Monday, 10 February 2014

Lush product review

I have been meaning to do a post like this for quite a while now but just haven't got round to it.. Basically I love 'lush' id say my obsession with lush has increased over the last year more than ever. That is because I used to have very easily irritated skin but now that it's under control it means I can use the products more. For Christmas one if the gifts I had was a box filled with lots of lush products. I've decided to review a few today; 

My lovely box filled with goodies :)

This bath bomb is called butterball. Butterball is one of the more boring looking bath bombs from lush. Most of the bath bombs are usually more colourful and exciting.  Do not let the appearance put you off! This is the most moisturising bath bomb I have ever used! I can really see why it is called butterball! It leaves your skin smelling gorgeous and so smooth it smells exactly like cocoa butter. When I got out of the bath after using this I didn't even have too moisturise it was that good! This bath bomb retails at a really good price of £2.50 it's one of the cheaper ones that lush offer. I highly recommend trying this!! 

This bath bomb is called Avobath. I love it! This bath bomb is definitely going to become my go to bath bomb when I am having a stressful day. It smells very citrusy and left a gorgeous scent in my bathroom all day. I used this bath bomb when I had a day off from work and treated myself to a pamper day. I was instantly relaxed in the bath and found the bath bomb very soothing! This bath bomb is £3.25, I think it's well worth the price! I recommend buying it and using it when you have a day where you just need to relax! 

Sex bomb! This is one of the more floral scented Bath bombs. I have good and bad points about this! I must admit it did leave my skin feeling and smelling lovely for hours after using it. Plus it turned my bath water pink which is always great in my books. The only problem I had was the rose that's on top of this bath bomb; it didn't melt in the bath it just sort of stayed there in the water with me. I think if they made this bath bomb with a melting rose then it would be 10/10 but at the moment I'll give it an 8/10 which is still pretty good! The price of this Bath bomb is £3.25. 

This is a massage bar by lush that's called Wiccy Magic Muscles. I suffer a lot with back ache so when I got this in my box of goodies I was so happy. It smells very herbal and healing if that's even a smell. It reminds me of a spa sort of scent. This bar is perfect. The little stones that are inside it give you the most perfect massage ever. It lets it proper dig into the little nooks and crannys that need massaging. I highly recommend this espessialy if you get achy muscles! It also leaves skin very moisturised and smooth and smelling gorgeous! The only problem with this is it is £6.25 but it does last ages so it is worth the purchase!

That's going to finish off my review I do have dorm more products to review but I won't do them al in this blog post :) I want to keep some for another post. Does anyone else have any lush reviews? I'd love to read them! :) thanks for reading. Abbie xxx 

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