Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Inside my memory boxes! :)

Most people will have a memory box, full of special memorys personal to them. I have quite a few memory boxes because I am one of these people who just can't throw anything out. I love keeping things so that in a few years time I can look back on them and remember all the memories that the item brings back to me :) Due to the fact I have so many memory boxes I'm only going to write about a few things inside them, otherwise this post would be never ending!

Okay so here they are, my memory boxes! The big one on the top right hand side is full of memory's that me and my boyfriend have shared, things like cinema tickets, holiday items, and restraunt reciepts are all in that box. The box in green has got lots of birthday/christmas cards in it. All the other boxes contain other meaningful items to me.

Sorry for the terrible picture, the lighting wasnt the best. Here are 2 mini scrapbooks that I have made, 1 of my favourite things to do is make scrapbooks and i'm currently in the middle of making one now, im half way through it. The picture on the right as you can see is of one of the books open, it has a picture of me and a few friend in it on a local beach, and the train ticket that we used to get there. I love all things creative and I hope to continue scrapbooking.

Lucky charm - Right so basically I don't really know what this is. A few years ago when I went abroad to spain we went into a really nice chinese resteraunt and as we were leaving the lady working there gave me and my friend who was with me one of these and told us that they were lucky. Ever since she gave it to me I have always kept it and I don't think I will ever throw it away. Yeah so thats my little story about the lucky charm.
Swarovski box - This box came with my swarovski crystal necklace, I always kept the box even though my necklace is in my jewellery box. I had my necklace bought for me in spain in the city of Barcelona. It was a gift off my father for passing my GCSE's. He bought it for me as a surprise, I was looking at all the jewellery and he asked me what was my favourite. He waited until I wasn't looking and then he bought it for me and gave it to me that evening. I would have had a present back home but I found out my GCSE results whilst I was abroad. I love my necklace a lot so that is why i kept the box.

Okay so both these things are off my friend alex! The picture on the left is actually from a note that she wrote me when we were 15. I couldnt show the whole note because it had a lot of personal things on it. I love keeping things like this because then I can look back and remember all the things that were important to us back then. The picture on the right is actually a birthday card, its a very unique card because she made it all about me. I love it! I love flowers, facemasks and boys and thats all the things that she included on the card! She got it spot on!!

The autographs in the picture are the band 'you me at six' autographs. Technically this doesn't hold any memories for me because I wasn't the one who got these autographs, my Alex got them for me because Iwas unable to go their signing. But it is still special for me because Alex got it for me when i couldn't make it and plus theyre famous people's autographs! So i will be keeping them for sure!
Another thing that there is lots of in nearly all my memory box's is photographs! I take loads of photos everywhere i go, I love photos! Although i don't really like being in them that much i still take lots because they are nice to look back on when you get older. The photo on top of the pile is a picture of me and my friend Hana, we look really young and different in this picture. Me and Hana have been through lots together, she is a lovely friend and she now has blogger! Here is the link to her profile, she is worth following!

Okay so although it can't really be seen in the middle of the heart charm it says 'love'. I had this off my boyfriend in my stocking for christmas. I think it is really cute, I did keep it in my purse for a while for luck. I took it out then incase it got lost. I love it because its so dainty and cute, I really like cute little keepsakes like this.
The balloon is from my sixteenth birthday. On my sixteenth my grandparents paid for me and some friends to go to a theme park and then for a meal in frankie & benny's on the way back. It was a lovely sweet sixteen! So this balloon reminds me of that special day and eveything that went on.

Although I have kept my prom dress I have always kept my prom shawl too. I looked everywhere for something which I could drape over my arms for prom. I am extremely self consious with them and couldn't stand the thought of having them on display. Prom night holds lots of memories for me good/bad ones actually. I kept this to remember the good memories obviously. In the picrure that is me wearing the scarf, next to the limo that took us to prom. In the picture with me is one of my closest friends leah. I love leah loads! Recently we have got lots closer because we both have boyfriends and they get on great. Me and my Andrew have been on holidays with leah and Daniel (her boyfriend) twice now, and we hopefully will be going again soon!

Thankyou for reading my post! Other random things in my boxes include, Concert tickets, holiday hotel room cards, awards for swimming and guides, school reports, and loads of other bits & bobs. As I said earlier, I throw nothing out. Thank-you for reading! Has anyone else got memory boxes? Does anyone else not throw ANYTHING out or is it just me cluttering my bedroom?  :P xx


  1. Hahaha I remember that card! You'll have to show me the silly message inside! x

  2. Theres quite a lot of letters and items from you in there :) too personal to put on here haha! you'll have to see them! x