Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Little miss sunshine

For the past two weeks the weather has been absolutely lovely, which is a miracle because I am from Wales and we are not usually lucky with the weather. So I have been out enjoying this beautiful sunshine, i'm going to say a little bit about what i have been up to.

This is me and one of my friends Ashlee, we took this photo when we were on our way for a bbq at our friend lauren's house. The bbq was very nice and it was a lovely day :) The sunglasses my friend is wearing are from claires accessories £6, and mine are ray bans which I had on offer for £35. If you go online at the moment on the ray bans website there is a massive sale on in various colours and styles.

In college i am doing a health and social care course, as part of the course we had to take home electronic dolls for 1 night. So i decided to take the doll to the park whilst i had a sunbathe. My friends and me all put sunglasses on them and i thought this picture was pretty funny! The doll was hard work and woke me up 6 times in the night!, It has 100% made me see just how hard a baby is to look after haha! But it was a nice experience to take one home.

A few days ago it was a really nice day so we decided to take a trip down too porthcawl. It was a really lovely day. We went for a long walk along the seafront all the way down to the other end of the beach. We also went into the funfair, whilst in there we all acted like big kids and went on a lot of the rides. We even went on this big slide in the picture and on go karts. I have never been on go karts before and i have got to say, it was really funny and i would love to do it again. Although i must admit i am full of bruises from it, haha! I like this picture though because i had just got up from the slide and it looks like i had surfed down the slide (which of course i could never do).

This picture is of my baby sister Eve and my mothers friend's baby Adam. Yes they are called Adam and Eve, they are 5 months apart, Eve is the eldest, she is now 13 months old. They are so cute together and every time she sees him she shouts out "adam", its really sweet. This picture is taken on porthcawl beach.

I love this picture of Eve because of the way her curls look in it. She had a lovely day in porthcawl and this is one of her on the little train ride she went on.
There is a very big age gap between me and Eve, 17 years to be exact. She is the cutest baby sister in the world!

This jacuzzi is an early birthday present from my nan and grandpa. My birthday is next thursday but because i am having a jacuzzi party/bbq for my 18th we had to buy the jacuzzi early. Luckily for me the weather has been lush, so me and my boyfriend Andrew decided to take a dip. It was really nice. We have also bought a waterproff marquee to go over this jacuzzi which is now set up over it, incase of bad weather, so now the jacuzzi will be up permanantly. Its a lovely birthday present that im super happy with and hopefully the weather will remain nice so that i can use it lots in the summer. I'm hoping to have a few friends over to use it in the 6 weeks i have off college.

I am doing slimming world and as part of my weight loss i do a lot of exercise. With the weather being so nice me and my mothers best friend Natalie (who i am very close to and is practically family to me), decided to go on a bike ride. This happened because on saturday we went for a walk in the park, whilst we were there they were promoting bike riding and allowing us to go around the lake on the bikes, we loved it!! I then decided to dig out my bikes on saturday night and we went on a bike ride sunday morning. We went on a 6 mile bike ride, and we felt great afterwards! We are planning to do this from now on every weekend.
Does anyone else enjoy bike rides?

Thankyou for reading my blog. Has anyone else been doing something lovely in this weather? :)


  1. It looks like you have had such a good couple of weeks!!! Sooo jealous of the fact you have a jacuzzi, I bet that was a god send during the hot weather!!! I actually love your blog and you have a new follower in me :) xxxxxxxxx


  2. ah thanks, you have been followed back :) it was really nice to have some good weather :P xxxx