Friday, 4 October 2013

Autumn Haul

Hi everyone,
Today's post is going to be an Autumn Haul, its just a few things I have picked up over the past week or two. Tomorrow I am hoping to purchase a couple of things off my wish-list.. Today when I went shopping I didn't buy anything from my list, but I did buy some other really nice things :)
Okay, so lets start the haul..

Okay, so, peplum... I love peplum tops!! Originally the first time I tried one on I couldn't wait to take It off because it made me look about 20 stone bigger than I am.. But I thought I would give them another go!! Much to my surprise I ended up loving it! I bought this top as the start of my work clothes collection. I like It because black goes with anything and I'm planning on adding some nice gold jewellery with this. I recommend this style top If your like me and you carry weight on the top half of your body. This top has the ability to make my waist look small, which believe me is something very difficult to do!! Haha.. I bought this in new look and it was £8.99 which I think is a good price. So hurry up and get to new look if you like this style top because they had lots of different colours!! :)
**If your a student for a limited time in new look there is 20% discount**
Another item of clothing which I was surprised I bought was this midi skirt. Anything clingy will usually make me look pregnant but this skirt really does flatter my figure. I tried it on with the peplum top above and it made a really nice outfit. I bought this skirt a few days ago from new look and it was £14.99 but when I went in today it was in the sale for £11, I was gutted, could have saved £4. I will be wearing this skirt and top above for my first day of work on Monday with a nice pair of heeled boots because I think it is smart yet casual.
Whilst out shopping with my friends today this skirt caught my eye. The lighting isn't very good in this picture but the colour on the skirt is a really nice deep burgundy. I really like burgundy and I associate it with being an autumn colour. I also think that these skirts look so cute with jumpers and shirts this time of year. I had this skirt in the Dorothy Perkins sale today, it was down from £12 to £7, bargain!!! So yeah, I just had to have it :)

I bought this top last week and I instantly knew I liked it. I am a tiny bit obsessed with Aztec patterns!!! I probably should have taken a photo to show but this top actually has little buttons going down the back of it, which I thought was a lovely detail to add to the design. Another reason why I like this top is because I think it will go with anything I own, I think it would look nice with jeans, leggings or a skirt. Plus I also think that it would be nice for work dressed up with a blazer! Or nice for casual wear dressed with a jacket or cardigan.. This top has many possibilities so I simply couldn't and wouldn't have left the shop without it! Another fabulous thing was it only cost £8, and it is from select. :)
I LOVE this dress, I LOVE everything about this dress. Okay, so when I went to Cardiff I went into the shop 'coast' which is not usually the kind of shop I go into but it caught my eye. When I was in there I noticed the sale rail and since the shop is a little bit pricey the sale rail was the first place I went! I was so happy when I seen this cute little dress and I was even happier to find that they had it in my size. When I went to try it on I realised how much I needed it!! .. My favourite part of this dress is the top half, the lace detail is just sooooo nice. I just love how the dress falls and fits so nicely, its such a brilliant quality. I also love the colour mint green, so the colour pretty much sold the dress to me! The dress was originally £95 but the sale price on the dress was £29 BUT... when I took the dress to the check out the lady behind the counter told me that the dress had gone down even lower in price and that it was now only £20, I was so happy with that!! She wrapped the dress up in some lovely posh paper and a bow and put it into a little cute bag! I was so happy leaving coast that day!! :)
Anyone who may have read my 'autumn' wish-list post from yesterday may know that I posted a very similar coat to this one onto my wish-list. Yesterday when I was in Asda I decided to take a browse at the clothing section because I often really like the clothes up asda. I had a pleasant surprise when I saw this coat and when I tried It on I was really happy. I think that this coat is a perfect colour to go with lots of clothes I own plus it is smart enough to wear to work. I really like the buttons on the coat I think they're a lovely detail and make the coat look smarter! I don't think I'm going to be getting the one on my wish-list now because this one was £40 cheaper! this coat only cost me £19! I'm really happy with that price!!!
Yes, another peplum top! This time in leather. I bought this top to wear out in the nights because I don't really own any suitable going out tops at the moment and I thought this would look really nice with skinny jeans! I've bought quite a lot of leather clothes the past couple of weeks, I think they look really good! This top Is from select and it was in the sale from £10, to £8. Another bargain!! ;)
This dress I bought yesterday in the new look sale and I must say I LOVE IT! I really like the lace detail on the dress and I think the fitting on the dress is really good! Often skater dresses really cling to me but this material fitting perfectly and didn't cling at all!! The belt came with a belt, the picture doesn't show it but the belt actually has a pretty gold buckle in the middle. I like the dress with and without the belt. I also think this dress would look nice for work or nice to go out in.. The dress was in the sale down from £24.99 to £11.
After pondering around the new look sale today I eventually branched out and went into the 'new in' section in new look. I was drawn to quite a few things but this blazer in particular caught my eye... That was probably because 1) I was looking for a blazer, and 2) I love the colour burgundy!
 I think this blazer will go lovely with some of the outfits I have planned for work and also I can pair it with a casual top to dress it up a bit. After buying this blazer I went into Matalan and I seen a lovely pair of boots which I will be buying tomorrow to go with it!!  This blazer was £19.99, I personally think that is a really good price, I was happy with that!
Okay so I have just notice a bit of a colour scheme that I have going on without even realising it. I seem to be buying a lot of navy and burgundy items.. These bracelets I think are really nice and they'll clearly go with a lot of the stuff I have recently bought. I think the bow on the bracelet is really cute! These bracelets are from new look and were in the sale down from £4.99, to £2.
Isn't this bracelet jut the cutest thing, aww!! I love cute little bracelets like this one. When I was by the till paying for my items today in outfit my friend pointed this bracelet out to me because she knows me so well and knew I would like it! I think that this will go with a lot of what I own.. Also I think that gold jewellery is really starting to grow on me! I had always been a silver sort of girl but recently after wearing more gold I'm starting to really like it!! This bracelet was in the Topshop sale from £8.50 to £2.50!
These earrings I really liked because I like the pinky pearly colour of them. I think they're really pretty! I've been trying to buy some more dropper earrings recently because I've started to wear my hair up a lot more, I think its nice to wear pretty earrings when my hair is up. I love the shop accessorize! I can never go in there without buying something!! These earrings were only £1 :)
The last two things in this haul are these two items of makeup! :)
1) Max factor - Whipped crème foundation in shade 40, light ivory.
2) Bourjois Paris - Bronzing powder in shade 12. Fair/medium skin.
 In boots at the moment there is an offer on ALL of the makeup throughout the store. Buy 1 item get another item half price! I simply couldn't resist this offer!!
Boots have recently been handing out NO7 vouchers, these CAN be used alongside this offer which I think is brilliant!! I'm going to pop to Boots and treat myself a little bit more I think ;) 
 I'm not going to say much about these products because I'm hoping to do a review on them. Would anyone like this? I will say that I am very happy with both items :)
That's the end of my haul! I hope it wasn't boring! I really enjoyed writing this post! I love going shopping which means I pretty much always have a haul that I'm wanting to write. 
Please leave links to blogs below :) I'd love to take a look!!
Has anyone done a haul recently? :)
Thank-you for reading
Abbie xxx


  1. Lovely!!!

  2. Hello! I did my haul at the start of the month but now am a little short of cash! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I really appreciated your kindness :) xx

  3. Everything is so cute!