Tuesday, 9 June 2015

A day in the life, mammy and baby.

Hi everyone Hallie turned 17 weeks old yesterday! Time has truly flied by! Exactly a year ago today I found out I was pregnant. It's crazy how quick it's gone!  Hallie is now 4 months old and I thought I would do a 'day in the life' post. This is my day in a life from yesterday 8/6/15

9:30am - Hallie slept the whole night through so I woke her ready for breakfast. Lately she has been managing to move herself up the cot and turn onto her side, so she ends up side ways in the cot, I have no idea how she does this! So I continuesly will move her back the right way up during the night. 

9:45am - Andrew leaves for work. Hallie has her first bottle for the day, a 6oz bottle. Even though she's been the whole night without a feed she will never normally drink the full bottle, she will usually drink between 4 and 5oz. 

10:15am - breakfast! Hallie always has porridge for breakfast, she will either have creamy porridge or banana porridge. Yesterday I chose creamy porridge for her. I find this will fill her up and she really enjoys it. We've only just started the weaning process. So far she is having lots of fun exploring different foods. Porridge is a definite favourite of hers!

10:45am - We start to get ready to leave the house for the day. I start with packing my bag. Then I give Hallie a wash and dress her, lastly I get dressed and try to make myself look remotely acceptable by doing something with my hair and makeup! Hallie always looks amazing and I normally look like I've just rolled out of bed haha! 

11:30am - We leave the house and go to pick up friends ready for baby group. 

12pm - baby group. Yesterday we went to language and play with my friend Nerys and her baby, Rosie is 3 months older than Hallie and they really do love eachother already! Both babies really enjoy language and play. I love going to baby groups the atmosphere is always lovely. It's a great place to meet other parents and for babies to also be around other babies. The session will always start off with us all reading a story in a circle with the babies, then we will make a craft relating to the story. We made handprints and footprints because we read the story 10 fingers and 10 toes. They always try to get the babies as involved with craft time as we can. Then we let the babies play for a bit there's loads of toys down there. Yesterday there was a big foil blanket and the babies loved it! They loved the sounds it made and the feel of it. Before the session ends we play knock on the box. This is a game where there are lots of toys in the box and we always say "knock on the box, who's there, lift up the lid..." Then a child will choose any toy they like out of the box, then we sing a song relating to the toy they choose. Hallie chose a duck so we sang 5 little ducks. Rosie chose a crocodile so we sang 3 cheeky monkeys. They loved language and play and we always make sure to try to take them every week! 

1:00pm - language and play finished and we went straight to the sensory room because we had privately booked it for the babies for 30 minutes. It was lovely and relaxing to go there afterwards and It chilled us all out.  I actually think I could have fallen asleep in there. The baby's really love it, it's full of lights, bright colours, relaxing music and things for them to look at. Hallie also had a 6oz bottle in the sensory room and a change.

1:30pm - left the sensory room and went for a little drive with the babies when they had a nap in their carseats and me and nerys gossiped. They're always tired after baby group and need a nap. 

2:15pm - Arrived home and me and Hallie had dinner. Hallie had some apple, she loved it! I peeled and cut the apple, boiled it for 10 minutes then blended it. I make most of Hallie's meals up fresh because she prefers it and will eat more that way, I also think it's also much healthier for them without all the additives etc that's put into baby food.
I cooked myself some tuna mayo pasta, which is one of my faves.

3pm - After dinner Hallie had a little lie and kick about on her playmat. 

3:30pm - Hallie watched 20 minutes of TV, (peppa pig) in her bouncer and I hoovered and the house before Andrew arrived home from work, I like to relax with him when he comes home and not have to think about doing things like hoovering. I don't like her to watch anymore than 20 minutes a day. 

4pm - Andrew arrives home and Hallie goes in her jumparoo when I make him tea, he had spaghetti bolegnaise. Hallie has a 6oz bottle with him.

4:30pm - When Andrew has his food, Hallie has some time in her swing and I have a clean of the kitchen and do the washing, ironing and mop the floors. I also decided I would burn my new candle I had from my birthday on Sunday. This is vanilla lime, it leaves such a lovely scent when burning!
Whenever I clean I always have candles burning I love a fresh smelling home. Yankee candles are my all time favourite candle.

5:30pm - We go for a walk most evenings, the weather where we live is gorgeous and we only live about 2 minutes away from the local park. So yesterday evening we went on our usual walk and done 3 laps of the lake. Me and Andrew are trying our best to get fitter and eat healthier we are hoping to keep this up! I always feel so lovely and refreshed after a walk and I like Hallie to get some fresh air.

6:30pm - Bath. Hallie has a bath if not every night then every other night. She loves bath time, it really settles her nicely before bed. Last night she went in the big bath (our bath) she loves splashing in there. Some nights we will use the baby bath or the top and tail bowl if we are just giving her a quick wash. 

7pm - Hallie had 4oz of her bottle and spent some time on her playmat and then cuddled up on the sofa with me & her daddy.
7:45pm - Hallie has a small nap. 
8:30pm - Hallie wakes up, has a change and we read a story together. We read a touch and feel book which is an interactive book for babies. It tells little rhymes and a story, and has things to touch, we love this book. I love spending quality time reading with her in the evenings.  

9:15pm - Hallie has a 6oz bottle and cwtches in. (We are welsh, incase you're not welsh, cwtch means cuddle)

9:45pm - Hallie goes to sleep and then we put her in her cot for the night. She will normally sleep the whole night through and as usual she did! She's such a good baby! 

This is pretty much a daily routine for us and is what happens on most days. I hope you liked reading this. I love reading other people's posts like this! Thank-you for reading! 

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