Monday, 28 May 2012

My June wishlist

June is coming up, and since on the 7th June it will be my 18th birthday, I will be getting money I will hopefully be able to buy these things on my wishlist.

This bracelet is from debenhams, it is £8. I love it because of the colours and because i think that it will go with a lot of the summer outfits that i own.

This dress is in the sale in river island, it is £20 down from £35. I really hope to buy this because it is different from any of the other dresses that i own. I own lots of dresses so this would be another one to add to my collection. I could also wear this dress with the bracelet above, and with my denim jacket that i purchased a few weeks back.

These sun glasses are from river island they are £10. I love the aztec pattern on them. They will be a perfecct accessorie for me to wear this summer. I need to purchase a new pair of sunglasses, as most of mine have scratches on or have broken.

I went to watch the descendants earlier this year in the cinema. I thought it was a really good film. It was about a man who's wife was involved in a boating accident and goes into a coma, so he is left to bring up his two teenage daughters as his wife is in hospital. It is a very touching film, but i thoroughly enjoyed it and would really recommend someone to watch it. I would rate this film 8/10. This film is available on amazon for £11.99, but because it is new out im sure that in a couple of weeks time that price will come down.

Another thing that I am hoping to buy is a new pair of vans. These vans are £45 from schuh. I bought a pair of vans 3 months ago from the same shop in a bright blue colour. I wear them all the time, they are really comfy and i wear them with pretty much everything.

I am also hoping to purchase a pair of trainers for all the exercise that i take part in. I do zumba, walking, cycling, aerobics and dance lessons. I have been wearing my converse to do all these activities but i will be looking for a pair of proper trainers this month to wear. I will do a post on slimming world and exercise soon.

Thankyou for reading!!


  1. I like the bracelet and dress, I want to see The Descendants too! D; xx

  2. Thankyou! its really good, i got it on my laptop we will watch it soon on here if i don't buy the dvd :) xx