Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Family fun in the sun

Hi everyone,
Today I thought I would do a lifestyle post. I've been really quite busy lately enjoying this rare stunning sunshine that we are getting here in Wales.
I thought I would share some pictures on some family things we have been doing.

Above are some pictures from a trip that we took to Brecon. We first went to Brecon icecream parlour and had a lovely icecream. I chose a honeycomb cone and my favourite vanilla flavour icecream. I'm a big fan of vanilla and don't really like many of the fancy flavours. After the icecream parlour we went for a lovely walk down Brecon canal. We seen beautiful canal boats and the most adorable baby chicks had also just been born on the canal. It was a lovely family day out. Me, Andrew, Hallie, my mother and little sister eve went. 

Last week I tried a new sensory play room. Hallie absolutely loved it. I've never seen her so amazed by something. It was just so cute. It's in a local centre by me. You can rent the room for 30 minute sessions for free. It's a big lovely room, much bigger than the other sensory room I went to. I can't wait to go back to this one! I really recommend a sensory room to anyone who has a baby, it's such a lovely place to take them and they really enjoy it. Sensory play is also brilliant for a child's development.

Last Sunday me, and my friend Ashlee, and of course little baby Hallie went to a little shopping place that's local to us called festival park. In the grounds of festival park there is an owl sanctuary. It's a lovely little walk to get there and the weather was sunny and beautiful so we thought we would visit the owls. It was a really nice day. After doing some owl visiting we then decided we would hit the shops and then we finished our day out with a delicious costa! I love girly days out! 

Castell coch is a lovely place to visit for the day. The castle and it's grounds are simply beautiful. I really enjoyed visiting here and I enjoyed the lovely walk around the grounds. The sunshine always makes you appreciate things so much more as everything looks so pretty. The greenery surrounding the castle was so stunning, the perfect place to picnic. Hallie enjoyed nosing around all the pretty views from her pram.

This park above is not far at all from where I live. Most evenings during this sunny weather we have been wrapping Hallie up snuggle and warm and taking her for a walk around the park. It's a lovely park with a great big lake. Hallie loves been walked and we love walking her. It's also a great way for me and Andrew to be improving out fitness and trying to keep ourselves healthy. We are both trying our best to exercise regularly and eat more healthier. 

As you can see I've had a really busy 2 weeks. I've enjoyed having this beautiful weather so much and I'm hoping that this keeps up. I can't wait to have more fun in the sun. I hope you enjoyed this post. I enjoy reading life posts and I really enjoy writing them to. Thanks for reading. Bye xxxxx


  1. Looks like a lovely day out! :)

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    1. It was :) I'll check your blog out, Thankyou :) xx