Monday, 4 May 2015

Swimming and laughing

Hi everyone;
Im writing this post on the 03/05/2015 today has been a very exciting day for two reasons;
We took Hallie swimming for the first time and Hallie laughed for the first time.
I'll just tell you a bit about our day now.
We took Hallie swimming to a swimming pool just outside of our home town. We took her to one a bit further away because the one closest to us is too cold. The one we took her to is a surprisingly warm swimming pool which is great for babies and children. When we first got into the pool Hallie looked unsure on weather or not she liked it, she soon settled in and was splashing about in the water. We took her out for a feed half way through and when she went back in she loved it even more, she was in a lovely mood and really enjoyed being in the water. She liked swimming on her front and lying on her back and liked to splash her legs. She looked so cute in her swimming costume. A picture of her costume is below, the costume is from the disney shop and my mother bought it for her, it's just sooo adorable!

We will definetely be taking her swimming again and I'm looking at starting in a swimming baby group called aquatots. If I do start I'll do a review on the class and explain what activities we do.
After swimming we went for a meal then we came home. When we got home I set Hallie's play mat up to let her have a kick about. Whilst playing on her play mat she sneezed and she had the cutest little giggle afterwards. She sounded adorable. A few people was there to hear it, me, Andrew, his brother, his sister in law and niece, it was such a special moment. 
We had a lovely day. I'm planning on doing a post all about swimming soon, including hints and tips and a what's in my swimming bag. Thanks for reading xxxx 

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