Sunday, 20 May 2012

My first post on my holiday to spain.

Hello my name is Abbie welcome to my blog. I thought i would start off my blog by doing a lifestyle post of my recent holiday to spain. I also plan to do posts on beauty, fashion and more lifestyle posts.

Three weeks ago I went on holiday to Benalmadena in Spain. I went there for a week, it was really fun.I stayed in a first choice holiday village all inclusive hotel, the hotel was also lovely. I went on holiday with my mother, my step father, my baby sister, my boyfriend my nan and my grandpa. It was a really nice family holiday.

On the day before we left Spain, my family suprised me by booking me into a marina to spend an hour in the water dolphins. In the water i got to teach them tricks, learn all about the dolphins and which part of the world they were from, stroke them, and have my photo taken with them. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The dolphins were all so intelligent and such loving animals. If anyone does have the opportunity to do something like this, I highly recommend it.

In the marina where i went to see the dolphins, there were also other animals, there were sea lions and penguins. My sister loved going in to see the penguins, She was amazed by them.

This is my boyfriend Andrew. In this picture we are in the VIP pool area of the hotel that we stayed in. We got to stay in this VIP area for the whole day and with it we had access to our own pool, 2 rubber rings, 4 jacuzzi beds, proper 4 poster beds to sunbathe on and a free bottle of champagne. It cost us 10 euros each to stay there for the whole day. It was a lovely day and we really enjoyed having our own little private part of the hotel.

This photo is taken in sealife. We went to sealife because whilst we were on holiday my baby sister Eve turned 1. In this picture my boyfriend is standing under the shark tank, the shark that is above him in the tank was in fact asleep. It was a cool place to look around. All the tanks had some interesting information about all the fish written on them.
This picture is off my gorgeous baby sister Eve. It was taken on the day after her 1st birthday. We were in a little village just outside of benalmadna for the day.
She enjoyed being on holidays, she loved the sun, we took her into the outside pool lots of times and she really enjoyed it.

This picture was taken at night in benalmadna.
We went for a meal and went into a bar that was fully made of ice. In the bar we got given big wooly blankets to go inside.
It was so interesting to see how literally everything inside the bar was made out of ice.
Behind us in the picture are big yacht's that apparantly some celebrities own, the picture was taken at benalmadena harbour. It was a lovely night.

Thankyou for reading.

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