Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn wishlist

Hi everyone,
This post is going to be my autumn wishlist post! I love autumn, I think its such a lovely season... Everything gets all warm and snuggly and the nights start to get darker. Last night I lit all my lovely yankee candles and made fajtas and had a lovely night in all snuggled up in my onesie. It was perfect!
Another thing I LOVE about Autumn is all the lovely clothes and makeup, im particularly loving tartan this year.. So i'm going to write a wishlist of all the things i'm hoping to pick up this season. I start my new job on monday and I will be getting paid with my previous jobs Tomorrow and on the 15th, which means I have an excuse to treat myself to lots of goodies ;)

Burgundy Short Fur Hood ParkaI really like this coat I think it just looks so lovely and warm and it is really appealing to me! I have to be honest I do have a slight obsession with parka's and seeing this burgundy one got my really excited!! Plus I think burgundy is a lovely autumny colour (is autumny a word, hmm..) I also like how this coat could be worn as casual wear and also work wear! It will keep me lovely and warm in the cold weather we are having recently. Espessialy since in the icy weather conditions I think  i'll be walking to work rather than driving..
This coat is from miss selfridge and it is £69.99, it is a little bit pricey but I think it is worth it.
I have already tried this coat on in the shop and I have fallen in love with it so I think it will be the first thing I will purchase off my wishlist.

Black fur concealed wedges  I think that these shoes are so cute!! Whilst browsing on the Dorathy perkins website I saw these and I instantly thought "SHOES I NEED TO HAVE YOU" They will go with lots of outfits that I have planned to buy and I think they will look great with Jeans, dresses, skirts, anything really.. Another thing I really like about these boots is their affordable price tag! They're only £35! I bought a pair of boots from Dorathy Perkins around 2 years ago and they're still going strong now so I know that they are most likely going to be good quality shoes! I'm going to order these shoes near the end of this month and see if they have any more colours come in! These would look great in burgundy!! :)

Black and white stitch beanie                Also from Dorathy perkins that I really liked was this hat. I must admit I usually go for all the cute hats with the animal faces on them but this year I am going to attempt to break that habit (only in work, I'll still buy them sneakily for out of work :P) This hat is £12, I'm quite happy with that price! I think this hat would look really nice with jeans, a jumper and some furry boots! Maybe the ones above :P

Black Pattern (Black) Black Foil Aztec Print Leggings  | 296294509 | New Look   I am really drawn to these leggings!! I think the pattern on them is really eye catching. I love leggings because you can dress them up or dress them down depending on what top and shoes you wear with them. I am planning on wearing some comfy over-sized jumpers with them. I think these will be perfect leggings to do some Christmas shopping in. These are from new-look and they are £14.99!

Black Pattern (Black) Black Tapestry Floral Low Heel Chelsea Boots | 290559809 | New Look  Another thing which I REALLY like from new look are these cute little boots. I really like the pattern on these and I think they will look lovely with dresses/skirts with thick black tights. I also like how these boots have a little bit of a heel on them. I often find that I walk better and taller when I wear boots/shoes with a little bit of a heel. I will be mainly wearing these in work I think. Maybe with a plain black dress and pretty cardigan...hmm.. These boots are £19.99, I'm more than happy with that price tag!

   I love this skirt!! I tried it on in the river island shop when I went shopping with my FiancĂ© the other day! I wish I had bought it that day but they didn't have my size and were waiting for new stock, the one I tried on was a tad too loose.. Whilst getting the picture off the website for this post I noticed they had my size, I might just have to make a sneaky order ;) oops!!

ASOS Playsuit in Twill  These dungarees I find soooo cute!! I love the mustard colour on them. I also like the way that the girl is wearing them in the picture with the shirt underneath! I have a couple of pairs of dungarees that I bought in the summer but I think these are a lovely autumn colour! These dungarees are from Asos and they are £35.

Image 1 of Love Skater Dress in Baroque Print   Image 3 of Love Skater Dress in Baroque Print
This dress is also from Asos. I think this dress would look lovely for work, going out for a meal or going shopping during the next couple of months. I really like the colour on the dress which is like a teal, I think the pattern against it looks lovely. I can't wait to add this dress to the million and one other dresses I already own (I have a dress problem, haha!)  I'm really excited to buy this!! It's £38, which I think it is a little bit pricey, but It certainly looks worth it to me! :)

Thank-you everyone for reading my wish-list. I'm going on a shopping trip tomorrow so there will be a haul coming up :) I was also thinking about doing a look book post because I really enjoy reading them so I'm thinking about doing one of my own.
Has anyone done a wish-list? or a haul recently? I would love to have a look! :) Please feel free to leave any blog links below, I'd love to have a nose!
Abbie xxx

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