Saturday, 23 May 2015


Hi everyone,
Today I thought I would do a post on weaning. Hallie is currently almost 15 weeks old and I have been preparing for our upcoming weaning stage. I have made the choice to start weaning her properly at around 4 months, I'm aware some people may think this is a little young and some will choose to wait till 6 months, but myself and my health visitor think she is ready. She's been having a few little tastes of some things I've been making up ready for the freezer and so far she is loving it. My blender is really good and it blends the food so smooth there is never any lumps and the consistency is perfect for her to be able to have a taste.

My plan is to continue making as much of Hallie's food up fresh as I can.
Some of the things I have made up to freeze so far are
*carrot and potato 
*brocolli and potato 
*carrot & swede
*carrot, swede & brocolli

Hallie has tried little tastes of all the food above, so far her all time favourite is banana. She loves banana. I think it's because of the sweet taste. My plan is to try to wean her and get her used to vegetables before getting her used to eating sweet tasting fruit, I want her to love eating vegetables too!

I have had a lot of recipe ideas from this annabel karmel quick & easy weaning book. It has lots of recipes and tells you the best foods for first tastes and then what to give them after first tastes etc. I'm finding this book very helpful and I'm looking at getting some more of her books.

I have also stocked up on things like porridge, banana porridge, rusks and baby rice. She's had a little taste of the porridge's and also tasted rusk mixed in with milk. She is a big fan of the banana flavour porridge so far! I have also bought a couple of the ready made sachet foods, I chose the Ella's kitchen sachets. I picked up peaches and baby rice and also mangoes and baby rice. I thought these are useful to keep in my changing bag incase I do ever need to use them. 

The products which I have bought for weaning vary. I have bought the tommee tippee food pots as you can see above (the pink pots) they were on offer for a pack of 4 in asda for £1 so I bought a few packs of them. I also picked up a couple of the mothercare own brand packs of food pots. I have bought the munchkin multicolour spoons from 4+ months, a pack of 7 was also £1 in asda which I thought was a great price so I had a few packs of those too and I have some of the mothercare own brand spoons which are also very good value for money.

I have been so excited to start this weaning process. Hallie is a very hungry baby and so far she is really enjoying the little tastes we have been giving her, so I'm looking forward to properly starting this exciting weaning process.
Thanks for reading xx 

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