Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My 18th birthday

Birthday celebrations
On the 7th June I finally turned 18!! it was such a amazing day, im greatful for everyone there who made it as special as it was.

Here is my baby sister Eve and my mothers best friends baby Adam, handing me by birthday presents. (yes i am in a nighty and havent long woken up as can clearly be seen haha) they look so sweet though :)

These pictures are taken by my balloons. Behind me is my favourite balloon which has a champagne bottle inside it, i love it! My dress is from new look, i think it was £28. On the left is a picture of me and my boyfriend, we have been together for nearly a year and a half, i love him loads :)

For my birthday i decided to have a jacuzzi party, on the day i faced a major problem which was the weather. Luckily we had planned for this and bought a marquee, so the day was not ruined. I had 14 friends over. We all went in the jacuzzi and then we ordered a chinese, since it was my 18th there was also lethal quantities of alcohol involved! The party also involved a wii karaoke and just dance 3, it was really fun, I would love to do it all over again if i could!

Although its not the best of pictures it shows how nice my decorations were, i was really pleased with my balloons and banners i thought they were all lovely! :) A lot of effort went into decorating the house!

I adored my birthday cake! I was so devestated when i actually had to cut it! I had the cake made by a friend of the family who owns her own shop called 'siany's cupcakes'. She done a brilliant job! The cake is in the shape of a jacuzzi, the bubbles were all balls of icing. All around the cake are m&m's which are my fave chocolate! i had a stand of cupcakes underneath with chocolate and vanilla buttercream icing! LUSH!

Here are only some of my birthday presents, along with all of this i had LOADS of makeup and clothes, aswell as a ticket to the summertime ball in Wembley (I will be doing a post on that soon). I was indeed VERY spoilt on this birthday, i am so greatful! i never expected people to buy me so much, everything was so lovely :)
This photo is actually taken on a king size bed haha! so yeah it will a lot of wonderful presents!

Special gifts that i recieved
Although everything that i had off people for my birthday was very special i had a few things off some people who are very close to me, that do mean a awful lot to me. So i thought i would say a bit about these things.

These presents are off my boyfriend, he bought me so many things but these 2 mean the most. The necklace is special because a week before my birthday i pointed it out and told him how much I liked it, i really didnt expect that he would buy it because i knew how much he had already bought. He did buy it though and i absolutely love it. Its got a little real silver heart inside, and crystals all around it, I think it is so pretty. The teddy is from the bear factory. Four days after my birthday my boyfriend took me shopping and told me i could buy something that i really wanted, when  i went into the bear factory i couldnt resist that little rabbit. It is called Casey, it even came with a birth certificate. Me and Andrew had a lovely day shopping, it was perfect, he even took me for a meal bless him! :)

This ring i had off my grandparents i love it! its clogau gold, which is a rare welsh gold. I am intending on collecting more clogau gold pieces. I think this ring is beautiful, the sides contain real crystals, the clogau is in the centre of the heart. This ring is probably the most expensive piece of jewellery i own, and 1 of the most special things i own. It meant the world to me when they bought it for me. I hope to collect more pieces over the years. Does anyone else own any clogau gold?

These presents I had off my mother and my baby sister (who is 1 years old). I love the 18 wine glass because i think the glittery detail on it is so pretty. It was different to any of the other glasses i had seen. The key is really special to my because there is a little tag on the side of it which says "Abbie my big sister" then on the other side it says "love you lots Eve x" i think they are both such pretty keepsake gifts.

I had this bracelet off my father, I've wanted a charm bracelet in a while and i think that this its gorgeous. I was also really happy with it because usually my step mother will help him to pick my gifts, and he picked this on his own so i know he put a lot of thought into picking it. The charms that are on it are colourful beads and inbetween each set of bead he has put a meaningful charm. He has put charms saying June (the month i was born in), a 'daughter' charm, a cupcake charm (i love making cakes), a 18 charm, and an 'A' charm for my name. I really do love this bracelet i am planning on getting some more pretty charms for it, maybe for special occasions.

I would like to finish this by saying how greatful i was to everyone who helped to make my birthday special for me, i had such a wonderful day and beautiful gifts, thankyou!!
Thankyou for reading :)

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