Tuesday, 17 July 2012


EXCITMENT!!! :) I am going to Paris tomorrow. This post is mostly full of some of the things I have bought to go!

Woohoo the NEXT sale has began. I love next but im only sometimes lucky in the sales, this year I bought this top. It was £8 down from £16. I like the top because it is oversized and comfy to wear as a casual top with jeans. I'm actually going to wear this top to travel to paris in tomorrow.

I liked these sandals as soon as I seen them in primark, I liked them even more when I seen that they were in the sale. They were only £3 the previous price was £5. I'm really happy with them because I think they will go with a lot, the picture isnt really showing the colour on them very well they are actually a blue/green colour.

Recently a sainsburys have opened up near where I live. I'm really happy about this because some of the clothes there are actually nice. I had these shoes for £10. I think they will go with a lot and I like the flowery pattern that is on them. I like flowered prints and I wear a lot of them.

Okay so I own so many dresses that I probably really do not need to buy anymore. But I LOVE them, I instantly fell in love with this dress it was in the sale in dorathy perkins for £20 the previous price was £35. I think it will be a really nice dress to wear for a meal in Paris.

This top I had in debenhams I love the top because I think it can be dressed up or down. I love the glittery pattern that are on the collars. I think its really pretty, I cant wait to wear it! This top was £16 down from £32 the designer is redherring! I love redherring clothes heres the website if you havent seen any of them before.

This picture is not very clear but I was in two minds about this top when I was in the shop because I was unsure about the pattern. I tried this top on and I really liked it. It would look nice with jeans and heels for dressy wear and it will look nice with leggins for casual. This was £30 from dorathy perkins, unfortunatley not a sale item!
These shoes cost only £6 obviously not real converse, they were from primark. I am planning on getting a real pair soon but I decided I wouldnt buy them until a few weeks time because I am saving money to take on holiday with me. I really like them though and I have been wanting a pink pair. They go really nice with a lot of things I am taking on holiday with me.

I am a massive fan of the shop 'accessorize' so when there is a sale on I am an even bigger fan. I love birdcages (you will know this probably from my blog) I was really happy when I found this cute little necklace with a birdcage on. I think it cost me £2.70, I was happy with the price. The dress is from newlook and it cost £9 the previous price was £19.99. I have a top in this exact same pattern, the dress is really nice and flattering on. Im pleased with the purchase.

This is one of my favourite things that I have bought in a while, it was only £3 from outfit and you can wear it with pretty much any outfit, its the perfect little accessory! I love lockets I think they're really cute. The pattern on this is lovely too.

I LOVE this picture, it looks lovely in my bedroom, I was worried about it not going nice with the colours of my room but it looks really nice. Im hoping to re-decorate my room soon. This was in the next sale for £5 down from £10. I think that the price was very good.

I thought these mugs were so cute, my boyfriend treated me to them on a recent shopping trip. I loved them because theyre Disney themed. I had them in the disney shop. The previous price on these mugs were £10, they were £2.99 in the sale. These mugs would make great gifts! If theyre still there the next time I go shopping I think I will pick them up as birthday presents for friends/family. They had them with all different characters on too.

I ummhhed and arghhed about this dress for about 20 minutes and then I tried leaving it in the shop and ended up going back for it. It is brilliant if you have a curvy figure because it is so flattering on. It was £16.99 and I am very pleased that I went back for it, I bought this dress from newlook.

Thankyou for reading! :) When I come back from Paris there will be a post all about my holiday, this will be my last post for a week now because I leave tomorrow :) .. Has anyone else been doing some spending recently, done any hauls? or been on any holidays? send me the links to blogs, I would love to have a look! :)


  1. So many nice things you have bought! You are so lucky, i have always wanted to go to Paris. Have an amazing time there:)

    I`m now following your blog dear, it would make me happy if you took the time to visit mine,

    X Camilla

    1. Thankyou! :) I'll take a look at your blog now :D xx

  2. Have fun in Paris. Such a cool city.

    Great blog hun.

    Sheree x



    1. Thankyou! it was a brilliant trip! x

  3. I haven't seen so much cuteness in one post, Abbie!!! everything is just super adorable, and I love how you picked a London-themed top for a trip to Paris;-))) I honestly can't wait to see your photos from the trip, I wish I could go there too:-))))

    1. Thankyou, it was brilliant! I will be blogging soon, I took loads of pictures and had a fabulous time, thanks for the comment :) x

  4. Hello! Looks like you have a big of a dress fetish like me, loving those dresses you've bought, might have to go and hunt a few down! :D


    1. Yes I do love dresses :) thanks for the comment! x