Monday, 25 May 2015

Bank holiday and vintage fayre!

I love a bank holiday. I love having special family days out on bank holidays. Today was bank holiday Monday and me, Andrew, my mother, my friend Sam and of course baby Hallie all went to Cardiff bay.

We first had food in oriental garden which is a lovely Chinese buffet. I love it in there! I find that it's really child friendly and the food is always really nice at a great value for money. We only paid £7.99 and it was all you can eat, you can't go wrong for that great price! Oriental garden is inside the red dragon centre so whilst we were eating our food we noticed that the characters from monsters ink, mike and sullie were walking around the centre. After food we took Hallie to see them! She was fascinated it was so cute.

We then took a lovely walk over to the bay. The bay is such a pretty place to take a walk and Hallie loves being in her pram. We went past the millenium centre and noticed there was a vintage fayre going on. I couldn't miss the opportunity to pop in. They had lots of different stalls selling all vintage things like clothes, homeware and jewellery. The clothes were so lovely to look at! They also had people dancing to 70's music it was a lovely atmosphere. Hallie seemed to enjoy listening to the music, she always loves music, she definetely takes after me! I picked myself up a gorgeous pair of floral sunglasses in the vintage fayre for only £5 and also a lovely candle.

When we left the vintage fayre we walked by the harbour and noticed they were doing fast boat rides on a speed boat. Myself, Sam and my mother went on. It was so much fun! The boat went super fast and went over the waves really fast and tilted us to the side! It was so funny! Our hair went wild and we couldn't stop laughing! 

I really enjoyed my bank holiday! It was a perfect day out! How did you spend your bank holiday? :) thanks for reading! xx


  1. Sounds like a really fun day ♥
    Oh I love eating out with my family too
    and I love Chinese foods too
    but what I really love is the bonding time and conversations.