Thursday, 5 July 2012

Box full of surprises!

One of the presents I had off my grandparents for my birthday was a little box full of products that I have been wanting to try from Lush, I love all the lush products! They all smell so nice! So when I opened up this box on my birthday I was very happy! So now I am going to review the products that came in my little box!

The box - Okay so let me introduce you to my box, now I know that some people may think this as totally mad but I do really appreciate the small things and the way that something is presented. I love the colour on the box, and the way that the butterfly is wrapped around it. Right now I am going to go onto the inside of the box. Around all the products there is a load of pretty tissue paper, I think the inside is just as lovely as the outside!
The inside of the box - The products that are inside the box are; Karma Kream, Karma soap, happy hippy hair and body gel and there is also a bracelet in there too.

Karma kream - Okay so for a while before my birthday I was wanting to try this product because one of my friends had used it and told me it was brilliant! I will say my friend was right! This product is really fab! It is a hand and body lotion made with all fresh ingrediants. This left my hands/body feeling lovely and smooth whilst smelling lush to! The thing I love the most about this product is most body lotions i find will leave you feeling horrible and sticky, this one absorbs lovely into the skin and doesn't leave you feeling sticky at all. I would definetley recommend this product! Oh and for anyone who has sensitive skin I have it too, and this has not irratated me at all. Rating - 10/10.

Happy hippy hair and body gel - The first thing that I will say about this product is that lush has lived up to its name because it smells LUSH! This is made from freshly squeezed grapefruit, which I Liked the sound of before i had even tried the product. I use this as a shampoo because I have senstive skin and i found that it did irritate my arms slightly. As a shampoo this smells really nice on the hair, i found that the smell also stayed really nice when my hair was dry. It left my hair feeling nice and smooth too! Overall this product worked very well! Rating - 7/10 (due to the fact it irritated my skin)

Karma soap - I tried this for the first time tonight, I used it in the bath. This soap is a big bar and I think that it is going to last a while. It left my skin smelling really nice! I used this soap after shaving my legs and it also left my legs feeling quite moistorised. Due to not using this soap for very long i can't really give it a very accurate review, but I am going to give it 8/10 so far.

This is my favourite part of my little box. It is obviously not a product from lush but I think it was such a cute thing to put in the box. I love the little butterfly charm that is on there too, its really cute. I'm quite pleased with my colourful nails in this picture too.

Thankyou for reading!  Has anyone else tried any nice Lush products that they can reccomend? :)


  1. I need to go to lush soon! I love it there so much! Very lovely Miss james! :D xxx

  2. I'm going to be going there today now and i'm thinking of trying the conditioner for frizzy hair haha!:) Xxx