Wednesday, 2 October 2013

My uncle's wedding

Hey everyone :)
Today's post is going to be a life style post because I have had a briliant weekend and I wanted to share it with everyone.
This weekend was my Uncle's wedding. It has come around so quick!! He proposed to my Auntie last year but it only seems like last week.
The wedding was in a beautiful place called Bryn Meadows :) they had the service and the reception here. It was the most stunning wedding I have ever been too!
My Auntie should really be a wedding planner, she thought of EVERYTHING. Even down to little gifts, the women all had yankee candle favours and the men had 2 thorntons chocolates, so lovely!!

The Gorgeous little Yankee candle wedding favours!!
After looking for a dress in LOADS of different shops in LOADS of different places I finally found one that I liked.
It is from Debenhams and the designer is Julien Mcdonald, I also had my shoes from Debenhams. My bag I bought last year from prom but I used it again for the wedding because it was in perfect condition and looked lovely with my dress I think :)
I really like my dress because I think the style of it really suited my figure. I got this dress in a size 16 but i probably could of got a 14 if it was in stock because I think the Julien Mcdonald sizes are really generous! My favourite part of this dress is the jewelled belt around the middle, I think it looks so nice next to the red colour.
My outfit :)
Nathan (my uncle, the Groom) Got ready in our house on the day of the wedding. He looked really smart! I even managed to get him to have a picture with his pre-wedding nerves!
The Groom.
All in all the wedding was just PERFECT, my Uncle and Auntie realy enjoyed their special day and so did their families. It has made me SOOOOO excited for my wedding!! :)

Me and my Fiance's glasses!
The cake which tasted AMAZING!
Enjoying my wine!

My gorgeous little sister and my cousin! They looked so CUTE! :)

My uncle and his Gorgeous bride! She looked beautiful!!

After having the time of my life in the wedding afterwards me and my Fiance spent the night in the hotel :) In the morning we woke up and had a lovely breakfast looking out at the hotel views and then we had a lovely relax in the hotel spa!

Our relaxing couple time after the wedding! :)

Thank-you everyone for reading! I really enjoyed writing this post! :) I have lots more posts planned to write too :)
I'd love to hear off you. Has anyone been to a wedding recently? Or wrote a nice post? :) I'm nosy :P so please feel free to leave any blog links below :)
Thank-you, Abbie xxx



  1. You look gorgeous! I love your dress! :)
    Charlotte xxx