Monday, 2 July 2012

Haul :)

Right so this week I decided that I would spend money wisely buying some things that I really wanted. I get between £20-£30 pocket money on a saturday. Usually I will spend this all on clothes but instead i bought some other bits & bobs, the good news is I even have money left over this week!

These images are actually of birthday cards that I bought. In the card factory there is an offer on where you can buy 5 cards for £1, the cards in there are actually of a nice quality too considering they are so cheap. I didn't buy these cards just for birthdays though, I bought them to use in my scrapbook. My favourite cards that I bought with nice images were the ones in the picture, I really love the one with the wellies in I think it is really cute. I ended up buying 10 cards, but it only cost me £2.

Recently I have started to really like bird cages, i have no idea why but i think they are really pretty. This is actually a notebook although from the picture it doesn't really look like one, it cost £2.50 from wilkinsons which I thought was quite a good price. I like how it looks really vintage too. The paper that is inside the book is also nice and seems like it will be nice to write on, I'm very fussy when it comes to writing books. I own loads of them. I'm thinking of using this book to write down all my ideas/thoughts on various things. I might write down some blog ideas!

Although this post is supposed to be about what I spent my money on I had to say about these m&m's. I didnt buy them my boyfriend bought them for me, they tasted lush! They're £2 which is a ridiculous price for chocolate but they are sooooo nice!! They're from americandy, which is basically a shop full of american candy as the name states! They taste different from normal m&m's because they're made with real peanut butter. I can't wait to try more stuff from that shop, next time I will be trying a twinkie! Has anyone tried a twinkie?

I adore this photo frame that i bought today, all around the sides are pictures of butterflies, birds, and postage stamps. I thought it was a bit different to any of my other photo frames and that it will go nicely in my room. My room is pink, blue and green and all those colours are in the frame. This frame was £3.50 from wilkinson.

The notebook - I hve never read this book before but I loved the film and I own it on DVD. The film is really sad but it is worth watching to anyone who hasn't seen it. This book is meant to be really good, a couple of people I know have read it and have said it is better than the film. I have read 'the last song' by nicholas sparks and I loved that book and the film! I bought this book for £1.25 from my local market, I was very pleased with that price. Has anyone else read this book?
Pjama top - I own so many pairs of pjamas and usually they are all matching pairs, I bought this top without the bottoms because I have a perfect pair of pjamas bottoms to go with it. I shouldn't really of bought anymore, but i told myself it was OK because it was only a top. I bought this from Asda it was £3 in the sale, down from £5.

So altogether out of my pocket money I spent £12.25, this week i started off with £30, so I now have £17.75 left. I'm going to try to spend the rest of that wisely too. I'm planning on buying some Barry.M nail varnish, a DVD and getting some photos developed soon so I will be spending some money on that. Thankyou for reading! :)


  1. lovely haul! I love the notebook you got, so cute!x

    &thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. (: