Friday, 10 April 2015

Hallie's first Easter!

Hi everyone,
Hope you all had a lovely Easter! It was Hallie's first Easter and we really enjoyed spending every minute of it as a family. I'm just going to show you a few things from our Easter.

Hallie's presents:

Above are some of the lovely gifts that Hallie had for Easter. She took a real liking to the little bunny which we have now called flopsy, she also really likes the little chick which makes cute sounds. She has had a few Easter eggs but she is only 8 weeks old so she obviously cannot eat them. I did give her a little cheeky taste of chocolate for the first time though. She only had a teeny tiny bit but she absolutely loved it. I think it's super cute how she had her first try of chocolate on Easter Sunday.

Easter treats:

Above you can see I also had some lovely special treats too. I had my first ever Easter card from my gorgeous baby Hallie which I love so much, along with lots of lovely gifts from family. I've been totally spoiled and I'm really greatful for everything.

Thankyou for reading this post, my Easter was so special and I had an amazing day! Xxx

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