didn't mind though because I am seriously in LOVE with the jumper.
I left the link to buy this item below.

Another thing that I bought this week is these scull earrings. They cost £3 and they are handmade. I love them. My friend's auntie makes her own jewellery and I have asked her to make me a few more pieces. I am also now inspired to start making my own jewellery and I am starting a jewellery making class every Tuesday, I can't wait!

Okay so I bet buying hot water bottles must seem like a really random purchase, but these have been a lifesaver to me! 2 days ago I went to the doctors and I was told that I have a kidney infection it has been agony,. the worst pain I have ever felt! I found these hot water bottles have been a huge form of pain relief!
They only cost me roughly £1.50 from tesco each, their small but not too small. Plus I really like the cases on these.

I didn't buy this item myself, it was a present off my boyfriend. I had to mention this as I love it! A couple of weeks ago I showed my boyfriend this bangle and I mentioned how much I would love it for christmas so earlier in the week he showed up with this bangle. I was absolutely chuffed!

I waited sooooo long for this DVD to come out the day it came out me & Andrew went to buy it straight away with a load of our favourite chocolate and we ordered a chinese too! It was a really lovely night in.

*This is not my picture*
I have not yet used this shampoo/conditoner yet but I am looking forward to trying it! I bought these from tesco and I bought small bottles which were actually in the clearance sale for only 89p, bargain! I recommend getting to your local tesco to maybe give some a try. I will be doing a product review on weather or not these have been successful for me! I have used other John Freida products in the past that have worked well for me, so I'm hoping for some successful results!
That is my mini haul finished, thankyou for reading! I love reading all your comments :) and feel free to leave links to your blogs. Has anyone else done a haul? :)


  1. Great haul, the bracelet looks great!:)

  2. Great jumper! And I've bought the purple version of the John Frieda shampoo. Apparently purple shampoo really helps get rid of any brassiest to dyed blonde hair so I'm giving it a shot.

    By the way I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. You can see my post all about it on my blog :) xx

    1. OOh I didn't know that! :) My mother has blonde hair ill have to tell her :D ... thankyou!! xxx

  3. Beautiful bracelet!

  4. love those skulls earrings!!! thank u for stopping by my blog :) I'm your new follower hope u can follow me back..keep in touch xx Ania

  5. ahh your toy story style sweater is so cool! x

  6. Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog! :)

    Ahh Hunger Games is such a good movie! Sounds like you had a great evening watching it!

    X Camilla

    1. Your welcome :)
      Yeah I love the film & the book :)!! Xxx

  7. I pretty much love everything from this haul--especially that awesome/hilarious Cool Story Bro sweatshirt (something I'd definitely wear, as my Internet colloquialisms have pretty much taken over my speech). The Hunger Games was awesome (love Jennifer Lawrence as the fierce Katniss) and those skull earrings are TOO amazing for words!

    With love from San Francisco, California, USA

    1. Aw thankyou! Yes the hunger games is a fab film! :D xxx

  8. Loved the jumper and the earrings! Lovely!