Monday, 17 November 2014

Pregnancy in autumn photo's!

Hi everyone, 
Yesterday me & my friend Alex decided that we should be more active and going for walks and just generally exercising a lot more. 
I'm now almost in my third trimester of pregnancy, tomorrow I will be 27 weeks, I have been told that it is good to keep fit and active, this can even help with labour! 
So yesterday we went to the local park. We first walked around the lake and then we walked up into the fields/forestry area around the park. Everything looked so lovely! Alex brought her camera along and we couldn't resist taking a few snaps! I'm 26 weeks, 5 days pregnant in these pictures!  

Autumn is by far one of my most favourite seasons of the year! I can never decide weather my favourite is autumn or winter, I would say it's a joint favourite. I think everything about autumn is just so pretty! 
Me and Alex both had a really nice day yesterday wandering the park finding all these pretty places! I enjoyed having these photos taken and I think it's lovely to be able to keep these and always remember the size of my bump etc at this stage in my pregnancy. I will hopefully have more photos similar to these taken later in my pregnancy (maybe a winter photo shoot) so that I can compare the difference!
Thanks for reading, bye!! Xxx

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