Monday, 2 July 2012

Outfits that I have worn and liked recently!

Hello! I thought I would do this post because it is hard for me to find a outfit that I actually really like on! I love buying new clothes and i always seem to be buying them but then when it comes to finding something to wear out, im always saying "I have nothing to wear." So I thought i'd do this post on things that i do like to wear :)

This photo was actually taken yesterday, me, my boyfriend and my family all went to Cardiff bay, I love it there because of the nice long walks along the bay. We went for a lovely walk yesterday, had a smoothie by the bay and then went for a meal in a indian restraunt it was a lovely day.
My outfit - I bought my dress from Asda a few months back, when I bought it it was £16 but i recently seen it in the sale for £5, its from the G21 section. My denim jacket is from New look, it was £20, my bag is from topshop for £12.
I like this outfit because the dress can be worn as a going out dress or be made to look a bit more casual by adding the denim jacket. Also it is quite slimming on, which is a bonus haha!

This is a picture of me and my friend Emily before we went out for a drink a few weeks ago. My dress and my cardy are both from primark, i know the dress was £10 but i bought the cardy last year and can't remember how much that was. I wore small black heels with this outfit and i felt comfortable wearing this out.

Last week my boyfriend took me out for food to frankie & bennys then we went for a walk. This photo is taken by the stream near my house, where we sat for a bit. I didnt want to dress up too much to go out because we went quite early in the day, so i couldn't have really worn heels. So i decided to wear this.
My outfit -  My tiger top and my jacket are both from new look. The top cost me £8 and the jacket cost £15. I wear the jacket with almost everything recently because it goes with lots and it is really comfy to wear. I like the top because it can also be dressed up, a few weeks ago i wore this top with jeans, a long black cardy and heels, it looked really nice. I bought my shorts from river island they were £20, at the moment i think they are in the sale for £15 on the website. I also wore my tights and vans with this, my vans cost £45. I love them! I want to buy another pair of vans maybe pink or red ones.

This is the outfit that I wore on the day of my birthday party. I picked ages trying to find a nice dress for my birthday, i ended up feeling really glad that i picked this one. I found this dress in new look for £28. I like how it is long in the back and shorter in the front. I wore this dress with my black wedge shoes on the day. The picture isn't very clear but on my wrist is some pearl bracelets which were £1 in primark.

This photo was taken in dance practice, I wore this outfit because i left early that day to go up my boyfriends house. I liked this outfit because although it was casual I thought it looked nice, I like to look like i've made an effort to go out. My top and my shorts are both from new look, my top was £8 and my shorts were £20. I decided to wear my red converse with this outfit, my converse cost me

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