Saturday, 12 January 2013

A little post to say I am still here...

Hello, Sorry I have not been blogging for the past month. My life has been hectic! Between juggling work, family, friends, the gym & so many other thing I just havent had time to blog :(
I am definetley going to blog more now though in this new year :)
There is so many stuff I want to say in this post so this is going to be a bit of a mixed life post about what is going on in my life recently.

Christmas: I had a brilliant christmas this year and I hope everyone else did too. I was shocked at how spoiled I was. I got a new camera, doc martens, DC's, 2 pairs of converse, vans, a sat nav (YAY I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST) & lots of other bits & bobs that I loved. Tomorrow im hoping to do a post on my christmas.
Before Christmas my family went to a place called celtic manor for a christmas day out :) It was a lovely day, we had photos with Santa, seen reindeers & had a yummy hot chocolate!!
I went to a couple of different Santa's this christmas, I took my baby sister to see them :)
Outfit - Jumper - Tesco £18, Leggins - £12 select.

The dress that I am wearing above is the dress that I wore on christmas day. It was a present that I had for christmas and changed into on christmas morning :) The dress is from select and I think it was £16 I cant remember exactly how much it was when I chose it. The tights are from Marks & Spencer and they're actually a dark brown colour they were £8 but theyre really think and I have wore them a few times now without them scagging. I highly recommend Marks & Spencer tights :)
New Years Eve! Right well this new years Eve I did originally want to go out for a couple of drinks with some friends. But I decided that I would rather stay in with my family & boyfriend for a quiet night. We had a lovely night we watched the DVD of 'family man' and had champagne and my grandpa cooked a curry. It was a thai red curry and I will give anyone the recipe if you would like it please let me know in a comment :) It was very lovely!

This little beautiful puppy joined my father a few days after christmas :) My sister said that she wanted to buy a puppy out of her christmas money. His name is 'fudge' and he is 6 and a half weeks old and he is a king charles spaniel. I love puppies and I was so chuffed when my father told me, he will be one very spoilt little puppy!

For christmas my boyfriend bought me lots of lovely things. One of the things that he bought for me was a pamper day at nant duu lodge & spa. It was a lovely night! The pool & spa there was so quiet we were pretty much the only ones in there. Below is a picture of me in the resteraunt. The food was gorgeous! I had mushroom soup to start which was reccomended by a friend and then I had salmon for my main with a very nice well-deserved glass of wine :)
When I got there I had another surprise he had booked a lovely riverside room in the hotel. So we had a lovely view looking out at the river! When we were sleeping the sound of the river was so peaceful! It was honestly the most relaxing break I've ever had! The picture down the bottom was before we left to go. The T-shirt im wearing is from newlook £7 on offer, the leggins £12 also from new look and my bag £45 from river island. I love that bag, I had it as a present off my mother for christmas and I wear it with nearly everything I own. :)

Thank-you everyone for reading my post. Sorry if you found it boring I did babble on a little bit! I will hopefully be blogging a LOT more now! I plan on doing a couple of reviews. I may even do one later and out-do myself with two posts in one day!
Thanks again for reading! I love hearing all your lovely comments and please leave links to any posts :)

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