Monday, 25 June 2012

Summer time goals!

I got my inspiration to do this post from my best friend Alex England, she has set up her own personal goals for the next month. I thought it would be a nice idea to set myself some for the summer.

1) For the next 6 weeks try to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water daily. I am doing slimming world and although with that you can drink all diet drinks i think it would be more beneficial and healthy to drink water. Plus drinking water is brilliant for the skin, which is a added bonus.

2) Loose weight, on August 10th I am going to be in a lady Gaga tribute show. This will mean me having to dance in front of roughly 500 people. I would like to loose hopefully over a stone by then. I have already lost 3 stone over these past few months, hopefully I can continue to lose more.

3) Save up money. Last year I spent quite a lot of money summertime, this year I would like to start saving in advance and making my money last longer doing all the things I would like to do. I am hoping to go to the zoo, go to a theme park, go on lots of nice meals and enjoy all of this with my friends & family. I'd love to be able to know I can do all of this without having to worry about money. This week I will also be booking a holiday so it would be nice to be able to save towards that, which will probably be in August time.

4) Finish reading the fifty shades of grey book series. These books are well worth the buy! I am just over half way through the first book. I have been loving relaxing in the bath reading them giving me some time out. I am now going to be able to enjoy reading these a lot more because I have now finished my college course, I had an overall distinction!!!!!! I was so happy with my result. So yes now I will be able to finally sit down and enjoy reading these.

5) Stop biting my nails and get a manicure/get them painted nicely. I absolutely hate the fact that I have got the disgusting habit of biting my nails. So far I have been really good with this and havent bitten them for a few days now, im just hoping to keep this up and not bite them anymore. I am engaged and i would love to get my nails all nicely manicured so that my ring looks really pretty on my fingers. Plus i have got a nailart kit which i would love to use these summer months so i can do my nails with pretty summery designs. Wish me luck in braking this habit. Has anyone got any good tips to help people from biting their nails?

6) Start eating my 5 a day. I know i have been doing a lot of goals about health but lately i have started to become a bit of a health freak. There are loads of benefits to eating 5 a day such as nails and hair growing (which i mentioned my nails in the goal above), great skin, helps to boost weight loss which i also mentioned above, helps to build up a immunity to infections such as the flu. They are just a few of the benefits there are loads more. So I am going to TRY to eat my 5 a day. Maybe I will finally dig out the smoothie maker that I have in the house to encourage myself to do this. If I do make smoothies I will be posting about that.

Thankyou for reading :)  I will keep updating about how I get on with these goals.


  1. I'd love to do the water one but I love diet coke too much! :( Great goals though :') xxx

  2. Im going to struggle! you should try to do it with me, and green tea :) xx