Friday, 13 July 2012

Aussie hair products review

Sorry, I havent done a post in a few days now because I have actually been doing a lot this week mostly seeing family & friends, and of course shopping (surprise, surprise) so there will be more hauls coming up. For a change I thought I would do a product review as I havent done a review yet....

Last week I posted a haul and these were the hair products I bought, and I must say I LOVE them. They all smell lovely and they leave my hair feeling really smooth! My favourite of them all is the 'miracle hair insurance leave in conditoner' I had never tried this before, but it has become my favourite hair product. I have dry frizzy hair, this has really helped to calm the frizz down and get my hair a lot more shiny. I find that since I have been using this my hair is already feeling healthier, and I have only used it a week! The other products were really good too. The shampoo is not the best shampoo I have used but it is still really nice, and smells lovely! The 3 minute leave in conditoner worked wonders for my curls and I think it also helped to give my hair the deep treatment that it needed. I use hair straightners a lot so I like to use various products to try to keep my hair as healthy as i can, I think this product worked some magic!

Overall ratings -
  •  Frizz miracle shampoo - 7/10.
  • 3 minute miracle - 10/10
  • Miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner - 10/10 (buy this product) :)
Thankyou for reading! :) has anyone else used any really good hair products they could reccomend? Ones for dry/frizzy hair I use.


  1. I have the leave in conditioner! It is Fabbb! :) xxx

    1. It is :D and the 3 minute miracle is a miracle ;) xxx