Saturday, 2 May 2015

VIP's and meetingTanya Burr!

Hi everyone,
My friend Leah won 2 tickets to go to the 'can't wait for summer' party. The party was a theme all about summer and it was full of celebrities. Along with winning the tickets she also won a meet and greet with Tanya Burr, eeeeeeekkkkkkk!!!! 
When we arrived we couldn't believe who was there altogether. Tanya Burr was of course there, stars from the only way is Essex, Danny from Mcfly, stars from made in Chelsea, Naomi smart, little mix and so many more. 

The bar was unlimited and we could choose whatever we liked, I started the evening the right way with a lovely relaxing mojito cocktail.
The party was based around a swimming pool in a hotel. They had put candles in the swimming pool and the whole venue looked stunning. I felt so special to be in a party for celebrities and it was such a nice experience.

At the meet and greet we got to sit right by Tanya. There was about 12 of us there and she took time to speak with each and every one of us. She was so genuinely lovely. The types of questions she was asked were what advise would she would give to any upcoming youtubers, her advise was to make every video unique and let your personality shine through so that your video is individual and stands out from the rest. She was asked if she preferred savoury or sweet, her answer was sweet. Another question was weather she would rather a slice of cake or a cupcake, she said she would rather a slice of cake and her favourite slice would be Victoria sponge. It was a lovely experience to meet her, she was so nice. I told Tanya it was the longest I had ever left Hallie for. Since I left her from 2 o'clock in the afternoon and wasn't home until 1:30 in the morning. It was hard leaving her. Tanya asked me some questions about Hallie and took her time to really get to know us. 

After the meet and greet we got to go back to the party and enjoy ourselves. We also got to pick a free goody bag. We could have chosen a camera, beats headphones, a men's gift bag containing 212 sexy men cologne, a toner and a beard trimmer, a women's gift bag containing, nails inc varnish's, Marc Jacobs daisy perfume, and St Tropez makeup. I chose the men's gift bag for Andrew and Leah chose the ladies gift bag. I couldn't believe we got to choose such a nice gift to take home with us!

I had such an amazing night. Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

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