Thursday, 28 June 2012

Upcoming July wishlist

Last month I done one of these wishlists for June so I thought I would try one for July. We are now in the summer holidays there are lots of things I would love to purchase for these holidays.

1) Mac blusher - This mac shade is called 'something special' I loved this shade when I visited the Mac shop a couple of weeks ago around the time of my birthday. While I was in the shop I got given a free makeover and this was the shade they put on me. I loved how it looked really natural against my skin tone and wasn't too bright. This blusher is a cream blusher, i prefer them to powder blushes as i find them easier to apply. With every cream blusher i have bought i have always used it as a lip colour to, it usually always looks really nice. This shade can be bought on the mac website for £17.50 and i really hope to buy it soon. I already have the foundation and some eyeshaddows so hopefully this will add to my collection.
2) flowery summery bag - This bag is £6 in matalan I think it is really pretty and summery and will be a really nice summer bag. It would also make an ideal beach bag as it is a tidy size. Summer time i am often looking for bags to go with various outfits and i think that bag will go with a lot.

3) Iphone cover - this phone cover is in the claire's accessories sale for £4. I don't really have many phone covers and i should really invest in some more as i'm always dropping my phone and it does help to protect them.
4) river island pattern dress £20 - I LOVE the pattern and colours on this dress, its a bit different to the usual flowery pattern that i go for. The colours are pretty to and i think it would be a lovely dress to go out in for the summer.
5) Pajamas - One of my all time fave things to buy is pajamas. I have LOADS of pairs :) my favourite places to buy them from are primark, asda and la senza. I find these have the comfiest materials. These pajamas are in the sale in asda from £10 to £6. They are ideal for the summer because they are shorts. plus i think that dopey from snow white is really cute, and he is the character on them.
6) pattern shoes, tesco £7. I think that these shoes will look really nice with shorts and a vest top. They look like they would be comfy to wear and will be pretty. In the summer months i do a lot of walking and go out lots with friends. These shoes would probably be ideal for doing this. Plus i own lots that would probably be nice with them.

7) Swimsuit - For ages now i have been looking for a pretty swimming costume and have been really struggling, the prettier swimwear always seems to be bikini's. I really don't feel comfortable in a bikini so i was really happy when i found this. This swimming costume is from debenhams and it is £28.50 its in the sale down from £38. It is from the designer butterfly by matthew williamson. I like the colour of the costume and although the picture isnt very clear there are actually really small pictures of parrots on it. I think this is really pretty and although the price is quite high i wouldnt mind paying it as i love swimming, it is one of my favourite hobbies.
8) I love the bright colours in these sunglasses, these are from topshop and they are £16. Most of my sunglasses i buy from primark which are the offer ones for £1. I suppose you get what you pay for and for me they always seem to snap. So i thought that this year i would actually buy a pair of expensive ones for a change.

9) During the summer i am hoping to spend lots of time with my boyfriend. We both enjoy watching films together and i have heard lots of good reviews about 'the vow.' When this film was in the summer i was really hoping to see it, but at the time i had a lack of money (around the time of my boyfriends birthday) and i also had a lot of college work. We both want to see this film. It is meant to be a tearjerker but I do love a romantic film. This is £10 on amazon. Has anybody else seen this film? if so was it any good?
10) I am a HUGE twilight fan. I don't know why I don't own this DVD yet, it must be the longest i have waited to buy a twilight film. When this film was in the cinema i went to see it 3 times, once with my best friend, then with my boyfriend, then with a group of friends. It was so brilliant, i can't wait to own this on DVD! Also i cant wait till the 2nd part comes out later in the year. Every year me and my best friend Alex have a tradition where we book the tickets in advance and go and watch it together, this year we will continue that tradition. I will own this DVD VERY soon because i shall be buying it tomorrow, it is £6 on amazon.

Thankyou for reading :) :).

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